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Resurrecting Barriers Between
Church And State
By Jim Kirwan
There was a now-vanished legal wall between Church & State that once made possible a massive outpouring of creativity and progress of the human-condition in the United States of America: before theUSA so publicly became USI, in 1913.
The first sentence in the Bill of Rights says it all:
Article One
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press. Or the right of the people to peaceable assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
That barrier, based on the freedom from religion must be reestablished and those who have violated the Constitutional prohibition that kept people free FROM religious tyrannies and free FROM government-backed intrusions (on behalf of specific-religious beliefs) must be dealt with. This was one of Reagan's major contributions to the downfall of the nation: Along with Reagan's introduction of both the flood of undocumented workers to destroy American jobs; combined with the introduction of total-privatization of everything that previously had been those sacrosanct and very  PUBLIC institutions that when combined with the "Freedom From Religious dictates" had kept this nation on an even keel. Today this country is nothing but a chaotic collection of zealous extremists' fighting over the bones of what is left of an ideal that was murdered by sectarian and illegal decisions to promote bigotry, hate and religious persecutions of anyone that challenged their status in a society that was built without their agenda as a mainstay in anything that was originally "American."
To clarify this proposition it is necessary to understand the fact that the "America" we became was founded not by "Christians" but by Masons: members of that cult that is today know as the Illuminati. Several of these men owned whole colonies among the "original 13 colonies." There were lots of people that called themselves Christians, among the "founders" but they were NOT in the majority. Their biased views were their own to embrace fully; and were protected from interference by the Constitution. What was not protected by the Constitution was a fervent desire to convert every other person here to "Christianity" or to anything else; because everyone else (other than those who chose to be Christians), had a right to be able to choose their own religious views for themselves: Ronald Reagan changed all that!
By the time we got to Gee W. Bush; the government was putting religious organizations in-charge of doling out government money for federal government programs-and those that were not 'Christians' were massively discriminated against. These matters never made it to court because the discrimination was not seen as "religious discrimination" but rather as some trumped-up violation of government regulations (regarding agency rules) that turned out to fail to meet the requirements needed to be prosecuted for discriminatory and illegal religious practices. That's just one of the minor problems that mixing religion with government, to add the full-force of the government to require those with different views, to receive less than equal treatment before the law.
What allowed Americans to prosper as no other nation had, was precisely the freedom FROM religious influences that has kept so many other nations locked in a permanent struggle with the virtual  Dark-Ages when it comes to how their people were affected by religious persecutions or preferences: The Spanish Inquisition was one example that comes to mind where religiousity became the criteria that ruled over actual life & death: And that's just one example of some who have referred to themselves as "Christians."
To be sure there are millions of good and religious Christians that actually follow the teachings of Christianity: but there are also many millions that use the name of Christianity for things that violate every article of that "faith." A great many of the Settler's in Palestine come from that group of those that claim to be 'Christians,' but whose lives are lived like the savage-barbarians that they actually are. America needs to disengage itself from all religious affiliations, that might place any religious affiliation over or above any other belief system. As a matter of law: Which is why there was a WALL between church and state in the first place.
We should also demand that Israel TEAR DOWN their SEPARATION WALL between the Palestinians and the occupiers of Palestine, at the same time as we rebuild the wall between Church & State here.The ideal involved in the extremist views of Zionists does not involve religion. Zionism is a distinctly political movement that is an ideological principle open to anyone of any color or race, provided they are willing to elevate the goal of POWER & WEALTH over everything else in life.
People do not have a choice in where they were born or what gender they are: But Zionists can choose to be Zionists, which is what distinguishes them from every other "people' on the planet. Zionism chose to hide itself behind the false-shield of religion of the practicing Jews, until they became strong enough to stand alone and apart from all else, as they are doing now after having ejected the Christians and the Muslims from Israel. The same kind of thing was also true of those in South Africa who practiced Apartheid; they were not born superior to the Blacks: They chose to be superior and so deserved their fate. In this country the blue-blood moneyed -nterests also practiced their own form of "natural-superiority" over all those that worked for them: Whether as slaves or as "free-men" there was never any doubt that the owners saw themselves as having a natural-power over all others in "their territory."
The other massively hypocritical application of the demolition of that wall between church and state has to do with taxes and with politics in particular. In the case of taxes a huge new influx of "religions" have arisen calling themselves religions when in fact they are nothing but pretended-political parties that pay no taxes because they claim to be religions-when in fact they have become some of the most feared political forces in the arena of American-politics today and are only eclipsed by Israel's AIPAC when it comes to political power. That was only possible by masking their political actions in a cloak of religious neutrality that was NEVER the case. This too, of course was part of the N.W.O. plan to tear this country apart between competing religious political-factions that had been unleashed because of the official destruction of the wall that used to protect EVERYONE from these primitive and barbaric beliefs that have led to unbelievable crimes across the whole planet.
This is NOT a partisan issue, in any sense: In practice this is just another crude attempt to use "religious beliefs" (both valid and invalid) as a wedge to destabilize human progress which is why that wall of separation must be rebuilt to free all kinds of people from prejudice and coercion, everywhere!
Here's something very unusual that I just converted from video to print, to insure that it does not vanish from the web: Maybe this will clearly illustrate how damaging some of these 'religious-preferences' can be when they are allowed to control the history of nations and by their omissions are allowed to give the world a totally false picture of what the real scope of the real history actually has to teach us all.
"1. Where is the Native Holocaust Museum in America since it actually happened in America and by Americans. Talking about conservatively the deaths of over 55 million people. Yet we have one by a foreign country in Europe . . .and this is something that definitely happened, no question about it, unlike some other things and yet we do have a museum (actually many) for a foreign people, attacked by a foreign people in a country in Europe; but not for a people our own country murdered.
I'm not saying that we shouldn't have a Holocaust Museum for WWII victims; I'm just saying that's a little strange that we have that for foreigners in a foreign country, but not one of our own? Some of the ideas of pushing people into the labor camps by trains were some of things that Hitler observed the US doing to the Apache Indians: 'Training' them over into Florida and into labor camps, where many of them died.
2. Charlie Sheen, who cares he's not important. He's the new Tiger Woods story or Assange attention-whore story. Drop the distraction, and focus on the Wall Street World Wide Theft.
3. I hate the DHS and the whole immigration process in the US. It took me about 20 days and $40 to clear up all immigration stuff in Japan. We are now in year three and $1,100 for my wife forAmerica, that is why people come here illegally.
4. Wisconsin. Teachers were making $87,000 a year to work 180 days. I'm sorry that's way too much, I have no sympathy. These are not "poor teachers." The government and unions fighting is like two crooks who just robbed a house arguing about how they're going to divide the loot. They're both a bunch of greedy hyena's these teacher's that I've seen with the misspelled signs and things it's just a bunch of greedy overpaid morons doing a crappy job. And I have no sympathy for them at all. And I as you know from all the videos ­ I am not a fan of the government, not at all. And I will say this before cutting anybody's pension; before firing anybody, before doing anything of that nature for the state to save money: As bad as unions are they pale in comparison to what Wall Street did! If you want to go after somebody, if you want to go after a crook, start there with the people who looted TRILLIONS, not only from the US but from the entire world.
5. Saying Israel is "fighting terrorism" is like saying white South African Apartheid was just defending itself from Black Terrorism and if the Blacks (who do not exist) would just get off the lands they have been living on for thousands of years and make way for "the chosen race of God" things would be fine. That was sarcasm.
6. Dear unconditional spending for the military supporters; spending more money on military doesn't make it stronger; it just makes it more expensive. Plenty of other nations have the same equivalence in toys but not in prices. What is the incentive for cost efficiency when the government pays the bill via charging it to the people. Especially when the same people voting on the money later go and work for the companies that they awarded it to?
7. TSA dosing millions of Americans with radiation and or strip searching them IS an act of terrorism. It also runs on the Guilty-until-proven-innocent axiom.
8. If there really was an Al Qaeda, out to kill Americans motivated by jealousy of 'freedom' who wanted to lock-down the economy (I'm not advocating this by any means) but why hasn't there been a repeat of the DC Sniper tactics? Two guys shut down basically the entire state ofMaryland, most of D.C. and
part of northern Virginia and it only cost them maybe $60 on gas and bullets. A couple teams of thirty people spread across the US would shut down the economy completely. But there is an Al Qaeda, so don't worry about it.
9. How come Prescription drugs are advertised on TV? Why do Prescription drugs have commercials?
10. With everything that's been going on recently, and in light of the past winners, shouldn't Gaddafi be awarded s Nobel Peace Prize? They gave on to Kissinger, they gave one to Obama. So you can butcher people in East Timor and in coups in Chile, and triple the war in Afghanistan and kill over a million Iraqis, bomb Pakistan and Yemen so Gaddafi fits right in there: He should be given a Nobel Peace Prize. Ah but that award is only reserved for OUR terrorists and OUR tyrants, not others!" (1)
1) Today's Two Cents - video
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