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The Good News - Part Two
By Jim Kirwan
This image is the reversal of the Hanged Man from the Deck that I created to clarify some of the more difficult questions that all of us find ourselves entangled in, in everyday life. The reverse of this depicts what happens when a person is held HOSTAGE to events within his or her own life. The foot is caught in the Ankh, an Egyptian symbol of life. The solution to this self-imposed imprisonment is up to the individual to choose to release themselves, by accepting the conditions of their lives, while they recognize their own power to free themselves which is the RELEASE that frees us from conditions that are basically constructed by outside forces, that, when clearly seen for what they are can liberate the person to get on with their own lives, on their own terms.
The price of this hidden-freedom is your own belief in your own life and in the decisions that you can make to prolong that life and to enable you to live up to the capacities that everyone is born with. The shorthand for this image is just say "YES" to you, and "NO" to the forces that seek to enslave us all.
That fire-line just below the knee of the figure represents "the invisible means of support" which all of us have to rely upon, in times of great difficulty. This is not something that is limited to any one religion or any one people or belief-system. This is as natural as breathing and because we are all part of the universe, this is part of what and who we individually are. This is also part of that 'secret-knowledge' that the Illuminati has spent its time trying to keep from the world. But it belongs to all of us, just like freedom does. If we begin to use this knowledge then the entire charade will become visible and vulnerable so that the end of their artificial powers will surface; and shall become unavoidable for those that have come to kill us all.
This personal power to refuse to be controlled by fear or intimidation has always been a part of every being: We have, for the most part, simply forgotten that this power is inherent within every person on the planet.
This is some of what it means 'to have forgotten who we are.' This is also part of what that coming CHANGE in the perspective of the whole planet is about, in 2012. Because when you can finally see this charade for what it has always been-then you are indeed free to fight it and free to end this slavery that never had a right to exist in the first place-anywhere!
Our artificial War's on nature and the WAR on Women were never just creations that arose from "might makes right" or from 'women are 'somehow' second-class people." No! WAR was declared on-nature because nature is unpredictable; and tyrannies need to have predictability to use against those that they enslave. Women have the power to create life and to nurture that life into something whole and useful-and therefore they must be absolutely controlled to serve every whim of the far less 'civilized-men' of this world. Women as a class of people are no threat to real men or other real women: They are only threatening to those people that want to enslave others for their own designs. At the end of the day all of us are just people, imperfect, flawed, and each of us contains both good and bad within our character; but none of us deserve to be enslaved to anyone else.
That realization on a global-scale could indeed change everything, if only people could find a way to see this for themselves. We comprise 85% of the planet; they comprise virtually only 2% of this place the remainder of the population is trying to become one with the elites; but the true-elites will never share with anyone outside their blood-lines so that 13% will be doomed no matter which side of this 'war' they will end up on.
Yesterday. two major video's came out about the actualities that are being withheld from us regarding the events in Japan and here, as well as what this portends for the rest of the planet. The first of these is here, and discusses the Coverup in California and in the Western USA and Canada. (1)
"This international Criminal-Cabal who is causing all this destruction to the planet for just economic gain, that's very well established. A book called 'Dope Incorporated' is a very thorough investigation and report on the international drug trade, in which the people behind it are part of the aristocracy, and the Queen herself, of the British establishment. The Opium Wars in China and the destruction of China a five thousand year old world culture ­ a world contributor to tremendous things to humanity and the British took it down and just destroyed it in just a few years by turning a quarter of the country (250 million people) into Opium addicts. This global-dope-economy based, and centered in Hong Kong is running an illegal underground economy that is five times greater than the legitimate economy ­ and these people worship DEATH. They're not Christians they're not Moslems, they are Satanic people and they worship the cult of Isis, which is the ancient Egyptian cult of Death.
This is an indicator of how far back this philosophy of Disaster Capitalism has gone. It goes back to the money-lenders in the Roman Empire, the Greeks and all the way back to Egypt. So this is Disaster Capitalism and they're using every form of electromagnetic warfare, pernicious poisons, everything they can use to destroy humanity. And I'd like to read what one of these people said in 1623.
This is an indicator of where this idea ­ this philosophy came from. The book is called 'The Labyrinth of the World' published in 1623. This is 'City of London stuff.' They were deliberating amongst themselves, as to how they could give wings to death; so that it could in a moment penetrate everywhere, both near and far. And what does that describe better than anything else ­ but the effects of ionizing radiation?
This is basically the genocide of the whole human-population which had its roots in this "Labyrinth of the World" quote and yet even before than they were planning it. But basically this Fukushima and related plans are a de-population plan of Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers, Cecil Rhodes; who said in the nineteenth century, and even Malthus who was promoting in the seventeen hundreds the misconcept that there was an 'overpopulation of the world.' They just want to get rid of all of us and grab it all. It's a huge global land-grab. Eighty-five percent of the world has nothing. That fifteen percent that has everything, and they want it all. Do you see any cause for HOPE?
I really believe that the global spirituality of humanity will survive this too. As horrendous as horrific as devastating as this is there may be a certain amount of extinction; it's happened many times in the history of the earth. I can't believe it's humanity exterminating itself, but certainly it's not very welcome by most of humanity, but the people carrying it out are actually not like us. They're sociopaths, psychopaths, mentally ill, and so I know the spirituality of people working together around the world in quiet ways and not-so-quiet ways can overcome this!" (2)
Kissinger said: "He who controls the food controls the nation. He who controls the energy controls the region, and he who controls the money; the world money banking establishment, controls the whole world." But Kissinger and Brzezinski and those they work for do not yet own this planet. If we can keep our perspectives open to the possibilities inherent in the revised Parallax-view that is informed by the underlying truth of who we all really-are: Then they can never prevail in this madness which they continue to insist will end our way of life: Forever!
1) Lauren Moret ­ Coverup ­ California Northwest USA BC Canada under Radiation threat ass high asJapan - video
2) Lauren Moret - Scientists Declare Northern Third of Japan is Uninhabitable and Should Be Evacuated ­ video
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