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Rothschild Globalist Killers Pour
DU On Libyans In Nuclear War
US, UK Butchers Extend Talons Of Death Over Libya
By Peter Eyre
So what do they know that is so secret?
They are all guilty of war crimes knowing they have all authorized the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) against innocent civilians and our own military forces to a level bordering on mass genocide.
Many of the weapons used, especially those used against tanks (armour piercing) and those used against hard targets (Cruise Missiles & Bunker Busters) all contain uranium components such as Penetrators, Shaped Charged Liners and as a counterweightmost of which is made up of Depleted Uranium.
All weapons that contain Depleted Uranium weapons are recognized as radioactive poison gas weapons and thus violate the Geneva Convention under the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol.
These weapons are described as a "highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant," which has a half life of 4.5 billion years and thus remain in the environment for ever.
The airflow chart below demonstrates how the depleted uranium gas and dust is widely circulated in many directions, depending on altitude and seasonal changes including fog, rainfall, snow, and air circulation.
I have added a white square over the current conflict zone in Libya and it is very easy to see how this violates the Geneva Convention and how in this airflow chart high concentrations of radioactive particles end up in the atmosphere over Scandinavia, UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Rumania, Bulgaria, Eastern and Central Europe..another weather system also made sure that the entire Middle East was also contaminated, Afghanistan, Asia and SE Asia with some particles delivered to China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan by express delivery on the Jet Streamsthis then moved over to the Northern USA and the rest of the world.
We must also put an emphasis on the fact that when it comes to low pressure areas or monsoonal flows the contamination comes back to earth to permanently contaminate the soil and water in the respective regions.
A classic example and proof that the level of contamination, at a given location, can be alarmingly high as shown in the graph below where the spikes on the chart coincide with heavy periods of bombing in areas of conflict..once can clearly see this when we look at the original US led "Shock and Awe" attack on Baghdad, at the begin of the Gulf War.
Please understand that the atmosphere over and around an area, covering from Reading through to London, received an extremely high dose of radioactive nanoparticles that can and will impact on the health of those people who live below its deadly cloud. This graph was withheld from public viewing by both the US and UK Governments and was only released after pressure was applied by Prof Chris Busby ( Freedom of Information Act).
One should expand the above chart to see it in greater detailIt must also be understood that the facility at Aldermaston was, at the time, under the control of a US subsidiary of "Halliburton" that was the evil hub for that other "War Criminal" known as Dick Cheney.
I will provide you with a more current weather chart for the current area of conflict (Libya) so that you can all see for yourselves where the next "Shock and Awe" contamination will go. I again place an emphasis that this is indeed in violation of the Geneva Convention in so many ways which I will cover in my next article.
Please understand this is a master plan by the New World Order to not only carry out an act of mass depopulation (slow and painful genocide) but also part of the greater plan in their "Geo Political Growth" which only has three main goals.
· To take control of the world's natural resources
· To take control of the international markets for those resources
· To take control of the international trade routes, sea lanes and pipeline routes
I will now cover some of the basics relating to this current "War" that has been initiated by the US, UK and France and what is clearly in total violation of the UN Constitution..an organization that is supposed to pursue peace and protect all of its members.
The existing UN Security Council is totally out of date with the current world and such decisions should only be made by the UN General Assembly based on a majority votethe existing system is totally corrupt and certainly controlled by the NWO, which is the international political arm of the NWO and backed up by its Military Arm, being that of NATO.
So back to my observations:
My oh my, I have never heard so much verbal diarrhea flow from the lips of our illustrious leaders in the US, UK and France's.
Throughout they have placed a strong emphasis of Ghadaffi slaughtering his own people and the huge humanitarian crisis that looms ahead.
Let's just dwell on the powerful words used by David Cameron this evening....he stated the reason for taking this action.
Was because it was "Necessary, Legal and Right"
I decided to analyze his well chosen words that fell well short of Churchill's WW2 speech!! I have decided to paste my own comments under each statement:
'So what we are doing is necessary, it is legal, and it is right.
Is it necessary for you to pursue Libyan Oil/Gas, Is it Legal to force your own agenda onto the UN and is it right to kill much more people by using WMD's?
'It is necessary because, with others, we should be trying to prevent him using his military against his own people.
Is it necessary for you to use your own military "Shock and Awe Tactics" on innocent civilians both on and off the battlefield?
'It is legal, because we have the backing of the United Nations Security Council and also of the Arab League and many others.
Is it truly legal when the other main players in the UN Security Council abstained because you manipulated their vote, knowing that any one of them could VETO and sink your plans? Don't you think it was a rather strange comment from Russia, when they regretted the current action that was taken.they alone had the potential to stop it by Veto!!!
'And it is right because we believe we should not stand aside while this dictator murders his own people.
Is it right for you, as our Prime Minister, to endanger masses of population not only in Libya but also in the greater world by using known WMD's?
'Tonight, of course our thoughts should be with those in our armed services who are putting their lives at risk in order to save the lives of others. They are the bravest of the brave.
Do you think it is brave, to use in mass, "Stand off Weapons" such as US/UK Navy Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and the British Tornado's "Storm Shadow" Cruise Missiles and the French Rafale " SCLALP-EG Cruise Missiles that have been fired off in mass with little risk to the hidden warships offshore, the undersea submarines and the stand off missiles fired from airborne aircraft?
'But I believe we should all be confident that what we are doing is in a just cause'
Do you think that it is a just cause to use WMD's that not only kill people in mass in the target area but also kiss innocent civilians out of the target area and around the world?
Do you fully understand that the ongoing health implications on the world's population will continue on long after your greed for oil has been achieved?
First of all there is no huge humanitarian crisis in Libya.....all the current people that have arrived on the borders of Tunisia and Egypt are mainly migrant workers and who wish to get out as soon as possible, which is exactly what they have and are doing, they are all fit and healthy and have in their possession the money they have earned in Libya and they do not remain in the border areamany have now taken flights out of Egypt and Tunisia. The image the government leaders have portrayed is totally incorrect and is part of their fabricated reason for attacking Libya.
What we see now is the fact that with the arrival of coalition forces off the coast and the impending airborne attack by US, UK and French aircraft, this alone has now caused a massive exodus from the city of Benghazi. It is clear that because of our involvement local people are now leaving, hence the roads out of Benghazi are bumper to bumper.
We then hear the other reason regarding the slaughter of innocent people........I am absolutely outraged at Cameron's terminology in the use of the word "slaughter"........I will focus on this very word in my response to our Prime Minister, who in my opinion can now be classified as a leader guilty of "War Crimes.
This same classification applies to all the leaders of those countries who are using the current array of weapons......initially it would appear that France, UK and US have now violated the Geneva convention by using "Weapons of Mass Destruction" to take out specific targets in Libya.
Another bone of contention is the fact that Obama and his "Voice Box" Clinton have tried to portray that this is not an action that is being spear headed by the USAthis is absolute crap.they have dictated the terms all the way through..Clinton has been flying around almost everywhere to get a satisfactory outcome.that being for a "Regime Change".just like they did in Iraq!! And make no bones about it this operation is being controlled by the US from their base in Naples and it is they that have currently blasted Libya with the most amount of WMD's, like it was just a simple "Computer Game."
Did you also notice that despite the fact that Germany abstained from voting, for political reasons, that Angela Merkel (who is currently fighting for her political existence) attended at the talks in Paris, even though she had no right to do so, having abstainedit was obvious that behind closed doors our illustrious lady Hillary Rodham Clinton needed her valid support to carry out this evil act.
It is now clear to me that President Sarkozy, President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel and their respective governments and MoD's are all guilty of war crimes.
You may well ask how does this constitute as being a war crime and how can these coalition forces be guilty of slow genocideI use the term genocide in order to overrule the term used by Cameron (slaughter).I will go into this in my next article in more detail.
Up to the current time the French have attacked Libyan tanks with armour piercing weapons and for sure these would have contained depleted uranium. Since this time, US and UK Naval forces have, up to the current time, fired 112 Tomahawk Missiles, which carry around 360kg of depleted uranium in each missile.......this makes up to the current time a total of around 40,320 kg of depleted uranium (112 X 360) that has now entered the Libyan and World environment. It is also known that three US B2 Stealth Bombs dropped 40 bombs on a major Libyan air base with additional cruise Missiles fired from other coalition aircraft. One cannot imagine at this stage the total tonnage used in this crime against humanity
It must be understood that under the terms of the Geneva Convention these weapons fail to comply with the convention, as the nanoparticles/aerosols from each weapon do not remain in the target area/battlefield and are at the mercy of the wind to contaminate adjacent areas, countries, the world's environment and its people.
Innocent civilians around the target area, region, adjacent countries and the world, thus become victims of radiation poisoning from these weapons and the United Nations are aware of this fact.
There is concrete evidence available to show that these weapons are totally indiscriminate and create much pain & suffering (I have that evidence).
We already have sufficient evidence that shows the terrible effects from such weapons and also evidence on the consequences on human health, especially on children and the unborn fetus. It should be noted that most women who live in such areas, succumb to DU ingestion and the loss of their child.........as an example in Iraq most of the women in the City of Fallujah can no longer have children because of the high risk of premature birth and gross deformities.all of this as a direct result of coalition WMD's weapons.
The west certainly have to be held to account for the gross contamination of the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia and now Yemen etc.
The appropriate Ministers of Defence and Military Leaders fully understand the implications in the use of these weapons including our very own Liam Fox who hopefully one day will be before the international court to account for his own admission in their use.
In his letter Liam Fox quoted the following: "I remain very conscious many people are concerned there is a link between the use of DU ammunitions and medical problems such as cancers and birth defects. This is an issue taken very seriously by the Minister of Defence(MOD). The cases of illness reported in places such as Iraq are extremely distressing especially when they affect children."
He went on to say "The UN General Assembly draft resolution you refer calls for action by the Secretary-General and UN member states based on the alleged harmful effects of the use of DU munitions on health and the environment. The UK does not support resolutions that presuppose DU is harmful."
He continued: "The draft resolution requests states that have used DU in armed conflict to provide information about its use. I hope you will be reassured to know the UK has already provided details of this nature to inform studies and the work of the UN but it is up to each state to provide data as such in time and in such a manner as it deems appropriate."
Finally he closed by saying: The Governments policy that DU can be used within weapons; it is not prohited under the current or likely future international agreements. UK armed forces use DU munitions in accordance with international humanitarian law. It would be quite wrong to deny our serving personnel a legitimate capability."
So there you have it..admittance "straight from the horse's mouth" and proof that its use in past and current conflicts is ongoing. Well Mr. ("Not So Right Honourable) Liam Fox, you certainly have got it all so wrong! Therefore as Minister in charge of our armed forces you are now guilty, in your duty of care, of looking after all those who serve our country and who die for it!!....You should be tried for treason and for war crimes knowing the truth that lies behind these WMD's, even more so since the Scottish MP, Dr Bill Wilson provided you with sufficient evidence to the contrary. "Shame on you Sir."
Could this man be implicated (by his own admission) in any future war crime?
I find the hypocritical language of all the leaders most offensive and disgraceful knowing the consequences of using these WMD's. that form no part of the current NPT.
I am sure that Mr. Fox you will never experience the pain, suffering and deaths that have occurred around the world as a direct result of your decision and actions, including the suffering and deaths imposed on our own military forces.
I think people like you and our own, PM David Cameron and all those shown above should be made to visit the children's hospital in Fallujah and Basra..can you sincerely say, without guilt, that you can look into the eyes of these poor babies and infants without fully understanding what you have all done to such children and adults all over the world
I feel an intense deep sickness in the way the media of the world are portraying this conflict.it is almost like a computer game.it reminds me of the comments once made by US pilots whilst overhead the retreating army on the murder mile in Iraq when they said "Lets go on a turkey shoot".such is the mentality of our current world, whilst you all sit there watching your favorite "soapies"..when are you are going to see the true reason behind these wars and the fact that you, your children and grandchildren will also become the victim of this madness.
It was only again this morning that my inner sickness returned when I listened to such people as Col Bob Stewart (DSO) MP, (ex commander in the Balkans), and Sir Clive Loader (ex Air Chief Marshall) and that NWO agent himself, Mr. George Osborne, pontificating over this current action.
However, I did notice that ex Rear Admiral, Chris Parry in his comments on this conflict.he stated that there appears to be a lack of longer term planning, beyond this current initial strike and that it is showing signs, similar to that of Iraq and he thought that without this planning this could be a very long term conflict.If I read between the lines we have yet again now entered into another full on war with Libya
He was also critical of the additional use of RAF Tornadoes in carrying their own pods of Cruise Missiles all the way down to Libya when their had been sufficient usage of such missiles by the naval forces already off the coast of Libya. Indications behind this move appear to have a possible political overtone..i.e. allow the government to save face by saying the current defence cuts are now not justified based on this on going conflict!!.......either way I can see that yet again the poor taxpayers of this country will be the ones to sufferdon't you find it incredible that one missile amounts to around £300,000 and that when it comes to "Geo Politics" and war there is always enough money in the Bank of Englandhow do they manage to find around £9 million per week to support this operation?
Could it be that they truly do not understand the implications in the use of their own WMD weaponsI would love to take them both with me and my friend to the Balkans to see the after effects of their actions in that neck of the woods. The rise in cancers is now totally out of control with the young now becoming the latest victims.my friend tells me, with tears in his eyes, the fact that he his now loosing many friends and relatives and that the local graveyards in many hamlets cannot handle the amount of dead and that they are having to put them to rest in some far away locationsuch is the situation that has developed has a direct result of the "Shock and Awe tactics that has occurred in that area and that which has also taken place in so many other areas as listed above..
This time Libya is much closer to home, as it borders the Mediterranean, and therefore is on the doorstep of our very own Europe. This adds new meaning to going on holiday in and around the Med! I would recommend that anyone if their right mind would not holiday anywhere that is likely to be contaminated by the downwind flow from this latest action in Libya. The charts below show the weather pattern at the current time of the attack and the airflow around the region.
At the current time and certainly over the coming days we will see these radioactive nano particles drift generally in several directions..because of the size and width of Libya the winds on the western side will drift in a westerly direction out over the Atlantic and then loop around to the north and then northeast back across the UK, Northern Europe and Scandinavia and beyond.
On the east side of Libya the winds are variable with some tracking southwesterly and also southeasterly before getting pulled into the Middle Eastern systems that normally circulate that region before tracking up over the Caspian Sea and joining the eastern part of Europe, Turkey and back into the Mediterranean countries. Needless to say the upper winds take other particles from west to east in a sort of washing machine manner.
In closing I would again ask you all that you must, in your duty of care, for your own family and for mankind, prohibit and stop the use of any weapon that contain elements of uranium in any shape or form. We must all insist that they be removed from our stockpiles as they all constitute as being "Mini Nukes." How can you do this you may ask?......easyyou must do what I and all activists dokeep lobbying and harassing your local MP's, Congressmen and our leaders by threatening them with a trial in the International Court of Justice for "War Crimes. The sad side of this unfortunately is the fact that such establishments are controlled by the New World Order and only select their victims who do not comply with the west's master plan of "Geo Politics."
Finally I offer my sincere apologies to the innocent victims in Libya on behalf of many citizens in my country who do care and feel your pain.
Bless you all
Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant - 20/3/2011
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