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The Time Has Come
To Speak Of Many Things

By Jim Kirwan
Actually it's long past time but having just read the article that came from Natural News, I thought it deserves some further comment.
The entire article is here, and I'll quote from some of it. (1)
I want to add to what is said, in part, because this has been so long in coming, and because it gets directly to the issues I've been writing about now for the last ten years. It's good news really because it means that finally there will be consequences. Several people keep trying to tell me that "we can fix this if only. . ."But none of the answers to these questions can be avoided by just trying to switch to another system.
That's because we must answer for everything that we allowed to be done to the world, under this twisted-regime that has never believed in having to pay for anything-ever! Consequently we can't just start-over again until we deal with this horrific mess that we have made of the entire world. And as the saying goes, "There's no time like the present."
"Natural News: The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats want to spend us into oblivion while the Republicans only want to spend us into purgatory. The idea of actually running a balanced budget has never seriously occurred to either party. Government, after all, increases its popularity by confiscating money from some people and redistributing it to other people while keeping at least half of all that money for itself.
kirwan: Which is why both political parties have been useless to ordinary people for the last fifty years; in fact they have been our worst enemies since the end of WWII.
"The whole fiasco became perfectly clear over the last few hours when, after days of intense haggling and late-night negotiation sessions, the Republicans and Democrats suddenly came to an agreement that would keep the government up and running for another week. And what does that agreement entail? Drop-in-the-bucket cuts of a mere $38.5 billion(http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/09/u...) out of a federal budget that has now ballooned to over $6 trillion dollars for 2011 (http://www.usgovernmentspending.com...).
The federal deficit for 2011 alone will be $1.6 trillion. To put all this in perspective, if federal spending for 2011 were the length of a football field, the $38.5 billion in budget cuts amount to less than two linear feet. It's sort of like saying we need to score a touchdown in order to save America, but the best the Republicans and Democrats can negotiate is starting us out on the one yard line in our own back field! (To use a sports metaphor...)
Here's another way to look at it."
"Imagine, if you will, that you run a household which earns $5,000 a month in income. But you spend $15,000 a month on your credit cards. And you've been doing it for 20 years. So you now have a multi-million-dollar debt burden with compounding interest. Things are spinning wildly out of control. Something must be done!
So you convene an "emergency spending cut" meeting with your family members, and you explain that if you don't cut spending, your family will go bankrupt and you'll have to sell your home and all your possessions. Your family members meet for days on end, discussing the problem and staying up late into the night to try to cut your spending. They negotiate and bargain, but everybody is convinced their own spending is crucial for the survival of the family.
Somehow, a difficult negotiation eventually leads to an agreement. We will cut spending! And how much spending will we cut? A whopping $96 a month! So now, instead of spending $15,000 a month that you don't have, you're "only" spending $14,904 that you don't have! Amazing! We're cutting our spending!
Are you now "saved" from your debt? Of course not! You're still headed to the same financial collapse, but only at an insignificantly smaller rate of speed. These numbers are roughly proportional to what has just been negotiated in Washington, by the way. Can you see how utterly useless these so-called "cuts" really are in tackling the exploding national debt?
The whole idiotic fiasco is shameful beyond belief. What's most shocking is that in an age when Big Government is spending us all into economic ruin, even the "cut Big Government" Republicans can only walk out of the room with a scant $38.5 billion in reductions. And they call it a victory.
And if you can believe this, President Obama actually called it the "the biggest annual spending cut in history." (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_spend...)
Seriously. Do these jokers think we are all complete idiots?"
kirwan: YES ­ and we have proven them correct in every assumption they have made about our stupidity, our willful blindness, our combined arrogance and personal greed to the distraction of all else.
"Why we must start cutting trillions from federal spending. Folks, let me lay it out straight for you: If we don't start cutting government spending by the TRILLIONS, the United States of America is financially doomed. To have any hope of long-term financial sustainability, we need to cut about 80% of federal spending right now and get government down around $1 trillion a year in total spending. At that size, we could actually start paying back our national debt and get back in control of our own financial destiny.
kirwan: We could start by implementing Executive Order 11110 that would eliminate the massive amount of interest we pay daily to the Federal Reserve on every federal dollar they print. And we could follow that by dissolving the charter for the FED that illegally gave this power to the FED in the first place. All those dollars that we pay directly to the FED (income taxes) goes straight into their profit column: not one dime goes to anything else. Arron Russo died shortly after making this film. Check it out for yourself. (2)
But of course, that would be impossible because people expect government to deliver all these "essential government services" -- even if it means going broke in the process and shifting all the debt to the next generation of taxpaying suckers. That's the plan of the Democrats, by the way: Spend as much as possible and pretend the laws of economics no longer apply. Or just hope the next generation will somehow figure out a way to pay for it...
kirwan: Except that we are out of time and the thugs will soon be standing at our doors, and taking our bank accounts because we're no longer worth investing in-anymore. . .
Are These Services Really Essential? "I'm fascinated by the mainstream media coverage of this pending government shutdown. One prominent online newspaper says it would halt "essential government services" such as sending out tax refund checks. Of course, they completely fail to point out that if the government wasn't confiscating a portion of your salary in the first place, you wouldn't have to wait on them to send you back the money you already earned.
But that's the question, really: What are "essential government services?" Aside from defending our shores anddelivering the mail there isn't much the federal government should really do except get out of our way and stop interfering into the lives of the American people who are trying to earn an honest living. Sure, I can see legitimate arguments for environmental controls on companies and the regulation of medicines, but if you really look at what that intention has turned into these days, government regulators have all become the marketing branches of the very industries they were supposed to regulate.
kirwan: All these add-on's by way of regulations and micro-managing of the entire society's choices when it comes to living have been not just non-essential, most of them are as illegal as they are unwelcome. This government was never designed to be a stand in "Nanny" that should configure the lives of every person in this society. And the money this COSTS is astronomical as well as illegal. It should all be trashed, forever.
The FDA, for example, is really Big Pharma's P.R. department. The USDA is Big Ag's marketing branch. The DEA eliminate street drugs so that the drug companies can sell the exact same chemicals to children at monopoly prices (ADHD drugs are "speed"). The CDC is a total pharmaceutical sellout that pushes vaccines instead of real science. In nearly every case, the public would actually be better off without these so-called "regulators" which are actually just enforcers of the corporate-controlled monopoly state.
kirwan: Actually the DEA regulates and distributes illegal drugs throughout the country, the only arrests they make are when competitors try and move in on their turf. Part of the reason we're in Afghanistan is for the Poppy-crop that becomes Heroin for all of Europe-and you may have noticed that despite the war we do not seem interested in ever damaging those Poppy fields at all. The price of the entire War-on-Drugs is astronomical; because if we do not maintain the "illegal-status" of these drugs they would not bring in the massive profits which they create now, mostly for Black-Ops operations.
"The Government Health Care Disaster
So what else does government do that actually helps anybody? It hands out health care services, people say, under Medicare and Medicaid. And yet it is precisely Big Government that prevents people from accessing cheaper, safer natural health alternatives that would eliminate up to 80% of the cancers in this country in the first place. Government is standing in the way of sensible disease prevention solutions that exist right now but cannot be honestly marketed because the FDA and FTC threaten anyone who makes a disease treatment claim for any natural product -- even if that claim is scientifically true and validated! (http://www.naturalnews.com/032002_f...)
When it comes to health, make no mistake: Government isn't handing out health care; it's handing out disease and suffering while protecting the pharmaceutical monopoly that denies lasting health to the People!
kirwan: Absolutely TRUE. Medicine and "Health Care" have been turned from "do no harm" to 'make tons of money."Everything including your health has become nothing but a business: Several businesses in one, thanks to government corruption and outrageous greed. Insurance companies, those hangers on to actual health are responsible for a huge number of deaths every month, just because of the way "insurance" (EXTORTION) is configured. Yet the government refuses to even hear the complaints; just as it refuses to even consider the Public Option which would combine real care with massive savings to the public and the government.
"The USDA, meanwhile, actually spends taxpayer money committing the mass murder of animals under a program called "Bye-Bye Blackbird." (http://www.naturalnews.com/031076_U...). Under this program, taxpayer money is used to poison and kill millions of birds, geese, beavers, foxes, mountain lions, wolves and many other animals (http://www.naturalnews.com/031084_b...). How's that for taxpayer dollars being put to a good use?
Of course, most of the money Big Government deals with actually ends up in the hands of the rich Wall Street banksters. Remember the first $1 trillion bailout to the rich, wealthy elite in Washington? And then remember thesecond trillion-dollar bailout? A third is no-doubt on the way.
kirwan: The actual DEBT is in excess of $1.2 Quadrillion. There is no way on earth that anyone is going to pay that off: We must return it to those that created it and let them go bankrupt: That would end that nightmare and rid us of a whole lot of very unsavory people-forever.
You see, government is primarily in the business of protecting its corporate buddies while screwing over the American people. That's why the government had no problem whatsoever coming up with a trillion dollars to hand out to a very tiny group of wealthy elite bankers while pretending that it still needs to tax the people to raise the funds to operate."
kirwan: And they got away with it because "We didn't want to know."
"Don't we need members of Congress So what about government representing the People? Isn't it important that we have Senators and Congressmen to make our laws and run our government? C'mon people, wake up! "You're adults!" as Gerald Celente says (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUX-...). Do we really need these people in Washington -- most of whom are complete corporate sellouts -- telling us what to do?"
kirwan: NO we don't they only serve the multinational corporations, most of which are larger than most nation-states and they also serve the Billionaires on occasion, because the millionaires have become to numerous to bother with.
"Of course not. If the entire U.S. Congress were disbanded tomorrow, and we all just voted directly on the laws of the land, it would immediately end all the corporate lobbying, corruption and bribery of the lawmakers. A direct democracy would eliminate the Congress and simply allow the People to vote on the laws themselves. But of course Congress will never allow that to happen because the No. 1 mission of every government body is to protect its own power."
kirwan: Of course we would need to outlaw voting machines and force everyone to vote ­ which given the circumstances might actually result in real elections. We would also need to do away entirely with the gerrymandered political districts, and just lay a plain grid across the entire nation and let every politician have to deal with that. And if we would set an example by stripping at least half the current government of its political-privileges of office and put them in jail for their crimes: Then we might get real people to take their places.
"That's the whole story with the TSA, the federal agency that's now reaching down your pants at the airport. In just a few years, it grew from less than 200 employees to over 60,000. And now TSA agents are the new Nazi police of America, planting fake bags of cocaine in your luggage (http://www.naturalnews.com/030302_T...), sexually molesting little children and pretending to be making air travel "safe" while, in actuality, they consistently fail to detect even large guns that are carried right onto airplanes (http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/loade...)."
kirwan: These creatures are just thugs, pretend security forces that have an IQ that equates with their shoe size; and half of them are criminals themselves. That continuing crime ought to be the first thing eliminated and the money paid to that Israeli-spy Chertoff ought to be seized by the US Treasury for the Fraud that it was complicit in creating supposedly for "national ­security; while it was in fact going to line the pockets of a few, very arrogant traitors, inside the US government.
"Protecting Our Shores all the way over to their shores. And what about wars? Well, most people would agree the government has at least ONE job: To protect our shores. But all the way to the shores of Tripoli? "Protecting our shores" does not mean "bombing Libya" and then claiming it's some sort of "humanitarian mission" (a total lie, of course). Protecting our shores means keeping invaders off our land. And yet by running these insane imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the U.S. government is actually inviting terrorists to recruit new members and bomb the bejeezus out of America.
Let's face it: If you really want terrorists to hate America, just go out and provoke them first. Sure enough, they'll target you for revenge. And then when we're attacked with a dirty bomb nuke by some terrorist group in the future, the President will no doubt explain we're being attacked because "they hate our freedom." No they don't. They hate imperialist invaders! They hate America for bombing them first and firing depleted uranium shells into their towns and villages, releasing deadly radiation that will contaminate their lands for centuries to come."
kirwan: If we were serious we would convene an international convention to outlaw both unchecked-Capitalism and Colonialism as the gravest of threats to the human race. Of course we can't use either the UN or any of its criminal affiliates to do this: because they're all in-service to the dark side, and have been since Dirty-Harry-Truman created it.
"Can you imagine what we, the American people, would do if the Libyan army flew a bunch of planes over our country and started firing DU shells into our cities? How angry would we be? How motivated would we be to seek some sort of revenge on the Libyans? That's how they feel about us, you see. And we provoked it."
kirwan: That's never been likely, anymore than it was for Saddam to have done it, but the principle is what is important. We began this nation by slaughtering over 59 million natives in a 400 year long war. Israel is now mimicking what we did to our own native population inside the open-air prison that is GAZA. Colonialism is a CRIME against nature; and must be outlawed, universally. We cannot have it both ways. Either there is law and justice for everyone or there is none for anyone, especially those that are claiming the right to own and direct the rest of the planet for themselves!
"That's why Big Government actually causes more problems than it solves. It gets us into wars; it spends us into impossible debt; it protects corporate monopolies and denies people access to natural healing remedies. Government tramples on our freedoms, molests us at the airports, and takes away our Constitutional rights. Big Government gets us into wars we can't afford and confiscates the money we've earned before we even get to see it."
kirwan: All true!
"And worst of all, Big Government can't help but keep getting bigger. It is now so bloated and so "fiscally obese" that even the threat of a total shutdown can only convince our lawmakers to cut a miniscule fraction of total spending -- an amount that will make virtually no difference whatsoever in the fast-approaching financial bankruptcy of the U.S. government.
Mark my words, folks: The U.S. government will never get its debt under control. And that means it can only be headed toward one thing: A total debt blowout ending in financial collapse. Because while you can mock the laws of compounding interest for a while, you cannot alter them. No government can spend its way out of debt, no matter how much political spin is applied by the White House."
kirwan: In a nutshell this is the shape of the problem we're in right now, with less than a week to go until this artificial Piñata explodes all over the country. But it is not only this that we need to concern ourselves with. We have the continuing radiation on several levels to contend with that will only worsen the longer it goes on; and the longer that the world delays taking charge of the Japanese catastrophe, in order to spare the rest of the world from even greater contamination. Then of course we have our own nuclear problems that will very soon be coming on line in the Midwest and potentially in Yellowstone, as well as the entire Western shore of the continent. It seems that the Yellowstone problem might be much larger than previously admitted to. New data shows its caldera to be about 410 miles across; and with something that huge, we won't have to worry about the massive failure of government because the sunlight will beblocked from reaching the earth: and everyone will suffer immediately from that global screw-up-because we could have done a lot to relieve the pressure on that potential volcano while we supplied ourselves with huge amounts of nearly free energy-except that this contradicts Cheney's energy policies that has chained the world to fossil-fuels till the end of time itself.
"In the new study, images of the Yellowstone plume's electrical conductivity - generated by molten silicate rocks and hot briny water mixed in partly molten rock - shows the conductive part of the plume dipping more gently, at an angle of perhaps 40 degrees to the west, and extending perhaps 400 miles from east to west." (3)
The time to not only think but to speak is here and now. Because we have allowed all this to get completely out-of-hand; and the only ones that can DO anything about any of it, is US. it's not as if you haven't had plenty of warnings by thousands of writers and artists as well as filmmakers-now it really is UP TO YOU!
1) Last minute deal narrowly avoids Big Government shutdown, America desperately needs to balance its budget
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032011_budget_deal_federal_spending.html#ixzz1JGa752NO
2) Freedom to Fascism ­ full length feature film
3) Yellowstone Volcanic Plume looks bigger than expected
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