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Meltdown - Trickling Down
On The Global Population
By Jim Kirwan
"The reactors at Fukushima are the largest in the world, and six of them are in total meltdown. They have been melting down since thirty-minutes after the Tsunami' because the cooling systems went off when the earthquake happened and 90 minutes after the cooling stopped-the reactors went into meltdown. This is all a cover-up, this is a false-flag, this is a poisoning of the oceans the atmosphere and the biosphere. No one can escape."
There was an operating nuclear reactor in Sacramento California and 95% of the emissions ended up in the Sierras which supplies all the drinking water for the Bay area and it also goes down to Los Angeles: And it's used for irrigating our food and for dairies and radiation can end up anywhere:" But eventually it ends up in our bodies." (1)
In San Francisco, the drinking water here is now undrinkable unless of course you like drinking Chlorine, straight, no chaser. I use Brita filters to filter drinking-water. But the filters burn out within a week and what comes out of the taps is not drinkable. To take a shower is like a visit to a chemical bath that stinks, profoundly.
I think of this as Reagan's final insult to the dumbest public on the face of the earth because this is Ronnie's famous "Trickle-Down Theory" in-action. And this brings us only death and disease, where there should be life-giving food and water. This is the end result in just one American city, but it is being repeated all across this land as Fukushimacontinues to contaminate the entire planet.
"Depleted Uranium is actually a depopulation agent especially for the unborn and the young and the elderly. With the effect of Depleted Uranium Weapons the effect of global pollution is depopulation of the youngest and the oldest in populations. ~ The 'Decision makers' who decide what weapons we'll use ­ are the politicians. Guess who owns the pharmaceutical companies: It's Cheney, and Bush and Rumsfeld, and people like that. So they're making the decisions to use genocidal weapons and profiting; and then they're making us sick if we live; and then they make more profits on the pharmaceuticals which they're selling to us (To stave off the diseases they gave us in the first place). "Disaster Capitalism."
"Polonium, Uranium, because phosphate fertilizers are loaded with uranium. Phosphate is mined to extract uranium. They only get 15% of the uranium out of the phosphate: 85 percent goes in the fertilizer bag. And we have planes flying all over Europe and all over the United States and Canada, spraying uranium-contaminated phosphate fertilizers all over all our crops, our farmlands, contaminating the runoff, our drinking water, and the animals are all eating it too. So uranium is absolutely everywhere!"
"The HAARP system is a global-weapon of mass-destruction system which was co-developed by the Soviet Union and the Livermore and Los Alamos Labs. That was developed to weaponize nature, and to use the energies released from natural events as weapons-of-war. The Fukushima earthquake was triggered by HAARP, from Alaska by the U. S. Navy. HAARP operates at over a billion mega-watts and it's transmitted through the skies and is bounced of the Chemtrails, which are electro-magnetic mirrors in the sky; so they can transmit it from Alaska all the way around the world by just bouncing it off those mirrors.
Before Chernobyl the US had already been completely nuked and Fukushima just nuked us again-ten times worse than Chernobyl! When you see what we look like twenty years from now it's going to be horrifying. The whole west coast of North America is completely contaminated with radiation now. Both the EPA and the Canadian government said "There's no danger to radiation-no the Fukushima ah-it's just tiny amounts. "Twenty-four of the 124 monitoring stations which the EPA operates were broken" they said.
The question was asked "Why?" Weapons of mass Destruction are created to make PROFITS. "Why is a University creating weapons of Mass-Destruction?" Skull & Bones are Yale men like Kerry, like the Bushes, like many Secretaries of War, almost of the United States were Skull & Bones: It's a secret society of the ruling elite in this country and 85% of the key government positions of the US Government are held by Skull & Bonesmen. That's whose doing it.
"But where's the profit in killing the creativity of our youth?" A lot of it is for land-grabs. 75 or 80% of the energy resources in the United States; that's coal, oil, gas, minerals; are on Native-American Land. So they are using radiation and nuclear technologies to depopulate the Indian Reservations." (1)
"The US has been producing nuclear waste since even before WWII, with nowhere to store it. So all this nuclear waste is sitting at the facilities that generated it, and there's still nowhere to put it. ~ Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are not compatible with life and they're the most expensive weapons that have ever been developed on this planet. What species kills their young for Energy. What species kills their young for Security. What species kills their young for Power. NONE, it's complete insanity.
In the aftermath of Fukushima: An earthquake of magnitude 9.1 occurred at 12:46 on Friday March 11. A magnitude 9 earthquake releases the energy that would be released by one million Hiroshima and Nagasakibombs. What the HAARP System is doing is artificially triggering natural events that released huge amounts of energy that can be used as the destructive force. The earthquake and Tsunami flooded the reactor buildings. There are six reactors at the Fukushima Number one plant and four more at the FukushimaNumber 2 plant. Ninety minutes after the cooling stops, in the cooling ponds which are on top of the reactors.
There are seven cooling ponds at Fukushima, with six on top of the reactors; and there are 600,000 SPENT FUEL RODS, from 40 years of operating those reactors. A (single) spent fuel rod weighs about one-thousand, two hundred pounds. It has over one-thousand three-hundred isotopes in it; and it is exactly what is produced when a nuclear bomb explodes. ~ Four of those reactors blew up from hydrogen explosions and the fuel rods went shooting high into the air and 'that' is what HAS POISONED ALL OF NORTH AMERICA.
(I mean the West coast of Canada, the west Coast of the United States and the West Coast of Mexico). That's the food basket for North America. And this is at levels like bomb testing. This is at levels like Chernobyl released close to the ground and has poisoned the whole world. And now we have something that is at least ten times worse, many times worse than Chernobyl. Because the reactor at Chernobyl, that caught on fire, was half the size of the small reactor in unit one and it was mostly fuel rods that were uranium that burned, instead of the spent fuel rods that represented real nuclear war; that burned at Fukushima! Because of that the whole top third of Honshu, all the way up to the tip of Honshu-that is UNINHABITABLE NOW. It is three-times more radioactive on the ground than after Chernobyl. It's over 3,000 becerels (sp?) per second, of extremely dangerous radionuclides that are decaying across that whole top third of Honshu." (2)
Here's a video of what's left to see of Fukushima-decide for yourself if you think this ruin can ever be operated again. (3)
1) Leuren Monet Part One of Two
2) Leuren Monet Part Two of Two
3) Scary Frontier Footage of Fukushima Ruins ­ video
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