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Paying The Price Of Business As Usual  
By Jim Kirwan
The truth of what passes for 'Business-as-Usual' is contained herein in two parts. The first is the history and the legacy of nuclear power (in 20 snapshots) that ought to have been taught in schools since the end of the Cold War but was instead covered-up by the world's global powers: To protect them from what should have become massive public revolts in every place where this ticking time-bomb has been planted and then ignored. The literal costs of these disasters has not been met, mostly because so many people are still unaware of their existence; even in the countries where these radiating sites still exist. (1)
Had the world become 'aware' of these footnotes to the nuclear-industry; then the use and abuses of nuclear power would have been outlawed by the nations of the earth as the killer-of-life which this human-created-killer has always been. But too much money has always swirled around this issue, along with the weaponization of nuclear power-to the point where the public's "right-to-know" what went on, was completely silenced-until now: Thanks to Der Spiegel!
The second part of the price we have all paid, and will continue to pay, is summed up in this nine-part video that features some of the lowlights that ought to have been BANNER HEAD-LINES AROUNG THE WORLD.
This catastrophic series of snapshots from South Africa to Palestine, from Argentina to Mexico, from country after country in Africa and the Middle-East all the way to the doorstep of America; to which these atrocities will be coming next. This is the real terror behind the unending war upon the world: It is what is at stake in every region and it is not being fought the same way in every place. Instead every aspect of human-existence is being used as a weapon of mass destruction, from food and water to medicine and disease, from propaganda and coercion to fascist police-state tactics and wholesale attacks upon the public using DU weapons and bombs that were created to repel armies; on unarmed civilians that target women and children in the gunsights of snipers the world over. The United States (USI) & Israel are the leaders in this war upon people and the tax-dollars of US citizens are what has made all this hypocrisy and genocide possible. Watch the nine parts of this film and then ask yourself if this is anything that you could ever have imagined was actually being done while you were "just living your life!" (2)
These two reports together can give anyone that claims to be seriously interested in "what's really going on today" all the information they would ever need to grasp a real understanding of the totality that underlies the power-grab of the New World Order which is actually the Old World (Colonial) Order on Smack! This is what has happened in the past by way of how we have all been used and abused: As well as what lies in store for us "going forward" as the liars (still-in-office) like to say!
Arm yourself with information and listen to your conscience: Then decide how much more of this you want to continue to remain silent about . . .
1) A Survey of the World's Radio-Active No-GO Zones (in 20 parts)
2) Fourth World War 1-9 video
If You have Nothing to Hide, Then You have Nothing to Fear
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