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Free Enterprise
The Basis Of Western Democracy

By Jim Kirwan
Theft in today's world tends to be viewed in terms of ethical-absolutes, whenever small amounts of anything are stolen. However whenever 'theft' is committed by a nation state or especially by a group of nation states then that form of theft can be elevated to being thought-of, as a basis for national and even international-polices.
The full title of this article represents the condensed-version of everything that has NOT happened since 1492 A.D. For 519 years "The West" been leading a dual-existence. On the surface 'we' have been leading the world as saviors of the planet through our foreign-policies that we have claimed to be the very foundations of civilized behavior itself. In truth we have been at the core of the worst-kind of International-Plague to have ever been visited upon the vast majority of the entire world.
The public face of our supposed achievements began when Spain and Portugal, along with Britain and France began their own private conquests of the wider world. Having exhausted their own lands and territories and driven their own people into penury: The upper-crust of these Colonial Empires began to examine history for a way out of the poverty; they had succeeded in creating, at home, among their own failing-enterprises that were sorely in need of massive amounts of new wealth.
The evidence they chose to examine came from the ancient states of Greece and Rome as well as Egypt where slavery was used to provide free labor, to outright colonial-theft, which had allowed these states and others to escape from the natural limitations of having practiced very lopsided-policies; when it came to amassing the wealth they felt entitled to. This concept also provided the basis for the politically-based concept of Zionism that has remained in this primitive state of violent-action and occupation; as their chosen way of continuing to conquer other states, amid the Family of Nation-States: Even though this five-hundred year long concept has been outlawed by international law on every continent today.
The New World Order of 1492 began by creating Corporations to launch Expeditions-for-Conquest to the "New World," in search of gold, of silver and new lands to conquer as well as slaves to make it all possible. This had worked for Egypt and for China and Turkey before they began their own version of creating their new Colonial Empires. The USA was a late-comer
to this newly discovered, but in reality very ancient tyranny, which had destroyed so much of the history of mankind since records of these types of conquering-expeditions had been kept.
The public face of our supposed "achievements' came from Spain and Portugal that exported religion and arms to their colonies. They were followed by France and England that tried to create mini-colonies of their own country inside the newly acquired slave states and the Dutch were somewhere in-between. Eventually the Americans joined in this explosion of Colonial-rule over so many of these far-away nations and places that had become targets for the competing forces of Empire that were in the midst of their own global-orgy of slavery, of domination and subjugation of the people they had attacked.
This systematic looting which began with shiploads of gold and silver and treasures of all kinds, eventually the returning trading ships brought natural resources and raw materials that could be used to conquer whole industries back home; to marginalize nations like India and others that had created their own well-received expertise from around the world: This was done to isolate the exports of other nations in order to force the puppet-nations into an artificial dependence upon the Colonial power for their daily existence. And in the final analysis what the "Great-Powers" finally did: They called "nation-building" and thereby their individual captains of Conquest, could then become Heroes-of-the-New-World-Order. The price was the near total annihilation of whole people's, whole languages, and entire ways of life around the world that had no other choice; than to surrender totally to the might and brutality of these barbarians in armor, and to their own particular brand of power that recognized only themselves as being of any worth whatsoever.
Thus began the reign of the superpowers of the 1500's which swept over the world like a cataclysmic tidal wave that plundered, raped and murdered those that they did not enslave; to work what had once been their own lands-but were now just part of the vast amount of land worldwide that had been claimed for far-away Kings and Queens; without so much as a piece of paper to verify the crimes that created this theft. This is the primary source of all the lands currently still owned by the Queen of England herself; who incidentally just happens to be the wealthiest person on the planet today.
In one fell swoop these common thieves and privateers managed, through superior weaponry and personal savagery, to steal most of the world that then existed beyond Europe and the USA. Africa was the initial source of the slaves which were typically purchased from rival tribes that sold their fellows to the Slave-Traders (The early Zionists) that also owned the slave ships that delivered their human-cargo to the whole of this criminal-empire; so that the nobles of the European and American elites might live in luxury and comfort while the rest of planet starved. This "international-policy" of State-Piracy is what preceded today's Police-State policies; that are doing to other nations the same thing that the Conquistadores and the fortune-hunters did to millions upon millions in the twisted-world of the 1500's.
In an hour and a half film called: "The End of Poverty?" which is available from Netflix, FREE, as a Watch Instantly selection ­ this contains all the particular details and dates, along with an overview of the whole process that has led us to the current state of poverty and its causes in the world today:
"Exploring the history of poverty in developing countries, filmmaker Philippe Diaz contends that today's economic inequities arose as a result of colonization, military conquest and slavery, with wealthier countries seizing the resources of the poor. Narrated by Martin Sheen, this absorbing documentary includes interviews with numerous historians, economists and sociologists who shed light on the ongoing conditions that contribute to poverty."
The details are important; but far more than the literal history is the process by which country after country and place after place were sucked up and then totally drained of not just their property but their languages, their resources, their jobs, and ultimately their lives. This is apparently not common knowledge today: But the basis for this is detailed in the film.
This exact same process is what is coming to the USA in Spades, NOW! We are about to experience exactly what we have done to create and control so many third-world nations that can never escape the poverty and debt that we (and our fellow Colonialists) put them all into. The reason we did that to billions of people is so that the elites in every country can live the FABULOUS- LIFE, untroubled by the tedium of everyday problems which the other nine-tenths of the global-population have to live with each and every day. "Poverty" is not something that just-happens; in the last 500 plus years the elites of the Twenty-First century are continuing what their ancestors started back in the 1500's. That is important but what most are totally unaware of is that this design of global-poverty is now being used on those nation-states and people who only marginally profited from the crimes of their forefathers. It's happening today in Wisconsin where the formerly-protected Union Members of state government are demonstrating over the potential loss of their right to be represented at the bargaining table. It's interesting that these "Union Members" did not come to the aid of their fellow Union Members when they were under attack by these same Zionist-colonialists; which ended with the end of manufacturing jobs throughout the USA.
I have no sympathy for government workers needing union protection. Unions were there to protect working-people from the government as well as from the Colonial Corporate Powers that have and are still trying to PRIVATIZE the whole of this country! Today the same government that did away with "Unions for the working people" are now able to strike because they are the government, for particular accommodations, which they did not defend for their brother & sister Union Workers in the private sector. This is upside down! What they have failed to focus on is the fact that the Bill also contains provisions that will privatize the entire state government which will include the entire population of the whole state-it's no different than what happened hundreds of year ago to most of those not part of the major Colonial Powers. . .(1)
The plan in the 1500's is the same as the plan today to suck Americans dry of every asset they might have ever had, steal their savings and their homes, while blocking any path that might offer any relief from the crimes that government commits hourly in every area of what used to be our lives. "We" are supposed to be brighter than that; because "we" are supposed to KNOW what the hell is going on with both our government and the wider world. But NO, we're too busy to bother with details; "And besides the government would never do those things to us ­ cause 'We're Amerrikan s' and we got laws against that kind of stuff!"
Everything about his 500 year long war upon everyone alive today, who is not a member in GREAT standing as an elitist, is now facing this latest chapter in their war on us. The slaves of the original Colonial Occupations had no control at all over their lives or their futures; the only thing they lived for was just to be able to survive. The details of this encyclopedically long chapter in the history of the world can indeed be studied; but if I were you I'd let the film suffice, to give you the magnitude of the outlines and use the rest of your time to stop this mega-crime from happening to everyone you still care about here and now. (2)
This tapestry of treachery and evil has today only one surviving director: The Zionistic sponsors of global-hate and global-murder that are still loose in the so-called world today (in almost every government including in particular inside USI). This is not about race or religion; because Zionism is about a political philosophy that elevates "their people" to a level of superiority over all others than no other people on the planet have even dreamed of-because the very idea is insanity-itself.
To return to the title for a moment: "FREE ENTERPRISE" is neither free nor does it conform to any of the basics of a real enterprise. The only truth in the entire title is that this misrepresented slogan has been used to describe the Whole of Western Democracy ­ which unfortunately is still true; despite the 500 years of Colonialism that has supposedly been corrected. Get hold of a copy of that film and listen to the people in it: Then decide for yourself if REAL POVERTY, of the extreme-and-deadly-variety, could really be coming to the USA-especially now?
1) How Walker's Wisconsin Plan for the Selling of Energy Assets with No Bids
2) Reaping What We've Sown http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2011/art55.htm
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