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The Method Of Their Madness
By Jim Kirwan
This comment aired on April 24, 2011, it's called "The Method of Their Madness."
This comes from an inmate who has lived on Death-Row in Pennsylvania now for almost thirty years. His name is Mumia Abu-Jamal, and he is still appealing his conviction for a crime he did not commit, in 1982. Anyone that says this country has a fair or swift Justice-System needs to study his case.
"The Method of their madness: Across America jowls are tightened and hearts race over rising gas prices; which in turn, hikes prices all along the line of product distribution as manufacturer's and merchandisers add their 'increased transportation costs' to prices. Americans are surly, shaking their fists at Arab Potentates; dreaming wild dreams of Desert Conquests, that will bring this vital resource under 'US Control.'
What the average American doesn't know is that 'less than twenty percent of all imported oil comes from the Middle-East.' And that the reason for much of the heightened prices is because of pure speculation (Wall Street & the corrupted banks) and FEAR stoked by news stories of 'unrest in the region.'
And what event caused the greatest regional unrest in the past twenty-five years; The Iraq War. Yeah, the Iraq War. And the unrest has set oil prices spiking upwards. For example, on the eve of the war oil sold at $30 a barrel. By Spring of 2008 it was $126 dollars a barrel. Today it's $108 dollars a barrel. Still for the last few years EXXON-Mobil made more money on petroleum sales than any company in the history of 'capital.' Last year EXXON made $30 billion in profits. $30 Billion; for these ends wars are fought. Tens even hundreds of thousands are slain. The constitution is shredded; the economy is bottomed-out. Schools are hollowed-out, and politicians are but prostitutes-in-suits: With my apologies to honest-prostitutes. Terrorism is a primera, a political tool to mask deeper economic drives, to dominate and control the world's sole remaining natural resource, oil. There is a method to this madness it's called profit. From Death-Row this is Mumia Abu-Jamal." (1)
Beneath & Beyond Shekhinah
Billions of us are NOT on Death-Row, and yet as a society, we have seemingly failed to grasp even the most elementary principals behind our WARS in the Middle-East. The unofficial and still SECRET reasons behind the recent uprisings throughout the Middle-East have very little to do with "the people' who are rising-up against the puppet-governments of the Nazi's of Israel & the USI. This too has just become the major distraction needed, to mask the latest artificially of rising PRICES-worldwide!
The cynical-truth beneath these 'new' fires of revolution, can be found in these dying embers of elusive-freedom that were needed to re-produce new-flames of FEAR and uncertainty: Now that the colossal failures of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have faded from the public-mind. This too has always been "All-about-continued-
astronomical-PRICES; for oil and food as well as for everything else needed for ordinary people just to survive.
How sad is it that we are still unable to even remotely see how easily we have all been led down this pathway that is shrouded on all sides by razor-wire and land-mines: Lest we should dare to stray from this pre-determined course for the global-suicide of the planet.
What has been fascinating throughout is how easy it was for Cheney and his motley Shadow-government to force our focus away from the artificially of the continued uses of oil an gas, when there are so many other ways to accomplish the same ends; especially now that pollution, radiation, and the criminal alteration of the entire structure of the DNA and the patenting of so many plants, and now even animals, that have been invading every sector of every society around the world today.
Nuclear power was just the artificial-backstop that supposedly forced us to remain dependent upon oil & gas, over the much dirtier COAL, for daily living. But after Cheney captured coal and rechristened it as "Clean-Coal", there was no longer any real use for Nuclear-power except as another weapon of terror (whether that came from DU, or bombs, or now even the Nuclear-Plants themselves). (2)
All of this has already happened because for all our "surly raising of fists" as a people; we still REFUSED to DEMAND any real changes in the way our lives are either lived or governed (because we have refused to participate). Consequently our lives have now been changed for the worse-forever.
Congratulations Amerrika ­ WE'VE BEEN HAD AGAIN-bigtime!
1) Court Rules Mumia Abu-Jamal's Death Sentence is Unconstitutional, Grants News Sentencing Hearing
2) Deep-Ocean Vents: Power Five Times Greater than Nuclear Power Plants - 4 minute- 30 second video
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