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If You Have Nothing To Hide
Then You Have Nothing To Fear

By Jim Kirwan
The title of this article and the images provide the lynch-pins between what the New-World Nazis are doing to the public; while attempting to hide everything they do behind 'national-security.' Because: IF government truly has "Nothing to Hide" then what do they have to FEAR from the public they have condemned (without reason or evidence) as permanent-enemies of this country?
This is no idle thought. This is the contrived-stereotype behind virtually every program on mainstream television today that attempts to justify the new and completely LAWLESS behavior of cops or overtly paranoid government agents; whenever these propagandistic programs attempt to deal with members of the skeptical pubic in what they would describe as suitable television entertainment for the general public. Their overarching considerations in virtually ALL cases; always come out in favor of the current government's MANTARA about 911. They go on to include all the wars and all the false-flag garbage with which they have attempted to confuse the already deluded public, even further.
If we had a watchdog agency that cared about anything with regard to 'truth-in-advertising' (as we were suppose to have had in political campaigns) then these writers and programs would be charged with creating public-lies or DISINFORMATION (criminal-propaganda meant to confuse the pubic in a time of war) for public consumption without even a shred of proof. But of course we don't have that, because the entire point behind these programs is to keep the general public in a continuous state of fear and just on the knife-edge of actual terrorism.
This is psy-ops warfare on the widest possible scale, against the entire viewing public that has been continuing uninterrupted since 911. It has provided the impetus, thru garbage like "24" for torture, for mindless violence against the entire Arab world, and it has done so under the sponsorship of the same corporate-privateers that are profiting directly from these global-crimes the world over. No wonder "the public" has trouble speaking out ­ because far too many of them still watch this swill and actually believe the lies that are repeated so often that they have become unofficial national policy!
The prison-system I mentioned yesterday is their other tool to insure that this country remains divided to the maximum-degree. Inside the US Prison-Industrial System; racism, sexual-depravity, and criminal-corporate-enterprises are protected and furthered, using prison-labor to keep that population "at each-other's throats" permanently. The public has also noticed that gang activity on the outside has grown massively, since we have increased the number of gang members we now officially "incarcerate."
The Prison-Industry enables the control of gang activity on the outside, thru their facilitation of orders from the gang leaders on the inside, so that the public directly suffers from the increase in the violent and lawless society which is being created by the same government that is preaching zero-tolerance and Victorian-morality in public: While in reality they are using every tool at their disposal to rip this society to shreds while terrorizing what remains of the law-abiding public in order to finish bleeding this country's people of their last dime's worth of belief in anything besides total-corruption that creates total vulnerability to this corrupted system in which there is NOTHING but Fraud, Crime, Torture and blatant Murder upon which they (we) can depend! (1)
None of what is being done to the general public has been kept secret. So why has all this unofficial-programming become so effective? It's as simple as the title of the article: "If you have Nothing to Hide, Then You have Nothing to Fear!"
Let's use their slogan on them. Let's demand an end to all the BS about the false-flag of national-security and government monitoring of every second of our lives. Let's end it now by demanding more from ourselves by way of involvement. If we cannot do this then we shall inherit the "lot' of the creatures shown in these crude sketches above. Gerald Celente said:
"Look at the people that are leading us today. Cameron of the UK, Sarkozy of Franceand Obama of the US. Not one of them has ever served a day in the military, and boy do they talk tough! This is from the Wall Street Journal: 'Battle-stance gives lift to French-UK Leaders' "Battle-stance" the only stance that these little Eaton-Oxford boys have ever taken is to bend over in the shower. If they're so intent upon taking out Gaddafi ­ Let them go and get him! And in the United States: Read the NY Times; do you know who the people were that were behind it? Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers and 'Rice' of the UN. Three women, let's stop all that nonsense; that if only the women were in-charge, there would be no wars. (Barbara Bush and Lady-Bird Johnson were key to creating the privatized US prison-Industrial systems) They were the prime provocateurs. They're the three witches of Macbeth!
The people better stand up and take action. Your lives are on the line and you have a bunch of losers out there that have losing wars going on right now that are leading you into "The Big One." Does anybody think that Gaddafi is just going to fold? So when they bomb London and France and they hit New York, let's not cry about 'Oh they hate our[nonexistent] freedom and liberty.' Anything that happens to the United States, France or the United Kingdom, from invading a foreign country of their only interests ­ let's stop all this baloney about 'Oh it's a humanitarian-mission.' Yeah like that humanitarian mission in the Sudan, or that lovely one in the Ivory Coast, or the slaughter in Yemen.[Still no mention of the greatest crime of all in Palestine] It's not a 'humanitarian mission' it's about sweet-crude-oil the most valuable on the planet! And they want it! Just like they're in Iraq and you've heard me say it before, if Broccoli was their major-export we wouldn't be there.
They're leading us into the first great war of the twenty-first century, it's begun.[Actually it began with George W. Bush in 2000 when he stole the Tarnished House] People say to me, 'What should I do?' What should you do-grow up you're adults! What do you think-there's a magic answer! You're going to write your congressman, call your Senator-grow up! Here's a solution! Let's stop paying taxes that are going to the military. DO SOMETHING, use your brains-you're ADULTS! Your lives are on the line and so are your children's, so is your nation's. You have losers that are batting ZERO on the Battlefields that are "gonna show you a winner this time"! Guess what if they bomb me ­ I'd bomb them back! And don't you think that that's not what the Libyans want to do. STOP THE WARS, we need PEACE. Our economies are sinking and our Empires are now in DECLINE. (2)
Everything literally depends on what you and I DO TOGETHER, to end this nightmare that has spilled over into our own never-ending daymare! That is why it is so important that prisoners, all of us on the outside as well as on the inside, come together and realize that there is only one war on every one of us. That the ENEMY is this globally-criminal new-world-government that sees every person who is not one of the owners as the real "enemy in this world." Their prescription is to kill us all; and they are trying very hard to do just that: WE can stop this, but only if we forget our differences and recognize our mutual enemy that has always been behind every division in this or any other society. And today it is clear that these are the same people behind the FEDERAL Reserve that is neither a Bank nor a Reserve: they are the foreign and criminal bankers that are funding everything that is being used to end the world as we know it ­ right now, today!
Please no more questions about "What can we do?" Just DO IT Damnit, the sooner the better!
1) Our Silent Executioner
2) Gerald Celente is Pissed, Why aren't you?
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