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Israeli Origins & The Deadly Consequences
By Jim Kirwan
What has happened to the United States, because of our part in the creation of the so-called state of Israel, is a continuing Crime Against Humanity!
Israel's appearance among the nations of the world could not have happened if it were not for the intervention of the United States acting unilaterally through the United Nations (another creation of the N.W.O.); under Dirty-Harry Truman the Zionist Puppet who created not just these two treacherous changes to global-order: But he was also the same man that brought the world the first use of atomic weapons, the creation of National Security Council that hijacked the powers of the US Congress, and it was alsoTruman also rammed through the illegally-created CIA. How this so-called nation has managed to remain in existence for this long; After Harry-Truman (AHT) is almost a mystery.
That's how Israel came to be upon the global-stage. There is a thorough overview of everything that has happened, not just to the USA, but to the world because Israel is still here: Still changing five-pointed US stars" into Israeli "six-pointed Stars of David," as shown in the illustration. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to pass this power-point presentation along: see the PS below.
What is now happening inside Libya is being directed by Israel in order to kill the essentially peaceful uprisings in the region, and to convert them back into the WARS that Israel is so famous for initiating, in so many places that it is nigh impossible to count them. For instance, last night Israeli F-16s destroyed the Islamic University in Gaza City, just because they could: No reports of casualties were forthcoming; but the buildings were totally destroyed. Obviously Israel is taking full advantage of the situations in Libya and Egypt to get-away-with, further military-aggressions against the Palestinians.
It was also reported today that the forces loyal to Gaddafi were attacking the rebels with helicopter gunships and fighter-jets as well as helicopters in their bid to take back territory from the rebels, and inflict major casualties among the resisters to Gaddafi's continued iron-fisted rule.
All of what's happening in Libya now is reminiscent of every other Zionist-Israeli-incursion; anywhere in the world, all of which has always been funded by United States taxpayers"and these "reactions" that have always been internationally-illegal and have not been challenged by the ICC or the UN. That is directly due to the special status created by Dirty-Harry and the UN itself: Also because of the previously lethargic non-reaction by the world, that has remained in the bleachers, choosing NOT to get involved because of the apparent power of the Zionists and USI's seeming-hammerlock on global affairs anywhere in the world today the results we see are what they are in spades. The result of this totally illegal and barbaric death-grip will produce millions of N.W.O. skulls not unlike the one shown with its chip-number tattooed on the forehead, in the illustration above. (1)
Without unquestioning US military and financial support the primitive-savagery of Zionism could not exist"anywhere. And if the United States were to not just cut the funding for these crimes; but instead demand that all these criminally-created-assets inside Israel, which we have paid for ten times over, can be confiscated to use the money here: To solve the desperate-needs of Americans from whom that money has been stolen over the course of the whole existence of "Israel." The last time I seriously looked at that number it was somewhere around Thirteen Trillion Dollars. Americans need to think about how even half of that money could be used to end our own government-created-crisis here!
The opportunity to revisit everything to do with Israel is especially-unique because of global events right now. Americans should also bear in mind that the truly powerful Zionists do not live inside Israel. That "privilege" is reserved for Zionist political flunkies and that trash that Israel uses as "settlers" in the occupied territories. These are Zealots one and all that in a world where there was actually any justice whatsoever, would have simply been rounded up and shot. This created dichotomy of leaving vassals in charge of the created-towers of Zionism is both convenient, to protect the real leadership of Israel, while maximizing the brutality of those who are supposedly guarding the revered, (but stolen) "Zionist-homeland" that has always been illegal and deadly to anyone that has ever challenged any of their supposed rights to that place.
The most influential Zionists are living all over the planet, in the major cities of the world, doing what they do best, which is to co-opt any resistance from their own authoritarian rule by practicing the black-arts of usury, total control, and nepotism"world wide. These creatures are here to insure that there will be "NO GOING BACK" to pre-Israeli-days. That is why we must seek them out and question everything that they have already done to destroy this society; to insure that their absolute control over everyone who is not a Zionist or a member of the elites remains safely unchallenged, anywhere in the world today.
Here in the US the rising-tide of resistance in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio is spreading continent-wide: because of this naked and predatory attempt to end unions and slash all funding for every program that is mandatory if the people of this country are to survive.
The various cabals that have been working with this 64 year old coup against the planet have been extremely successful in keeping what I just said SECRET, from most of the working people of the world. The one thing that can finally begin now; thanks to the basically peaceful-uprisings, is a sincere effort to change the "comfortable-status" of the traitors in our midst. This must be very carefully approached on a case by case basis; because if we are not surgical in our approach to this global-problem; then we shall end up being no better than those we seek to identify and legally remove from our various societies around the world.
"Consequences" demand a real response to those that have tried "to steal it all" and for that to happen those dedicated to finding solutions need to be swift but careful; and they must be completely aware o the deadly nature of this endeavor.
On another matter I was reminded yesterday of some things I said about another covert-secret-sleeper-agent that I assisted in exposing, back in 2005.
"There are always options - because there are always choices. Those word-slingers who work in the thought-mines of activism know this for the fact that it is. Whenever a writer becomes consumed in the bogs of those political tar babies that are abundant now - then he or she can sometimes appear to have capitulated rather than to have chosen to fight."
And this: "...the truth must find its own way to get into the light..."
And: "Those who live in the trenches of this war, those who continue to speak, to write, to film or to draw, will be those who continue to challenge these bastards." (2)
The time for action to begin to change the realities of the real world we live in is now: All that remains to be done is for ordinary people to begin to understand the massive corruption that now affects the entire planet and where exactly all this corruption is coming from; so that we can begin to tear it apart and hold those responsible for creating it to answer for their crimes against humanity! (3)
1) Take it Back, Take it ALL Back
Truth in the Aftermath
2) Ruppert; No Longer Live
3) WAR "To-Go"
PS There is an amazing overview of all of these crimes. It is contained In a power-point presentation that I cannot find a way to pass along; It's called: An American Odyssey by Alan Sabrosky: If you can find it It's worth seeing because it is concise, clear and extremely important!
http://arizonafreepress.com/writers/jkirwan/2011/files/An American Odyssey.pps
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