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Shut Down?
By Jim Kirwan
We've come full circle from the days of Newt Gingrich's Contract on America; where another 'rebel-government' decided to punish the public by denying the services of the US government to the leastamong the population: In an effort to force the country to adopt the fascist programs that Gingrich decided needed to be imposed upon the USA.
If the government under this Obamanation decides to walk-out this time they should just keep going: Because if they did this on any other job they would all be fired-immediately.
All pension benefits for these ILLEGAL-STRIKERS would be terminated, and there would be no unemployment assistance available: Nor could any of them ever be rehired in any capacity by another government because by their actions against their employers (the people of the USA, NOT USI) They will have proven to be incompetent as well as hostile, to the idea of representational government. Charges should also be filed in the court of public opinion and left to the various states to prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent of the laws that should be taken out of the trash and used against those that ended the laws throughout this nation, that have put us all into this situation for the second time.
And Do it NOW! (1)
The repossession by the public of the hundreds of thousands of government retirement plans that these government traitors currently have, might collectively give the rest of us a real boost by providing some of that badly needed money that we could forcibly take back by eliminating congress and the federal-courts entirely, along with all that horrifically unnecessary bureaucracy which was never needed to perform the jobs they supposedly were put there to do. This could be especially beneficial because of the huge savings that the ending of this total farce would bring to the chaos that this sitting government very clearly represents; which has been an insult to the intelligence and the integrity of most Americans for far too long.
Enough of these constant threats of withholding whatever the public needs, when they need it most ­ let's crush these bastards now and punish them permanently for everything they are trying to forcefully do to each of us. We have tried to honor the rules by which we have paid into this system only to discover that the rules could be changed AFTER the game was played and now the government has decided to rewrite everything and deny those of us who made them possible while they are now trying very hard to kill us while continuing to rewrite all the rules by which the rest of us must live or die.
The over $5 Trillion in government cuts, at the core of this pissing-contest, are not part of the elective spending which the congress gets to decide on. That money was lawfully allocated to be spent, by settled law, and to fail to do this now long after the fact of the passage of these laws, is a federal crime.
To compound this crime by slashing everything that government is required to pay for, and then expand the tax breaks for rich, while increasing the funding for the endless wars that no one in the public had any voice in either starting or continuing ­ is yet another compound-crime that MUST be paid for now. If this joke of a government chooses to SHUT ITSELF DOWN ­ then the public has every right to take action against each and every one of those creatures PERSONALLY, regardless of party-affiliation.
If the government walks-out on the American public AGAIN - when they should have stood up to the threats of USI, that are just as bogus as were the threats back in 2008, by the FED, to shut down the government then, over the issue of the Government's unnecessary Bailouts of the Banks and Insurance Giants: Then the people must act, to permanently end their careers right down to the last congressional page. The criminal bailouts of the criminals from 2008 continue today with their never-ending-bailouts of the same criminal-institutions that have blackmailed the public through the Congress; to this day! This has to stop NOW, and those behind all of these crimes must face real consequences and serious jail time!
If the government doesn't have to pay its bills; then neither do any of us have to pay any of our bills either. If they walk out then the phone companies, the power companies, the credit card criminals, and the landlords will have to just eat those payments that they will claim we owe them: Because if the authority behind all the laws of this country REFUSES to do its job; then the citizens that are directly affected by this so-called government are no longer bound by any authority whatsoever ­ because that "authority" shall have just dissolved itself, by walking out on all the rest of us. . .
The days of threats and broken promises need to end right here, right now before another government traitor gets to send yet another American dollar to Zionist Israel. And as for the wars: If the congress is serious about wanting to avoid jail time, then they must cut the funding for everything currently on USI's agenda by way of our WAR upon the World. If they can't or won't do that, we still need to prosecute them for cutting the public out of every decision and EVERY piece of legislation for the last ten years! (2)
This temper tantrum from this government must never be forgotten, because as we can see when Gingrich was NOT made to pay for giving the public the finger back when he was Speaker of the House: Failure to prosecute these pricks will come back to haunt us again, and again and again! These criminals work for us and they have forgotten that fact.
We need to eliminate their protective force of privatized-thugs in TSA and elsewhere, that are only there to protect these criminal members of the government from all of us. Now would be a perfect time to begin that self-liberating process: This is our country and it's way past time that we began to tell this government, to do what we tell them to do; and to put an end to all practices to the contrary.
These creatures are not GODS, they are very flawed mortals, just like the rest of us. Is it not time that we finally begin to take them in hand and give them a dose of what they have proscribing to us, non-stop, for the last eleven years. I think that time has come!
1) Living Without Laws
2) Shadows of Sabotage
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