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Having It Both Ways?
By Jim Kirwan
The Conscious & the Unconscious is in everything we do.
How we interpret which is which will often
Determine Life or Death!
The people of the United States have been under siege since my earliest memories of politics in America. The inner-mind controls those aspects of our lives that we are not
consciously aware of in the ordinary light of day. And yet it is this shadow-within-our-thoughts that has been used and abused, to create our unconscious submission to the
many things, and ideas, that we would never accept if we were to actually become aware of them. These conflicted aspects are like two-sides of the same coin that most people
remain oblivious to; for their entire lives.
One example of this blatantly-obvious but often apparent-contradiction is easily seen in the way Amerrikans view politics. Most believe that 'the players' are determined by elections. They also believe that a defeat at the polls means that the defeated candidates are gone from the political scene because they 'lost' an election. Nothing could be further from the truth. Career 'politicians' wear several hats; only one of which is the one we see as the elected-or-selected office-holder. The other 'hats' are those positions that actually control our lives-because of the way that our political system has been tweaked to work. The public which seems to have the attention span of a mosquito seems to completely disregard those individuals that for any reason are no longer in public office: That is by design, and this has been one of the most effective ways for these global-criminals to be able to continue to 'game-us and the system.'
Take a look at the "career" of Dick Cheney a self-professed Zionist (which means that he is a Zionist first and an American second). His feral political career began in 1969 as Rumsfeld's protégé, and his crimes have cursed American Business and government ever since.
"Rumsfeld, then director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, and sent Rumsfeld an unsolicited 12-page memo on streamlining the OEO. Rumsfeld -- so impressed by Cheney's seriousness and intellect -- asked the political neophyte to be his special assistant in 1969. When Rumsfeld received a promotion, he would bring along his protégé as his deputy. "What I saw was a young fellow, intelligent, purposeful, laid back," Rumsfeld is quoted as saying in Newsweek magazine. "He would take a problem, worry it through, and move things to a conclusion."
The duo's steady advancement in the government reached a pinnacle when President Ford in 1975 named Rumsfeld his secretary of defense, and Cheney moved up as Ford's chief of staff, becoming the youngest person ever to assume the job, at age 34.
Cheney gained a reputation as a diligent and loyal staffer, as Ford later wrote in his memoirs: "Cheney was very low-key ... [a] pragmatic 'problem-solver'," who worked 18-hour days and was "absolutely loyal" to him. Even Cheney's Secret Service code name, "Back Seat," belied his role as the behind-the-scenes, yet influential, No. 2.
After Ford lost the presidential election to Jimmy Carter in 1976, Cheney returned to Wyoming and campaigned for the state's sole seat in the House of Representatives. Weeks into the campaign, Cheney's three-pack a day smoking habit, poor diet and high-stress work caught up with him and he suffered his first heart attack at the age of 37.
Hardly deterred, Cheney campaigned even harder and won the election in 1978.
Cheney was reelected to the House for five consecutive terms, during which he racked up a conservative voting record, including strong opposition to abortion-rights and gun control legislation. Cheney also voted against the Clean Water Act and Head Start education funding, citing his concerns over budget deficits. Even though he was a staunch partisan, Democrats and Republicans alike respected Cheney as a politician of gravitas with a collegial attitude.
Cheney ably rose through the House ranks, serving on the House Intelligence Committee and as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. In 1988, House Republicans elected Cheney the minority whip, the second-ranking post of the GOP in the House.
"He's bright. He doesn't have a mean streak. He deals with issues, not personalities. He doesn't run to the cameras," Lee Hamilton, former House Democrat from Indiana who served on the House Intelligence Committee with Cheney, told Time magazine. "Dick always has been a person you can take ideas to and see how he reacts to them. You can confide in him."
Amid his political success, however, Cheney suffered another heart attack in 1984 and a third in 1988, just a day before his 47th birthday. Later that year, he underwent a quadruple bypass surgery.
Cheney left Congress in March 1989 when President George H.W. Bush tapped him as secretary of defense. The Senate unanimously approved Cheney's nomination." (1)
After the above; Cheney became VP under George W. Bush the traitor that served as America's first-dictator and leader of the un-free-world for eight years. However during that time Cheney's criminal life became the perfect analogy for how "the system actually works." His first act under Bush-the-lesser as VP, was to convene a totally secret classified-council of energy-insiders to write the Cheney-Bush Energy-Policies that have brought us every war & every major ecological disaster since he came back to Washington with the now War-Criminal, GW Bush. To explain this in detail would require an entire book, but there are still enough pieces of this out there on the web. for you to piece this together for yourself.
While out of office under Clinton, Cheney managed to get himself appointed to run Halliburton Oil, from which he continued to profit massively throughout his duplicitous years as the Vice-President of the United States, and as president of his own shadow-government, that created its own Intelligence, it's own black-ops groups and virtually an entirely private government that Cheney used to force changes in US Policy and that had a great deal of influence over the official war-polices of US Inc. when Cheney weighed in; on forcing the USA to go to war for Zionist-Israel in Iraq.
Cheney also used his position as VP to coerce the CIA into assisting in the creation of that huge pile of lies that naïve Powell dumped on the world at the United Nations. All of that was finally PROVEN wrong, two years into the War-on-Iraq. However nothing was ever done about changing our stance in or toward Iraq; after the entire world knew that we had NO REASON AT ALL for the illegal and unilateral attack upon Iraq in the first place. During all this time Cheney was instrumental is structuring future contracts for Halliburton and KBR, its subsidiary corporation, to get his companies the secret-no-bid-contracts to work in Iraq. The massive profits from which came back to Cheney even though Cheney was officially 'no longer affiliated with either corporation' as Vice-President. Rumsfeld also managed to get his own "thing" going in relation to the unending-wars as well but that's a whole other story.
Ah but the real-problem for Americans with these kinds of politically-entangled career paths is this. The criminal takes office and creates programs for private-enterprise that will have great benefits for the private-sector down the road. Politician then leaves office and assumes a leadership role in the same company he or she created policies for, while still in office. Major-profits result from that association. Later on, the criminal-career business man, puts his political government service-hat back-on and rejoins the government to do the same thing all over again, and we pay him or her along with massive retirement and medical benefits to do this: year-in and year-out!
The same thing has been going on throughout the financial sector between the Federal Reserve System, it's bank-managers around the country and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in lock step with the Zionist-White-House Staff and Wall Street all of whom managed to not just make trillions of illicit dollars from these totally secret "DEALS," but on top of that, they are the same people making the policies that protect all the crimes being committed from both 'public or official scrutiny' at all levels of government-thereby having been able to print their own "Get-Out-of-Jail-Free cards-even as they continue to plot their next massive extortion of wealth from the lower and middle classes; to add to their private-pirate's chest of stolen treasure. THAT is how "The System Works" and 'you and I have never been a part of that private club' as George Carlin so famously said:
"It's called the American Dream because you've got to be asleep to believe it."
The point is amply made with the career of Nancy Pelosi who prevented George W. Bush from being Impeached-which had nothing to do with her real job as Speaker of the House of Representatives. But she managed to get away with allowing the Bush Era to continue to torture, to maim, to murder and to "render" ordinary people into oblivion based on her refusal to do her job which was to "represent" the people part of the US government that needed to be rid of GW Bush forever!
What galls so many is the fact that no one seems to ever remember any of these crimes that are mentioned, but never investigated, when it comes time to hold an election. The same victims of all the above crimes develop instant amnesia when it comes time to vote. They also conveniently forget that our "elections-process" could never pass the "free-or fair" test anywhere else in the world-because its rigged: and while the news mentions all the tampered with machines, nothing has ever been done to correct this; and few Americans seem to mind so the results stand and we just keep on sleeping when we should be out in the streets with blazing torches demanding real accountability-not unlike the peaceful demonstrations in the Middle-East right now. Instead we just continue with our self-centered lives that will very soon be shared with a lot of other strangers in the camps that will soon begin to fill; unless we begin to treat these crimes-against-us as the serious crimes they have always been: Instead of just "Business (and Usury) as Usual!
This nation has been at war in Iraq for over 20 years now (and no mention of this fact is ever reported) by any so-called COMPETENT "journalists or news agencies in the USA." It has been reported on alternative sites but those have been few and far between. What this really means is that most of those in uniforms, on all sides of that illegal-war were not even born yet; when The War on Iraq began in 1991. How can that be possible when the US only took four years to win World War Two against armies on both sides of the globe? WAR means "war-profiteering" and there is almost no other business that is quite so lucrative, or quite so rife with crime and bloody-murder; while tossing in torture, along with rape and plunder as by-products for this UNENDING WAR of Cheney-Bush-Obama!
America has to change our focus: We must begin to look behind the facades of political-party­power that have blinded this nation for longer than I've been alive. Others in the wider world are doing this NOW: So where are we America? How many more Cheney's & Pelosi's will it take before we began to demand the trials that they have for too long escaped! If we fail to do this then these uncommon-criminals will indeed be able to "Have it Both Ways"! (2)
1) Political Career of Dick Cheney http://www.pbs.org/newshour/vote2004/candidates/can_cheney-political.html
2) When Love is Hate Then War is Peace http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2011/art58.htm
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