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Second Thoughts On Shutdown
By Jim Kirwan
Here is the Apocalyptic Seal of the Imposter in the Oval Office
One is reminded of what Ronald Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers when they made "illegal demands" on the nation, to
protect the public and themselves, back when this war upon the right to strike was formed. Reagan fired all 11,000 of the Air Traffic Controllers. It's time to fire the whole feral government at the federal level. No quarter will be given, no apologies will be acceptable.
It appears that Obamanation in his unfathomable-ignorance is trying to take a page from that half-wit who currently occupies the office of the governor of Wisconsin: The man who would be Dictator over an entire state in order to crush the right to strike of anyone in the state of Wisconsin, and by extension in the whole United States. Now however the shoe is on the other foot. The US government wants to STRIKE against the people they supposedly serve: The targets of their STRIKE are the same people that the government insists have NO RIGHT TO STRIKE, ever, because that would give the public an unfair advantage over corporate and government management. Consequently the Obama administration has now made their position very clear to the public whom they clearly DO NOT AND HAVE NOT SERVED ­ at least since we entered the new millennium!
To withhold the government's services that we have paid for a thousand times over is a criminal and actionable offense: AGAINST this government that has lied about everything they say they are doing to protect the people. The truth behind all this has always been that those in power have done everything possible to restrict, confine and arrest and torture members of the public that are attempting to get justice in any form, from this government on any level. In this time when we are involved in fighting three wars (officially) and many more besides, including the nuclear one against the public of the United States; perhaps a STRIKE by this GOVERNMENT at this time, might well be considered TREASON?
The public needs more information about the real dangers and the very real threats to the safety of our food and water, as well as to the health and welfare of our citizens; yet the government is doing what it always does, changing the standards and the numbers to hide the truth and the very-real risks, regarding exposure to radiation even while they are planning new and far more serious strikes against the public to take place later this month, specifically on April 28 in the areas of the New Madrid Fault line, and the six nuclear plants that could be directly affected there. To that end they have purchased 14 million body bags and enough food and water for fourteen days of survival.
This information is being denied to the public, along with the truth about the already deadly problems all along the west coast, with many facilities located on or very near fault lines. In San Francisco the Bay Area Rapid Transit Agency has laid its tracks on fault lines and as that whole system is over thirty years of age it is not fit to withstand the severe shocks that will most likely be coming this way.
With so much of the infrastructure of this society nearly underwater now; it seems that the government has done little to nothing concerning what must be faced now that Fukushima has begun its own meltdown.
Given that members of congress only work a three day week as it is, and when combined with their extremely long and frequent vacations they basically only work about a third of the year for an astronomical sum; including free and unrestricted medical coverage and perks un-ending ­ it would seem ridiculous for them to THREATEN
the public repeatedly: First with fines and increased-taxes, then jail terms for those that still oppose them, and now with a GOVERNMENT STRIKE, just to finish enslaving the entire basis for the offices they illegally hold! This government is broken.
The entire DEBT that this public has been burdened with by the corporations and the filthy bankers has been shoveled onto the backs of the poorest among us, and still that it is not enough. Now they want total control over every aspect of our lives, over all our property and all of our retirement funds and every dream we ever thought we had. They have ruined education, destroyed health-care, turned private-insurance into Extortion INC. and now they are demanding that we simply remain SILENT while they strip-search us at airports, spy on every phone call and oversee every key-stroke: All in an effort to "PROTECT US" from imaginary terrorists which they have planted in plain site, to reinforce their proposition that there is some "very- real threat" against the public here.
There is a huge THREAT alright-but that threat comes from THEM, and not from foreign agents. Israeland the USI are our blood enemies and we shall never be safe until those two criminal organizations are completely dissolved. In the meanwhile the government ought to be forced to fire and deport any and all Israeli's inside the US government, as a precondition for launching major investigations into everything that has happened between these two so-called countries since 1948. The answers concerning 911 could also be found in that investigation, if it were thorough and especially if it were televised live on all the networks. (1)
Oh, and just for the record the government should also be fined together with penalties and interest for all the services they will fail to provide to the public, during their STRIKE against us!
The Shadows Behind our Secret Governmentshttp://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2011/art88.htm
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