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Our Silent Executioner
That Rules Our Lives

By Jim Kirwan
There has been a silent overarching-criminality lurking behind everything this society does; and she's been there all along in every action by this STATE that claims to be legitimate-but in reality simply DOES NOT EXIST! Say hello to the Risen-Fall of Justice!
She is clothed is the robes of "justice" but she hides behind the Executioner's Hood of impartial death in the name of the State. However she is not impartial and she has no power of her own except that which USI decided to unleash upon this land, in total disregard for any of our laws or any form of human compassion, in the execution of her corrupted-duties.
She is the privatized prison-system of the Unites States of Bush, which has become the Disunited States of Obamanation and total Occupation!
She may be silent but she is not secret. She is however also very much misunderstood by anyone that watches what she does on television or in almost all the films that have been made about her twisted ways.
In series after series she is represented as a misunderstood principle that is frequently misguided, usually ignored, and most often blind to the truth of what she was supposed to symbolize. If that were the extent of her transgressions then she would have no need for the hood that she now permanently wears; on almost every occasion in which she is the featured subject.
For those who get their 'awareness' of crime, law & order, prosecutor's, cops, lawyers and Defense Attorney's from television or film, she appears to be someone that no longer exists-anywhere. The timeline in most of these programs (and films) tends to make it appear that every defendant gets a trial as in within months or sometimes even days. In reality it takes years just to get to trial for all but the most stirring cases which the pubic tends to follow. The dramatic misrepresentation makes it appear that the crime and the trial for that crime are almost within the same month-because they have butchered the time-line and ignored this key part of the whole system, for a false-flag of "dramatic-continuity" that has no basis in reality.
The same thing is true of what used to be called the Department of Internal Affairs ­ a civilian watchdog organization that supposedly hunts down dirty cops. Right! In today's world of cops & terrorists there are no evil cops. There are quite a few cops that torture, maim, and sometimes murder those in "custody" but even that no longer applies. In far too many "cases": No charges need to be filed, no evidence needs to be produced, no lawyers can be called, even the families of those "detained" cannot find out what happened to their loved ones. There are no strict and judicially correct lawyers, cops, prosecutors or defense attorneys in reality ­ there is now just "them" and "US." And we have NO RIGHTS AT ALL; in fact we're no longer even treated as people: We are definitely NOT treated "as innocent until proven guilty." But the readers or viewers would never know this from watching anything which Nazi-Hollywood produces today. Everything is just as it was in the 1960's versions of law & order, but hyped to show the humanity of police and the courage of lawyers: both of which went out with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. This is not story-telling this is nothing short of totally skewed DISINFORMATION and in most cases it is just full-blown Propaganda for the Police-State and its tactics of today.
Nothing has been shown regarding the actions of TSA at the airports, or even in the film's portrayal of sporting events. Airports and government thuggery at every checkpoint from the borders to the world of transportation are never shown for what they are; because it would appear as outright crimes against the public, which of course they are! These parts of everyday life are no-longer part of life on either the large screen or the small one. But everyone that tries to travel KNOWS what happens there.
What is featured instead are hundreds of terror-driven scripts with totally disconnected scenarios about dirty-bombs, nuclear terror around every corner, and savage-killers that are always planning to obliterate this country or just kill hundreds of Americans-because on film, TERRORISTS are everywhere and the public MUST BE EVER VIGILANT or we shall all surely be caught or killed by these sociopaths and psycho's that dream of nothing else, 24-7. Meanwhile the true sociopaths and psychos are wearing three piece suits in Washington, in Tel-Aviv andLondon: and what are up there on those thousands of screens throughout the world are THEIR projections of their wet-dreams-of-power-unending; for the whole world to contemplate as ENTERTAINMENT!
What does 'justice' really mask in her costume from the Spanish Inquisition? First she is covering up the fact of the for-profit Private-Prison-Industry that makes money on every head they manage to suck into their system of abuse-for-profit at every turn. The Prison Industrial Complex is the largest business in the state of California, because it is a massive income stream for everyone in it from the cops and guards to the businesses that use the prisoner's for pennies a day ­ forced-prison-slavery-for fun and profit with no oversight, no regulation of the treatment they dole out and without any public awareness of everything they do which is largely illegal and mostly criminal itself.
That's all true but the real-reason these corrupt-and inhuman-practices need to be exposed is that they are the key component behind the current policies beginning in grade-school that run all the way through this society to post-graduate college-level education. It's all about NEVER-EVER QUESTIONING AUTHORITY about anything they tell anyone that they MUST DO! It's also about having already turned this privatized society into a place where just one offense, no matter how small can ruin a life forever. With a "record" you can forget about getting a job or "becoming someone influential (unless of course you're one of THOSE who routinely get-away with extortion fraud, mass-murder, genocide or any of the really massive crimes) that we still haven't charged anyone with-either nationally or internationally-at least not in such a way as to have even interrupted their "busy lives" by having to pay for what they continue to do to all of us.
At the same time that this system ignores the real criminals that are running the world right now: It also has another purpose as well. It removes anyone that might be prone to speaking out or acting out in the society which down the road just might be pivotal toward changing the current status quo: Which in the eyes of the Owners amounts to their own version of a massive crime against the Powers-That-Pretend-To-Be All-Powerful today. The sentence they pass SECRETLY upon these unwanted and potential social outcasts is solitary confinement followed by torture and then possibly murder, while unofficially "in custody."
USI has imprisoned more people here, than any other nation in the world today. And over 85% of those inside those prisons are not there for a serious or a violent crime: They are there on BS charges of social taboos that in other societies before the self-created crime of 911, were not something that could be treated as it is treated now.
These social charges surround drugs (of the illegal variety), even though the legal version of these drugs is now presenting an even greater problem for those who wear some kind of false-flag badge (without a number). This is because DRUGS (both legal and illegal) are big-business for this government, and always have been: They're the growers, the dealers and the traffickers; it's HUGE and guess what: They get to control both ends of all the spectrums from the production through the distribution all the way down to the users and finally they get to use the imprisonment of those they either catch or frame as pawns to make even more money at every turn of the screw.
When you are 'arrested' you are put-into-the-System. What that means is that you (if you get caught in their nets) must pay for the courts costs, the lawyers, the prosecutors, the cops, the defenders, and later on the prisons, everyone involved in the appeals process along with that portion of your life that you can never recover because it was STOLEN-TIME that even if you don't get put to death you can never get back again ­ because it's just gone!
Thanks to the totally CRIMIHNAL just-us SYSTEM. Doesn't this" just make you proud to be an American"? Knowing that we do NOT believe in rehabilitation (can't give nothing away for free) gotta-punish the bastards; make it as tough on 'em as possible, cause they deserve it!" Until it turns out that the courts were wrong and the prisoners that lived through it get released? This society is SICK, SICK, SICK and nothing we can do would be as valuable as revolutionizing the entire brutal and barbaric prison system that only creates far more criminals each and every day (to make more-money for the real criminals) while totally destroying families and people one by one, in the name of a version of law that should have been outlawed back when Jean Val Jean ruled the streets of medieval Paris in the time of Les Miserable!
Have we, supposedly the freest country on the planet, managed to not learn anything at all about crime since the days of locking people up for stealing a loaf of bread ­ for life in prison? Amerrika is about an eye for an eye and zero tolerance in a fcked-up world where no one can ever be said to be perfect. Yet "THE LAW" under America's new Dictator's is demanding no less than that in everything that any mortal (this does not apply to the immortal's among us; the Nazis running this show) must live according to, or face jail and all which that shall bring down upon anyone found guilty by our own criminals-in-uniform who create evidence, fabricate crimes and then put people away regardless of guilt or innocence! Are we not better than this! I think so, and if the public were to discover the truth about these CRIMINALS that are running this system ­ then the public might just agree with me on this one! (1)
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