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Shadows Of Sabotage
From Jim Kirwan
In an effort to have the Invasion and Occupation of Libya, both ways, the US, Britain and France have rammed through another of their now-infamous pieces of Doublespeak that will justify whatever the hell they're playing at in that almost forgotten nation that is ruled by a madman.
"Basically the resolution as currently drafted authorizes a war across the board against Libya. Airstrikes, a naval blockade, even a land invasion. The only exception in there is against "a foreign military occupation force." But under the laws of war there is a distinction between a land invasion and an occupation force. For example when the United States invaded Haiti, in 1994, and put 24,000 troops in there; it still took the position under the Clinton Administration that we were not a foreign military occupation force.
So this was very carefully drafted to permit troops on the ground. Language here under paragraph four, "While excluding a foreign occupation force of any form, on any part of Libyan Territory," But there is a difference between a foreign occupation force and a land attack. When troops are "ATTACKING" they are not OCCUPYING." So I believe this was very carefully crafted to permit a land attack, if necessary. We know that British Special Forces haven't been in Libya for quite some time. So my guess is they have prepared the way for a land attack, if and when that decision is made. Personally I think that this has been 'under-way' by the United States, Britain and France for quite some time, since the outbreak of the crisis there in Benghazi; they moved all their military assets into place. I don't believe that there's really anything that Libya can do to stop a major attack upon it by the United States and NATO. I think we're past this point.
If you read the resolution it does not authorize "regime change.'
But Cameron, Clinton, Sarkozy have all said "Kaddafi has to go." Before Obama can go to war against Libya he must have prior and express approval from the United States Congress (the same congress which gave away its powers in The Bush Doctrine in 2002) under both the War Powers clause of the United States Constitution and Congresses own War Powers Resolution of 1973 (that was made obsolete in 2002). It does not appear to me that he's going to bother; despite the fact that Dennis Kucinich said something about it, Ron Paul has said something about it, and even yesterday Senator Lugar, the Senior Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has also said something about it. (None of these three opinions will have any weight whatsoever, as congress no longer has the power to stop any war that the Commander-in-Chief approves of, thanks to the Bush Doctrine of 2002).
For Obama to launch an attack on Libya would be an impeachable-offense under the United States Constitution." (Except that the US Constitution is no longer what governs this country). (1)
The second part of this sabotage comes is something called Stuxnet.
"Here is a nightmare scenario for you.
1. Israel and the US create Stuxnet.
2. Stuxnet is deployed to wreck Iran's nuclear power station.
3. But Stuxnet escapes from its intended target and spreads across Asia!
4. As the above article documents, Stuxnet was in Japan last October, presumably still spreading and intended to wreck nuclear power plants. Here is another story about Stuxnet being in Japan and infecting computers last October.
5. Stuxnet targets the Siemens controller
6. The head of the IAEA only last month warned that Stuxnet posed a threat to all nuclear power stationsaround the world! And Fukushima uses the Seimens controllers Stuxnet was designed to interfere with!
So now the difficulty the Fukushima nuclear plant operators faced in recovering control over their runaway reactors takes on a darker significance. Remember that the first problem following the quake was that the automated shutdown systems failed to operate at some of the reactors, because pumps failed and valves would not open even while running on batteries; the very sorts of mischief Stuxnet supposedly was designed to cause at Iran's power station.
Did we all just get hacked to death by Israel?" (2)
Given the potential problems the US is about to experience with our own nuclear generating plants, especially those located on earthquake faults: Is it not also possible that Stuxnet has moved from Japan's collapsing nuclear reactors, over to our own nuclear facilities-maybe with a little more help from Israel; (Our favorite but still traitorous "Ally") just to avoid any problematic delays? I think this is the stealth ingredient that almost guarantees that most US Nuclear facilities might well be lethally affected, with or without earthquakes: Unless a massive security sweep can determine that all US Nuclear Reactors are free of this Israel-American computer virus that could easily turn our aging nuclear reactors into potential nuclear radiation points throughout the United States.
We have to get our heads out of the sand and begin to proactively pursue those things that might well make the difference between our ability to continue living or to have to face this crippling form of gradual death.
1) UN Resolution on Libya allows Invasion
2) New Cybervirus Found in Japan /Stuxnet designed to attack offline servers
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