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Off The Charts - Immigration By The Numbers
Immigration Inundating America
Toward An Unsustainable Future

By Frosty Wooldridge
While we sit watching TV or take the kids to soccer or go to a Rotary Club meeting-our US Congress avalanches another 225,000 immigrants into the United States every 30 days. Each year, relentless legal and illegal immigration and their 900,000 added children add another 3.1 million people to the United States.
(Source: www.cis.org) They rush into the United States from a line that grows by 80 million desperately poor around the world, year after year. It cannot and must not continue.
It cannot be sustained. It cannot benefit our civilization. If it continues, you can expect an added 72 million immigrants manifesting inside the United States by 2035-a scant 24 years from now. As a civilization, we cannot sustain ourselves or the immigrants as to water, food, energy, quality of life and standard of living.
Roy Beck, director of www.NumbersUSA.org , created a visual presentation that will change the way you think about immigration and population growth. After watching this 10 minute presentation, send it to all your friends. Join NumbersUSA.org and become one of 1.2 million Americans of all persuasions that are working to drastically reduce immigration in order for America's children to enjoy a viable future. You can access it below or go to www.NumbersUSA.org and click "Off the Charts: Immigration by the Numbers."
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