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'Of The Few, By The Fewest'
For the Elites - Part One
By Jim Kirwan
Since 2001 the USA has been totally distracted by wars and the rumors of wars to the point that we have ignored what has happened to this nation, since the end of WWII.
At the conclusion of that war the US funded, the for-profit rebuilding of Europe & Japan from the ground up; while completely ignoring the fact that US manufacturing plants and industry were aging and could not compete with the very-latest in technology which we paid for, among those nations that we would be competing against in the post-war world. That little noticed fact is what led directly to thesuccess of the rise of our former enemies and the global downfall of the US industrial base around the world. This coupled with our failure to enact a real medical plan, that did not cripple our attempts to keep pace with our competitors, who had thoughtfully included full medical coverage in their tax base, without crippling their industries with that extremely-necessary cost of doing business-is what put us behind the eight ball, and has kept us there ever since!
That was part one of our collapse. Part two was the rise of EXTORTION masquerading as private-insurance which has managed to kill any security in this country from medical health to job losses, to nuclear-protection from the catastrophic costs of real damages that occur because neither government nor private-business has assumed any RESPONSIBILITY, for any of the uncertainties in life which government was created to protect the public from. The leading criminal change that enabled this was the conversion of "citizens" into "consumers.' Citizens have rights and responsibilities under the law: Consumers have neither.
Currently the USI has no system in-place to protect anyone in this country from anything: This includes protection from the government, from internal or external threats, from medical catastrophes, from loss of a job, or natural disasters. Our competitors protect their people from most of that. No system is perfect; but the USA isn't even on the playing field, except to overfill the pockets of the elites: While our people are left to starve or die because they cannot pay the astronomical costs of everything that continues to happen to us as matter of routine-business-extortions and criminal policies that have overridden the laws that once protected millions from the unexpected and the unknowns that can befall anyone, at anytime in ordinary life.
"This week Republicans unveiled a budget proposal for 2012 that cuts more than $5.8 trillion in government spending over the next decade. The plan calls for sweeping changes to Medicaid and Medicare, while reducing the top corporate and individual tax rates to 25 percent. We speak to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who addresses the growing class divide taking place in the United States and inequality in a new Vanity Fair
Article titled "Of the 1, by the 1, for the 1%." " (1)
What this congress is about to do to the nation, nationally, will wipe us out as a nation and force the people of this country into a 'status that is well-below that of any third world nation. That position will mean that we can never return to anything like that place we held in the world; after we supposedly "won" the Second World War. We won that WAR only to lose the peace and much, much more!
What we have now is a place where only one opinion is allowed to prevail: Anyone that disagrees with the position of our Police-State-Government (USI) is "a true enemy of this state." And since both political parties have spoken with only one voice since 911, there is no longer any freedom of thought or speech; not to mention the fact that we have had no voice at all in any of the overwhelmingly passed legislation since 911 created the false-flag "Pearl-Harbor" for the twenty-first century.
We became involved in WWII because we were the only major power with money and a manufacturing-base that could change the outcome of that war. In the process we ended up feeding the global-bankers huge amounts of money that would have otherwise been unavailable to them; while in our post-war-politics we completed the crippling of our own awesome powers-of-production, while we began to downsize the rights and the prosperity of Americans in order to enlarge the take of the global-privatization movement led by Reagan and Clinton which amounted to having our national throat slashed, in broad daylight while we looked on without so much as a whisper of disagreement.
What is pending before the congress now is the full triumph of the Elites over all the rest of us, forever-unless the costs of wars and the profits of the privatized-industries are dramatically slashed and the taxes of the wealthy are increased, while the taxes on the rest of us are eliminated. Without this drastic action, there will be no tomorrow for the people of the USA. This was all planned long before we ever began to fight WWII. The congress today is no friend of the people of this place; in fact they and their bogus two-party-system are the single greatest impediment to solving the real problems that we are all facing now. We're living in the shadow of this global-empire that shall either take total-control of us or die; in this final phase of USI's real-birth of criminality and their massively-global­destruction of the planet which is what they seek-despite whatever they say to their constituents.
We must recognize that all of the legislation that has been passed since 2000 was passed without any public voice or point-of-view that would have changed anything in the secret-decisions that were taken about war or national-security, or financial or medical security, all of what they did they did without the public's advice or consent. That created this fascist police-state government that is supposedly here to protect the public and to insure that we have an equal chance to survive and prosper in the world.
Instead this government has erased all our freedoms, and our public rights along with their own responsibilities to bear the costs of everything they have failed to provide for each and every person that is not part of the Elite establishment. The only costs we underwrite are corporate costs, and their existences which we celebrate with massive unearned-bonuses along with corporate welfare, that is as large as the economies of many nation-states-while we allow them to slash our ability to exist to almost nothing! All of this was created by USI, which has mandated these changes to our world, under the threat of death to anyone that dares RESIST their every whim!
The only thing this congress is doing now is just trying to keep the charade in place, surviving until their next windfall of unearned profits that are being stolen from the rest of us, each and every day.
"In one of the most sweeping changes, the budget plan would gut Medicare and Medicaid programs by turning Medicare from a guaranteed benefit into a system in which private insurers cover elderly Americans, and cutting $800 billion from Medicaid by turning it into a state block grant program. Medicare now pays most of the healthcare bills for 48 million elderly and disabled Americans-and polls suggest that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the cuts." (2)
Our money goes straight to Israel, and to all the other false-flag wars without end; while the lives of all Americans are being held hostage to a system that is beyond bankrupt and now wants to indenture this entire population for what remains of the future that includes the end of life on the planet, as we have known it. What is happening to Japan today has already begun to arrive here, and USI has insured that the USAdoes not find out about it until it is far too late to change any of the radiation effects from the nuclear and plutonium fallout which this "accident" was designed to introduce here and into the rest of the world as well.
We must remember that the Public's Health has been a very-public target since 911. And it has always been among the major targets of Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, as well as the Earthquake in Haiti, the Firestorms throughout the Southwestern USA and now the public-health is facing total-obliteration in the USA from the effects of the latest series of attacks upon the global food chain, the global water supply and the global-volume of the air-quality that will entail massive amounts of radiation along with what HAARP has already brought us with the plasma they have produced to undermine the breathability of the air worldwide.
The planet has never before faced anything this evil, this determined to permanently change the entire structure of the world and its people worldwide. The above is the general outline of how we came to be caught in this international-trap that seemingly has no way out for most of us. The current THREAT to shut-down the government on Friday is just their way of trying to force us all to comply, AGAIN, just as they did when they first threatened US with total financial collapse; if we did not BAIL-THEM-OUT! And we all KNOW just how well that worked-out for all the rest of us! This is the end of Part One.
Part Two which follows; is about THE GOOD NEWS which is available to any and all that have the guts and determination to investigate its suggestions further. . .
1) Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Assault on Social Spending, Pro-Rich Tax Cuts Turning Nation into "Of the 1 Percent, By the 1 Percent and For the 1 Percent" - video
http://www.democracynow.org/2011/4/7/nobel_economist_joseph_stiglitz_assault_on -
2) Leading Health Advocates Decry GOP Plan to Privatize Medicare - video
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