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World's End
Explaining The Paths By Which The Truth Shall Set US Free
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, even while I was practicing fulltime Medicine in Melbourne Australia, I experienced a set of extraordinary circumstances which allowed me to contact what I term Supra-Mental Consciousness.
I had been vigorously questioning the state of the world, and I found that answers provided for the various problems causing the ubiquitous pain, suffering and misery that confronted us daily, and appeared to be increasing exponentially were obviously incomplete, inaccurate or absurd. Various esoteric conundrums one met on searching ever so slightly below the surface of daily living seemed to be simply ignored. Worse still, those who delved even a little into the mysteries of life were barely tolerated it seems, and were often quickly dismissed as fools. But, that made me all the more determined to find answers.
Even in Medicine, the paucity of correct answers concerning life, disease, suffering, mental illness, etc., left me wanting to find answers away from the well-worn incongruous paths of my predecessors.
With some trepidation I ventured into the shadowy world of the Paranormal sustained as it was by its handmaiden Para-Psychology.
Being a University trained person, I naturally turned to the Universities for Enlightenment. My search for answers appeared futile as I received negative responses from all the Universities in Melbourne that I investigated. At the very last one, Latrobe University, I was almost desperate. Finally a breakthrough occurred. The person I was questioning for courses to study in which I was most interested said there was a Professor who held private classes in Parapsychology.
It was thus that I was fortunate enough to meet a most remarkable man called Professor Moshe Kroy. Moshe was indeed enigmatic to those who did not know him. But in reality he was a highly intelligent academic devoted to Truth and Wisdom. He was a non-Zionist Jew who had been expelled from Israel for protesting the atrocities committed by that State in the name of Zionism. His heroes were Jesus Christ and Sai Baba.
Moshe died some years ago shortly after courageously returning to Israel. He had been threatened with assassination if he ever went back there. Mossad is nothing if not maleficently efficient.
But, until his death, he was a wonderful friend and helped introduce my work to his students and many people he knew in the USA. I was indeed fortunate to have him share the path with me for a short while on a Journey that seemed most difficult. There was simply no one else I could discuss problems with at the time.
I now know I was led and perfectly guided, by developing circumstances, onto a path and to a point at which I solely could make contact with the Supramental Plane. You may well accept the fact that when contact was made I was incredulous. For a long time, I was extremely skeptical of everything I was told by those Superior Beings of a Higher Order, and in the early days, much to their chagrin, I rejected most of the information. I was just too skeptical. I knew they were benign and I trusted them totally, but at that stage, for my mind, the material was too far removed from what I, and everyone else on Earth, I guess, had accepted as Reality.
Slowly, was I dragged by them with many a long discussion to points of acceptance. But I argued and argued, on almost every point. When they revealed what my role entailed, once I accepted to be part of the team, I resigned on the spot. I could not accept anything that far outside of the ordinary. But they persisted and I rejoined them.
Eventually, when they told me in detail what their contact with me and the work I was to do was about, I began thinking more seriously, and slowly realizations began to form in my head as a awoke to who I truly was in my Higher Self. Glimpses of the Greater Reality began appearing in the lower mind of this body and I soon became immersed into the Supramental Consciousness of which Shri Aurobindo had written so much about in the last century.
The Superior Beings I was communicating with told me straight out, "It is to do with the End of the Earth!"
And reflexively, I said "But many have predicted the End of the World in all eras, even Jesus Christ, and nothing has ever happened."
And they said, "Ah, but much has happened, as we will explain to you. And you must agree that eventually one who says Earth will finish will eventually be right. Why cannot it be you?"
I discussed this point with Moshe. He was of the same opinion as I was initially. In fact, his response was exactly like mine "Many have predicted the End of the World in all eras, even Jesus Christ, and nothing has ever happened."
We reached an impasse.
So, "They" being far wiser then I, arranged a meeting for me. I was to attend a Mother craft, a massive spacecraft outside of this dimension, at which I would be given full details of the work and what was going to happen to this Earth.
This invitation was exhilarating. There was no sense of hesitation or fear in me. Finally, here was what I wanted most in the world.
i The proof for the continuation of consciousness outside of the body. In other words, personal irrefutable proof of the existence of LIFE AFTER DEATH;
ii The ultimate proof for the existence of Aliens,
iii The existence of other levels and dimensions, and
iv The proof of existence of an exact, prescribed Plan to get the deserving people of this planet out of the hellhole they were in.
I couldn't wait.
And so it was that on the evening of Sunday, April 14, 1985, I attended the Special Conference on the Mother craft, as I have described in detail in my book "My Experiences of Aliens, and Other Realities."
From then on, I was given information about how events would unfold. I was given details that I published. Admittedly some of the timing seemed to be off. But they told me not to worry about that as sometimes they gave false data to fool the Evil Opposition. Indeed, prophecy was used, and is used, as a valid tool in the War of Essences of Good against Evil. I had to bear the idiotic attacks of the morons whenever it appeared I got specific events or timing wrong.
Those who have, in fact, followed the trends I published from the 1980s can see how accurate these writings have been.
Below I have attached the essay I published in my books called 'Making Sense of the Madness' that explains the use of the phrase "The End of the World" as a code for others in their eras.
I clairvoyantly saw the changes that were to come. And they are coming still. Since I was given the information, I learned many others had been given the information via dreams, visions, in Astral Journeys and in episodes of Near Death Experiences. The explanation for this is simple. Once information was released, as it was by being given to me, it was seeded in the Astral and Etheric Planes and therefore it was made available for further distribution. Those familiar with the Principle of the Hundredth Monkey will have an idea of the mechanism in action.
I then spent some 20 years travelling the world contacting others who had subsequently been given this same message of Finality.
Indeed, many who are not 'in the know' as it were, on reading my Message are now reacting in exactly the same knee-jerk manner as I did, saying "But many have been predicting the End of the World and nothing has ever happened." That excuse is no longer valid, as we shall see.
This era is different for the following reasons:
1 I am here in the now. I have been to the Spacecraft. I have met the Beings who told me this Finality was here. They are the ones who will rescue beings in all levels of consciousness who are spiritually viable and able to continue existence elsewhere. This is not a fairytale.
2 I am still a highly successful practicing physician in Australia. I must be sane for God certainly knows the Medical Boards exhausted themselves from trying to prove me otherwise. Since my first book in 1984, I have had umpteen confrontations with Medical Boards and their representatives. All that those inimical encounters proved was just how ignorant the psychiatrists and doctors I saw were in such matters and how little the profession as a whole knows about the Greater Reality that affects Holistic Human Existence.
3 Since I published my information in the 1980s, many others around the world have been told of this End of the World. I made a very successful trip into Mexico in the 1990s with Joyce Murphy of Beyond Boundaries. And we spoke to many who had secretly received this message of Finality. Some were simple peasants, some were children and teenagers; others were lawyers and architects and medical doctors. They could not all be making up a frightening scenario with which to scare themselves. Why would they?
4 In my lower mind, I don't recall the other times throughout history when the message of Finality was given. I can only speak of my experiences now and the times we are in. But this time must be different, for the UFOs in our skies are ubiquitous.
5 We have never had so much evidence of UFOs and aliens in the skies and amongst us. The information is overwhelming.
a Among many, many witnesses and experts in the field of Ufology, we have experts like Colonel Corso who was eventually in charge of the alien remnants following the Roswell crashes telling us the aliens were real. He saw them. After a time, he was in charge of the whole operation. Some time ago, on Italian public television he confessed that he did not want to carry the lies about Roswell and the aliens to his grave. He said in English that, being a geriatric, he felt it was his duty to divulge the information he knew before he died, for the good of Humanity
b We have an incredible number of videos on the Internet of Alien crafts.
c We have thousands upon thousands who have made benign and not-so-benign contact with aliens.
d Estimates vary, but it appears that over 10% of humans have been abducted by aliens for various reasons. I enumerated some of those reasons in my book "My Experiences of aliens."
d We have admissions by experts that they were instructed to cover up the Truth, as occurred with Projects such as Project Blue Book, and others before it.
e We have medical evidence of Alien implants, and strands of DNA which some consider alien in humans.
6 Anyone who now denies the existence of UFO and Aliens, in spite of the evidence available to all, is either Stupid or Ignorant or Blind. This is especially so since Mexico, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Russia and the USA, and other countries, have released much of the material they have hidden about UFOs. Only fools deride the belief in UFOs. You can well imagine what I think of them since I've actually been on a Mother craft many times now and have also had numerous sightings of other crafts all over the world as well.
7 The Internet provides a welter of information. History is replete with stories of visitations and visions of UFOs. It is idiocy that allows people to deny their existence. Actually it is evil programming that makes such people deniers. The pity is that they badger those who know UFOs exist. Guess who the fools are?
8 In this era, which I have called the Final Generation, we have absolute proof of Terminal Decay. In fact, some years ago, I penned an essay called Terminal Madness of the Endtime. It turned out to be a blueprint for what was to happen to this planet and those in it. Read it.
a. Many scientists have said we have reached the point of no return.
b. Pollution is at an unprecedented level. Soon, physical existence will be impossible simply from this factor. The cost of breathing will be beyond most. Already 41% of the world's population is suffering chronic asthma or chronic respiratory illness, a statistic that is well hidden from the masses.
c. We know Fauna and Flora are disappearing at an unprecedented rate.
d. We know the Sun is corrupted and not behaving normally. It is dying.
e. We know Humanity, the Earth, the Sun and all living things are in trouble.
f. We see whole Galaxies disappearing in Terminal annihilation exercises.
9 Mental Illness (Terminal Madness) is a definite Reality. It is epidemic and endemic and affecting every single family and every single individual on the planet one way or the other. Animals are affected too, as are consciousness in Vegetation and in Minerals. Disorder and Decay are to follow. These will manifest as failure of crops, madness of climate, loss of structural integrity of minerals, crystals, etc. Thus earthquakes and their sequelae will be inevitable, even as the Earth itself, which is already spiritually dead by the way, sways and collapses its electromagnetic properties. As I said, go back and read my essay called Terminal Madness of the Endtime.
10 This is the only generation that I know of in which Near Death Experiencers have come back from the subtle levels and told us they have been shown the End of Planet Earth. Admittedly Near Death Experiences have occurred in all eras (Plato recounts one). But this is the first time we, and they, have been given such a lucid message of Finality.
11 Every change we see on earth is for termination of Life on this planet. Admittedly many New Agers are grasping at the notion that (lying) Aliens will save the planet. They subscribe to the view that we are all going to quantum leap into a Nirvana where all will be heavenly. But, apart from their misplaced hope, born of idiocy and Fear of Accountability, where is there ANY evidence of this amelioration? All the changes are about awakening certain ones, called Viables, evacuating them, and about the decay of what remains. I would be most interested to see one point of improvement to demonstrate that the Earth and Humanity, in toto, are about to recover, to be saved in the physical, and to then evolve into a Higher Plane.
12 We have never experienced, as we are doing in this generation, the existence of demons in physical bodies. I shall discuss the types of consciousnesses in physical human bodies separately in subsequent postings. But for now, realize that many people are acquiring psychic vision, just like I predicted they would, and they are seeing the various demons in physical bodies.
This is part of the Endtime Prophecy ­ that we would all know who is who in the Endtime.
13 I asked why this timing had not been given to seers such as Shri Aurobindo, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, etc., etc. The answer was that the Key to the Endtime was given, in a manner of speaking, but they were not to divulge any of it. It was not yet time. It was given to me in this Generation for this is my role in this life. Do what you will with this knowledge. Just remember my motto: Take it or leave it.
14 In fact, St Malachi, the 12th-century bishop of Armagh in Northern Ireland, according to the traditional account, is credited with having prognosticated the end of the world by enumerating the Popes. Rumour has it that it is a Nostradamus prophecy really. We now have the second to last Pope, after which will come Peter of Rome who will see the destruction of Rome as well as the arrival of the 'Dreaded Judge',
(Pope # 112 Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the fearsome Judge will judge His people.) Of course, in simple lore, it is understood that the Judge is to come at the end of the World.
It is interesting to note that return of He who will dispense Justice is called "the Dreaded Judge" or "the Fearsome Judge". Only they of Evil (losers, non-Viables) would use such a label.
15 In a previous essay I had revealed that a considerable number of consciousnesses which belonged to the Theomorphic class had already been evacuated near the end of 1999, and that the process of awakening in which we are engaged now, and the separation of the masses, is to identify the Viables amongst the Robotic and Demonic ranks that remain on the planet. I will explain this further in subsequent writings.
But the thought you should be leaving this essay with is that of Joy, for all that is happening is eradication of the putridness from our lives. By the Process of Finality we shall see the end of Evil, the end of its exploitative mechanisms, the end of all the pains, suffering, misery and ignorance that we have been subjected to since spirits were trapped in matter.
What will follow will truly be a reward for those who have wanted, and sought, Simplicity, Truth and true, Universal, Immutable Love.
The others who wanted nothing but exploitation, hate, lies and murder can go back to where they belong: to the Hell of their own creation. They will, in time, be transmuted to exist no more.
And then, all that will exist for those who a Viable enough to continue will be Peace, Love and Joy, as promised so often by Avatars such as Jesus, and Zoroaster, and Manichaeus, and so many others throughout the Ages.
I cannot imagine a better, more joyous Message than this that anyone truly interested in Truth would want to receive.
Here is the part of the Preface in some of my previous books which explains the End of the World Code a little:
I have been asked to add these comments to the reprints of the various books. It was in 1985 that I had been asked to give this information, contained in the various books, to the world by a group of Extra-terrestrial consciousnesses. They form part of the Rescuers in the Space Command and more will be heard about them in the near future.
The books contain news about the "End of the World" and, in fact, I was asked to state that this would occur before the year 2000. Readers may have come across the prediction of the "End of the World" in many ancient books, including the sayings of Jesus Christ, Zoroaster and Manichaeus. Ontologically these Divine Messengers, and others such as Buddha, Mohammed, Rama, Krishna, and many, many others, have been the same Consciousness (Being) presenting onto this level at various times in differing manifestations. The "End of the World" as a message was a code for certain Beings of Light who were to prepare themselves for evacuation at those times, in their own generation. They were also given a general timing within their generation. The Messengers knew this and the Beings of Light subconsciously knew this also and prepared themselves accordingly. It appeared that these Divine Messengers were wrong in that the End of the World did not eventuate, but, in fact, they knew it was a special code and used it accordingly, much to the chagrin of the Evil Ones who were reminded by it of their own eventual outcome.
I have been asked to explain this apparent anomaly in the ancient texts for a very good reason. This is the last time that the code will be used as the physical destruction of the planet is, in fact, going to occur and the special code will no longer be needed.
When reviewing literature of cultures, modern and ancient, from around the globe, many of you may be amazed at the similarities of the historical concepts present in various cultures and these concepts are recognizably similar, inspite of the distortions and regional peculiarities. The reason for this is that the basic religio-philosophical history of this planet is that of Gnosticism. It has been distorted over time into the various myths, cults, religions and fables by inadequate minds and by those of evil who wanted such distortions for their own gain.
From another perspective, the End of the World will have occurred by the year 2000 for the remaining True Beings of Light for none of them will be present on Earth by that date. Their consciousness will have all been transported out into other dimensions. Some Rescuers may remain to supervise the physical destruction.
The globe may linger on without Beings of Light being present for perhaps 5, 10, 15, even 20 years beyond the year 2000. But for all intents and purposes, the End of the World will have occurred by the year 2000 when the last Being of Light will have been evacuated.
Remember, the evacuation need not be a physical one and the body may linger on under the control of its own lower consciousness or it may even be taken over by a trapped evil consciousness. Lack of understanding of the process may cause anguish, hence do everything possible to connect to the Higher Spiritual Self for greater realizations. Between now and total evacuation we shall witness the active intervention of Extra-terrestrial consciousness in the affairs of this world and all will become aware of the earth's total destruction in due course, and the existence of the spiritual component of all consciousness. It is this component which the evil ones have been trying to deny for a very long time. But they have failed. The Rescue Plan has succeeded. The War is all but over.
Inspite of the endless stream of data which bombards the world daily from TV, newspapers, magazines, the information Super-Highway, etc., people are becoming more confused and frightened just by living in ever-deteriorating conditions. The information in this book is to dispel such confusion and fears by providing a basis for the understanding of what's going on from a metaphysical perspective, and as you will see, ultimately that is the only perspective worth having. The bombarding data of this world is as useless as yesterday's news.
I am aware that a few people who think they know better call the material in this book Metaphysical Mumbo-jumbo. I am flattered. Let me explain. After practising General Medicine, I came to the conclusion that while modern medicine was good at the short term alleviation of pain and making some feel better, it had no answers to life's mysteries. I then started reading philosophy and after much confusion and a lot of headaches I came to the conclusion that philosophy as it is written has no answers either. In fact I came to the conclusion that most philosophy books are published so people will stop reading philosophy books. After writing all my books referred to here I studied and acquired a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and continued avid reading of Science and its technological advances. My conclusion has been that it is Metaphysics which provides meaningful answers as far as I am concerned. All other aspects of epistemology are dead ends. My reading has allowed me to categorize Mumbo-jumbo as follows:
i Philosophical Mumbo-jumbo is good for causing headaches and good heated debates, however it never killed anyone.
ii Religious and theological Mumbo-jumbo is dangerous and has spawned the various religious Wars, Inquisitions, Crusades, etc., with much destruction and loss of life.
iii Scientific Mumbo-jumbo is the most dangerous of all, for it has spawned a monster called Scientific Technology which will be the death of Humanity, the Earth and all living things. It is doing this via its ability to deplete the Ozone layer and poison all living things with excessive ultra-violet radiation, via its ability to cause the irreversible Greenhouse effect and global warming, via its ability to irreversibly pollute water and food so that life will soon be unsustainable on the planet, via its pollution of the environment with nuclear and chemical discharges so that everything is carcinogenic and incompatible with life, via its ability to cause nuclear holocausts, via its ability to infect everyone on the planet with death-dealing AIDS, and other totally resistant strains of microbes such as malaria, tuberculosis, staphylococci, pneumococci, the ebola virus, etc. Science has promised short term gain but delivered long term pain and destruction, even planetary annihilation. If you read any alien abduction reports, you will note that many of the aliens, in seeking other areas to invade, are lamenting to abductees that their advanced science and its technology have, or are in the process of, destroying their dimensions as well!
Is this so? In support, I turn to one of America's famous and favoured sons. In 1959, J. F. Kennedy was quoted as saying: "I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours."
iv Metaphysical Mumbo-jumbo is the only one with the answers. It is a personal Mumbo-jumbo and it involves no one else. It does not interfere with the thought processes of any other individual. In fact, it encourages diverse, individualistic thinking in all beings. In contrast to the others above, it fosters harmony, love, peace, truth and respect for all aspects of creation. It promotes awareness and rightful knowledge with which to dispel all fears. Even if none of its mumbo-jumbo is true and it is all a self-deluding exercise, the fact that it heals so many in body, mind and emotions is reward enough. Surely the study and practice of metaphysics which promote understanding and tolerance are much more preferred to the programming of religious bigotry whose aim is to prove one religion is better than others. And surely it is better than wasting one's life making Science and its Technology the Modern Age "god" by which one can develop more innovative, more exploitative and more painful methods of global destruction and more complex sceptical arguments for the denial of the existence of God whose heel is about to descend and crush such evil.
If one has to be fanatical in life, its better to be fanatical about loving "God" and "Truth", about studying metaphysics, rather than being a fanatical religious bigot or a fanatical sceptical scientific know-all who self-deludes in thinking he has all the answers when in fact he has none that matter!
By the way, by "Truth" I mean the personal Inner Guiding Light, which varies and should vary for every True Being, for each was created as a purposeful distinct individual with its own version of the Truth within its own creative Divine Blueprint. I do not consider that there is a "Truth" consisting of a set of Dogmas and facts which all must adhere to, which are absolute and which must be fought for, or cause others to kill for. That is why I refer to the personal Inner Truth in these texts. And it is why I urge each True Being to search for its own Inner Truth and warn each that the search is a personal endeavour the completion of which can favour no other individual in spiritual terms. What is right for one may not be Truth for another and this is another reason why we need to suspend judgement wherever possible in spiritual matters.
Inner mental and spiritual experiences and Inner realizations are unique and will have interpretive connotations which will be as diverse as the experience and as unique as the individuals having them. That is why I stress that no influence should come between a True Being and the Source of his Light, Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth within. I am aware that this is directly opposite to all the extant religious teachings except the Gnostic ones. It is opposite to all the impositions and restrictions of this sorrow-filled plane.
So, my advice to you is to read on and use whatever you find within these pages to assist you in awakening to your own Inner Truth. Feel free to choose and discard as you wish for only in that way can you destroy the fetters placed on your spirit by this moribund and deceptively ignorant evil system. And having acquired such freedom, and having found your Inner Truth, learn to soar to greater and greater heights with an unbridled spirit and joy, knowing that all evil shortcomings of this miserable system will shortly be no more. Rejoice in the spiritual and mental freedom of the newly found Divine Presence within and reject forever the soul-destroying iniquities and shackles of this soon-to-be-no-more physical dimension.
Enjoy yourselves, for only your Inner Spiritual Truth can give you the Freedom worth having. Your own personal Inner Truth will give those things you search for, those things which cannot rust, or be stolen, or be eaten by moths. It will give those things which are of inestimable value, those things which are eternal, as you are and shall be!
Ignore your Inner Truth and you will continue to be a programmed robot of this pernicious system which is self-destructing and which spiritually assassinates unaware True Beings.
I have been aware of Occam's razor while writing and have tried to stick to the modern version of his axiom: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid). But, complexity is part of the problem.
(The year 2000 above referred to the Evacuation of Theomorphic consciousnesses, and in fact the World ended for them in 1999, one month before the date of the prediction. They were evacuated successfully and await to continue their evolution in Intermediate Villages, as I have explained elsewhere.
Copyright J Chiappalone, February 27, 2011.
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