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Trusting The USS Titanic
By Jim Kirwan
When the Twenty-First Century arrived it brought with it a star-crossed and seriously flawed feral government that was and still is, very much like the HMS Titanic-"the UNSINKABLE ship" that would set global-precedents for the whole-world. What follows is an analogy with some surprisingly parallels between the failures that led to the sinking of the Titanic and the immanent collapse of the United States.
That vain boast as to the "unsinkable ship" is here compared to the "Too-big-to-fail" farce that USI has trotted out at every turn whenever their corrupted institutions and con-artists became too-exposed to the public. The claims for the Titanic did not even survive its maiden voyage. Yet the parallels to The HMS Titanic when compared with the record of USI's - USS Titanic; are very hard to refute! The "EPISODE II" poster refers to the Bush Jr. ATTACK on Iraq which was really just a massive-surge that was done to augment the 1991 war that never ended.
WE WERE WARNED, repeatedly, about basing everything we supposedly were determined to become; on something as shallow and greedy as the Global-Power Grab that began with Bush-junior's appointment to the presidency on 12-12-2000.
It didn't take us long to begin to try to steal everything which is forbidden by nature and by the real-world-order. If only more people had listened to the warnings or had actually looked carefully at all 'our' early non-reactions-then this entire theater-of-the-absurd could have been prevented. Look at this poster and REMEMBER just how transparent this entire charade has always been. It technically "succeeded" because so many Amerrikans thought that they could just 'go-along' and make some real money on everything that all of us "KNEW' that we were doing while we broke all the laws both national and international! Because after-all 'This was America and "America" can do anything we are determined to do-and to hell with anyone that gets in our way"! It's been eleven years now since we made the boast: But this question remains "Are you better off now than you were in 1999"?
Bush began spying on all of us many months before 911, and there was a mild fuss over the too-freely given access that the phone companies gave to the new shadow-government that was using the constitution for toilet-paper early on. But this entire episode did not even come-out until long AFTER 911 had already become a very-ugly part of human-history. By then; because of the effectiveness of false-flag-terrorism it was considered "necessary" to protect the public from "Everything that might ever present any kind of threat to American lives." And of course the gullible public bought it all; especially the need to eliminate human rights "in order to keep us safe from the horror of "terror-attacks" that have to this day never materialized. Nine-eleven itself does not count because it was clearly an Inside-Job; just look at who and what has directly profited-beyond-belief, from the criminal-acts that were committed against this country on that day!
The HMS Titanic was designed to remain viable, regardless of any physical damage; because it was divided into individual compartments, below the water-line, that could each be sealed off ­ so that almost no amount of real damage to the ship could cause it to sink. USI has tried to do the same thing with government-compartmentalization. However once HOMELAND Security became a fact; that massive across the board fusion of 22 different agencies insured that the separation-walls between divisions of government were all simultaneously breached. This designed-flaw was purposely constructed to breach all the legislative protections for the public that had arisen from the lessons learned after the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Once Clinton had abolished the last of these "protections" (The Glass-Stiegel Act) then that opened the path to plunder, to blood and to open criminality was wide open for those in the best position to take full advantage of the fact that USI had officially become an OUTLAW enclave.
With the separation-walls gone that had kept corruption out of banking and commerce, out of the military-congressional-industrial-complex, and virtually the entirety of Wall Street, the BANKS, insurance companies and Hedge Funds as well as the total corruption of all the oversight agencies charged with regulating everything from communications to health, from clean air and water, to genetically modified (but poisoned) food, water, air and earth: CORRUPTION became the only game in town, supported and expanded on by the Zionists in control of what were supposed to be the very walls of separation that were suppose to have kept the nation on course and vibrant. With the final surrender of the Department of Justice to the Dark Side, in that "just-us" no longer prosecutes anyone for Treason or the traitors everywhere throughout the government that are either guilty of war-profiteering, or of the obscenities surrounding the so-called profits for the filthy-rich, while the poor and the middle-class have basically been told to order their own-coffins because very soon they will mostly all be dead.
For the last eleven years we have been going backwards on every front; especially given that when the USS TITANIC was launched on 12-12-2000 the nation had a surplus. Today we are over $1.5 Quadrillion in DEBT, and we are continuing to fail on every front, dramatically, with every passing hour. The real problem is that the same people that created this insurmountable DEBT, and our national demise, are still in charge of this sinking ship of state.
In any other nation the public would be out-in-the-streets with whatever they could find to drive this government and their corporate-partners from power, no-matter the position previously held. IF the public were not so busy blaming each other for "what went wrong" (Wisconsin, Ohio, & Indiana) then "we" could come together now to prosecute those that have been attacking us for the last eleven years; with trials followed by death for everything they have plotted to achieve at our expense. The 'demonstrations' in the Eastern USA should stop labeling people as democrats or republicans because those terms mean absolutely nothing (their platforms can be changed as frequently as most people change their underwear): So there is in actuality, NOTHING for which either party could be said to "stand for", except egregious and illegal profits for the elites; at the expense of the rest of the population. (1)
Compartmentalization was only half of what the HMS Titanic claimed would keep her safe. The other half of that boast was based on the experience of the Captain and the crew of this flagship; that would definitely steer the ship to safety regardless of "the conditions." In the case of the USS TITANIC we have not had leaders at any time in my memory, except possibly JFK, who was also tarred by the same brush as all the rest. If you examine the appointees along with the entire congress and the whole court system, aside from the criminal US Supreme Court that made this all possible; any rational person would have to conclude that this nation has been invaded and is now an occupied country being run 'of the Zionists, by the Zionists and for the Zionists': This has clearly been the case since Bush stole the White House in 2000.
Many might actually remember that Bush & his Bandits ruled this place for eight of the eleven years being looked at here. Yet no one seems to remember his war crimes, his illegal spying operations that have directly led to the TSA and VIPER obscenities of today's world of transportation in which everyone that tries to fly is considered an enemy of the United States; except those people who are wearing TSA uniforms, who are in reality the true ENEMIES of all Americans, everywhere.
How is it that the FED the SEC, the Treasury and Wall Street could have failed the nation so completely and still reap so much more money personally by way of ungodly BONSUSES; while the banks fail to provide loans, Insurance companies fail to insure or charge so much that it is impossible for the public to participate. Under Cheney-Bush-Obama both lawyers and doctors have become PUBLIC ENEMIES. Lawyers are afraid to defend people from the government and must be disbarred for their failure to carry out their supposedly sworn duties as "officers of the courts." Doctors and the AMA have also gone against their own first principle: "FIRST DO NO HARM" Yet these doctors are continuing to force people to vaccinate their babies, their children and themselves with substances that any first year medical student knows will kill the recipient. Shrinks and so-called psychologists ought to also come under intense scrutiny because far too many in these "professions" (that have never "cured" anyone of anything) are now following the governments' bullshit-line on terror & terrorists; that is coming out of the sewer of government propaganda which has polluted the airwaves and publications along with the entire entertainment industry: Thanks hugely to the Zionists that control it all because this public hasn't the guts to demand what they have paid for dozens of times over-but have NEVER received; which is decent response from the government that is supposed to protect and legislate FOR them; when in fact everything this government has done has been aimed at the total destruction of this society down to the smallest of details.
Currently congress is debating shutting down the government, ala Newt Gingrich, our national t*rd in the punchbowl who successfully shut down government under Reagan and is relishing the possibility giving us all a look at SHUTDOWN II; thanks to the colossal failures of USI in every area of responsibility to the public; which USI has now labeled "THE ENEMY" of all that USI says that they "control."
BTW, the seas surrounding the metaphorical USS TITANIC are filled with icebergs and the waters are so cold that lifeboats will not be launched ­ so all of those that have failed to question anything from the safety of the ship-of-state, to the qualifications of those members of the crew from the captain of the ship, all the way down to the lowest of the stewards will just have to go down with the ship! This would seem a fitting burial, anonymously, somewhere in the great deep oceans of history for so many to have to die because they chose not to try to save themselves or those they said they loved-when they had the chance to end this nightmare before it became so cowardly, so ugly, and so very deadly.
If what is happening to this country was to have happened in any other country; people would have taken to the streets with the theft of the White House in 2001, instead of allowing the so-called "Inauguration" to proceed uninterrupted. But Amerrikans are far too self-concerned to even notice that their government and the elections of the presidency had been stolen from them in broad-daylight! The proof of this is in the fact that people in poverty and situations of absolute destitution, starvation and thirst have resisted in their own countries, after only 40 years of this treatment: While Amerrikans have been living under these conditions of national-tyranny since 1913 (That's 98 years of slavery, disguised as representative democracy).
People around the world have been listening to that personal call for real-freedom that is being answered in dozens of foreign states now by millions of people; while the US mumbles and fumbles its way through criminally-inspired governors that are trying to publicly seize whole states (Wisconsin, Ohio & Indiana). (2)
Where's the rage, but more importantly where's the REAL OUTRAGE! Maybe things are not "bad-enough' yet: But the interesting fact is that if we continue to wait for them to "get bad enough" then any response to that will simply BE TOO LATE-it's a CATCH-22 that can only be avoided by acting NOW!
1) "Really Bad Reporting in Wisconsin" Media Parroting of False Claims
2) When Love is Hate, then War is Peace
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