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The Year Of The Vultures
By Jim Kirwan
Vultures are Nature's worldwide undertakers. They are the airborne wing that does the initial clean-up of the dead and dying everywhere on the planet. The American Bald-Eagle is a member of this family because it is also a carrion-eater and a scavenger, as well as being America's "national-bird."
If ever Vultures were to be recognized, this would definitely be the year for that dark-distinction; because Death in 2011 has taken center-stage over Life in all its various forms.
In Japan the WAR upon the World has moved into an entirely new and far more threatening stance that will permanently alter what we consume and how humanity will be able to survive on a nuclear and now potentially plutonium-contaminated planet. The specifics of the statistics are given in this 16 minute video.
"In fact there is a steady stream of radiation that's coming around in a clockwise circle, in a narrow band and what we're seeing happening here is surpassing the greatest concentration of large sea-mammals in the world. We're talking about seals, mammals, whales, so basically these are the animals at the top of the food chain, and the radiation is going to collect through the fish right up the food chain into the sea-mammals. This could lead to the largest extinction of mammals since maybe the Stone-Age. This is like a major ecological catastrophe that's going to be with us for a century, if this goes on. ~ and WE COULD HAVE ANOTHER MAJOR EXPLOSIN AT ANY TIME!" (See the video images of Japan and the earthquakes still hitting those islands) (1)
Today in the USA Vermont Yankee, which is a nuclear plant that is exactly the same power-plant as the ones in Fukushima has challenged the State of Vermont in their efforts to close Vermont Yankee based on the findings of the State of Vermont that the plant is not physically sound, or fiscally productive. But this battle too has much wider ramifications. With this older-version of Fukushima on the American East Coast, the entire global picture of global contamination could easily be exponentially doubled-by bureaucratic fiat-which would place the world in a much more dangerous position in this war over the survivability of nuclear and potentially plutonium-contamination to the point that planet could become uninhabitable. The forces seeking to retain Vermont Yankee as a functioning nuclear generating plant are ignoring the very real dangers that the continuation of this old and leaking plant adds to the nuclear problems which are approaching catastrophic and uncontrollable conditions. Within just the last few days we have seen how the hundreds of failures in Japan to control the fallout (which is not finished yet) could still result in an even greater threat to all life in the air, the water and on the earth because of man's failure to opt for protecting human and animal life over the extremely questionable "profits" of the nuclear generating industry.
Fukushima is a huge problem yet the global disinformation agencies of US media have chosen not to cover this story at all. We have already seen how this kind of cover-up worked in the global non-coverage of the Deepwater Horizon's volcanic oil explosions that have crippled the Gulf-of-Mexico and beyond. (2)
Now there are approximately 20 more plants just like Vermont Yankee, scattered around the United States all of which ought to be immediately closed down. Instead Obamanation is calling for "a Renaissance of new Nuclear Power Plants" across the USA-in total disregard for the health and safety of not just the US but in the wider world as well.
The Year of the Vulture also includes the current revival of the Crusades throughout Africa and the Middle-East that is currently being fought with twentieth-century-warfare; (and thirteenth-century colonialism) to dispel the 40 to 60-year reign of the political-vultures that have ruled that entire region since the end of WWII. Again throughout these wars, chaos rules the day and night; while the corrupted political-vultures are being picked off, one by one in an effort to revitalize the aspirations of the peoples that have been enslaved in so many countries for far too long. The chaos thus engendered by so many different factions and causes is being purposely used to confuse and conflate these massive challenges in places like Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria as well as Iran and Iraq, Pakistan and another handful of African states that are all trying desperately to free themselves from the tyranny and torture that daily-life throughout the region has become. This 'old-school Colonialism' has served to mask the depths of corruption inherent within the "New World Order's plans for total domination by other means. The near-total confusion of the players, that includes NATO & UN forces where they do not belong; has combined to create a state of purposeful chaos instead of allowing for any real changes in the lives of millions of people.
Add to this catastrophic military and the privatized series of real and continuing wars, that are just beginning to threaten the global-peace, this new and far more serious global-extinctions of all-life around the planet, and you begin to see just how evil this entire global picture has become; just since Tunisia and then Egypt began this region-wide resistance to the status quo. The world is going to have become one place wherein people can all begin to come together to stop this planetary onslaught against the population of the planet.
Amid the confusion and the global-threats there are also the many very real threats to individuals, in the way that each of us must now try to live our lives, despite these heretofore unimaginable catastrophes. Here's something that might actually help some with their own way to survive despite everything that has been planned to end so many lives.
"War is being made on all the areas on which human survival depends. Here isanother tear jerking example of depraved insanity, along with a telling example of how noble and beautiful a human being can be when they're not thinking of themselves. Around the world they are making natural healing methods, herbs, homeopathic tinctures and all the varieties of elixirs and substances, which are other than allopathic, illegal. It's an international effort. You can't order certain things anymore and you can go to jail if you provide or practice them; not that I personally care about that. You can say that this is due to the pharmaceutical industry, the same way you can lay the blame for any fascist activity at the door of the corporations that profit from it but... I think it's more than that. They really do want to wipe out most of the human population and they're crazy enough to think they won't wipe themselves out in the bargain.
It looks hopeless and suggests a 'run for cover' mentality but not from my perspective. I see the whole thing as a cosmic arrangement that is the driving engine for necessary change, as well as the power causing The Apocalypse to act on human awareness. You might question The Apocalypse Factor, seeing as there are so few seeing but... give it time. There are stages involved and there are certain dramas that need to act out and there is a level of exposure that has to be accomplished and then... then it's a 'drunken ducks in a row' kind of a thing.
For myself, I'm focusing on the work I do and the community I imagine I would like to be a part of. This latter has to come into being (provided a world remains for it) regardless of how things turn out. I have no intention of living in this world, according to its dysfunctional way of being. I spend my days walking through a mental institution and where I am is a lot saner than most places. I'm determined to finally return to the lifestyle I most enjoyed, living in the company of kindred spirits. The money will come because I'm just going to go ahead and do it as if it already is and as you can see, if you are around here much, it's is already virtually true. One of the principal ways that we've gone wrong is that we stopped living together and working toward common goals; pooling our resources and performing our talents for the benefit of the whole. This is the game they talk about when they talk about democratic nations and whatever lying modality they are foisting upon the public for the purpose of oppressing it. Find me a democratic nation if you can. Perhaps the nomads of Mongoliarepresent this. They just move on in their timeless way, without any other problems than the elements and they've figured that one out.
It really is time to print up those stickers with inventive content and post them at all the likely spots; public toilets, store windows, buses, government cars, public buildings, the window of the café you're sitting in, telephone poles and streetlamps. "9/11 was an inside job". "TSA is child molestation central". You can come up with better than that. Also make use of a technique that I know very few of you use but which I employ regularly; whenever you are in public, project the thought of awakening into the atmosphere. You are a broadcasting relay station. The message is already coming from something you are connected to; let it pass out from you. Everything is vibration. Thoughts vibrate the same as words and the only reason more of you are not telepathically aware, is that you are not exercising it. If all you want to project is love then that will do. There are many variants.
Think of yourself as one of those old time water pumps that sit in the backyard of a farmhouse. You have to prime the pump and you will note that the water does not run clear at first. You will also note that after a while, you can take your hand off the pump and the water keeps flowing. We're too focused on physical action but that is the least effective of what is possible. Getting your heart and mind into a position, where you are transmitting a powerful concept or state, can lead to action on the part of many. Do it and believe it and let it go. No one can be very effective unless they begin at the beginning to begin with (grin). Effectiveness begins at the gateway of the mind and all of your speech and action follow after. Get control of that first and your very being will radiate into the environment in a positive manner.
Look into the Petri Dish and purify the contents. Remember that you are channeling this force, not generating it. I'll leave you with that and my sincere wishes for good fortune upon you all." (3)
We are all living in all-new-territory here and now. But we have not used the very real parts of ourselves, our skills, or our intuitions and our creativity that could allow us to not just transcend this nightmare; but which could lead directly to a total change in the global-focus on which we have always had to depend-even when we are unaware of that personal-strength which too many of us have not been using. The time to come together as the endangered species that we have become, in this Year of the Vultures, is here. And we must begin to 'Rise to this Occasion!"
1) Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu ­ Fukushima Worse, Virtually Hopeless - video
3) Priming the Pump for the Apocalypse Factor - Les Visible
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