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The Economy & The USA Are Burning!
By Jim Kirwan
In the aftermath of the bogus threat to shutdown the government, what has surfaced today is that the economy of the Disunited States no longer exists. Foremost among what passes for the totally out-of-control economy is the total failure to audit the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank: As a first step in dissolving their corporate charter, in order that we can take back control over our own money!
There is no way that any so-called "business" (or nation) can exist without knowing specifically how much money they have or do not have; never-mind how much that "money" might be worth in reality. The single most important 'business' at the black-heart of this country must be the health or illness within this nation's banking system-nationwide. How can anyone follow any so-called leader who has refused to allow the nation to know how our money is being spent, on what and for what, as a basic minimum of actual business because this is at the heart of whether or not there even is a nation here-because we no longer consult the people that this place was supposedly created to protect and serve!
Since the extortion demands that the FED made against this country back in 2008 when we were threatened with total collapse unless we agreed, under threat of national-extinction: We have lost all control over our own money which has crippled not just the entire economy but our ability as a people to have any control over our own lives. There have been several more BAILOUTS of the same corporations that are now demanding that we-the-people pay for their total failure as businesses or as individuals supposedly "in-charge" of the corporate polices that have bankrupted this place in every way possible since we became a privatized-police-state that only exists as a collection agency to suck-up all the personal wealth of each and every citizen in this land.
The latest omitted part of what was supposed to be a national discussion but that does not include the public-features the following four most important points:
"There really are four proposals on the table right now. One is the Ryan Plan, that is the extreme-right 'just do anything, slash anything hit the poor in order to get the tax rates down on the rich.' It's a fraud but they have momentum because Obama's not resisting. Then there was Obama's Muddle; because he put forward a budget plan last month afterall, not only for fiscal year 2012 but a decade-long framework. He agreed to keep taxes so
low on the rich that in effect if you look at the proposals, if you look at the fine print, would squeeze the so-called civilian-discretionary budget; whereas education, infrastructure, energy, climate, would all be squeezed to unmanageable small levels.
Then there's a new proposal that the progressive national caucus put forward last week. Terrific! It's called 'the People's Budget' ­ it actually responds to what the people want. And that is to raise taxes on the rich, raise taxes on the corporations that are getting away with absolute unbelievably-abusive loopholes: Cut military spending, preserve spending for the poor, for education, for investment and so-forth. Then there's a forth position; that's the American Public.
You notice the American Public is not asked by congress or the president these days: But the American Public speaks clearly in opinion survey after opinion survey. It says 'The Rich have had a free ride, the corporations have been running our country, the spending on our military is completely unjustified, and we want a public option on health-care. All (of this) are large majorities, but not one of them "happening." WHY, because the lobbyists (And the Zionistas) are in control of both the White House and Congress.
QUESTION: "What about the press? None of this is reflected when you watch TV?"
JS: Well first of all FOX NEWS is pure propaganda and you know that but it's just relentless propaganda and people respond to it, to my mind the Tea-Party is nothing but a FOX NEWS Channel propagandistic creation. This is Roger Ailes at work. So that's one part of it but it gets a lot of 'press.' Same thing with the Wall Street Journal editorial page, that's our leading business press but it's so relentlessly phony and right wing and the editorial page that you never hear anything about the middle. It's only about tax-cuts; it's all this drumbeat to 'cut-taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes.' Then the mainstream: You know basically the New York Times as far as I'm concerned just tries to protect its inside line to the White House; so whatever the White House says that'swhat it reports. But it doesn't report the fact that there's a whole public opinion out there that needs to be covered and I find that very, very sad.
QUESTION: But even outside of FOX these discussions, for example raising the issue of the military; that people recognize this is a huge drain on the budget. This is not raised, rarely in discussion?
JS: It's true. When I'm on talk shows and the people talk about what to do it's all 'wringing your hands, we have to cut entitlements ­ we have to cut entitlements' but the public is saying could we get out of Afghanistan what an incredibly wrong-headed policy, wasting more than 100-billion dollars a year achieving nothing but you're right this doesn't get discussed.
QUESTION: What about Health-Care, what about these costs; what can be done?
JS: Basically, in health-care the US has the most expensive system for what's delivered of all the high-income countries, why? Because we have this huge private-sector "Health-Insurance-Industry" it's hugely overmanned, salaries are enormous, they spend a tremendous amount on advertising which doesn't happen in other health-care systems: Our specialists are paid way-out-of-line with what happens with other countries and that's because we have a system that allows these huge costs and the government just kind of pays that cost-plus-pricing. Whereas a public-option would get that under control. ~ when the public option was taken "off-the-table" last year despite the strong support of the public-and why did Obama take it off the table? Cause the lobbyists told him to take it off the table. When that was taken off the table we lost the chance to get health-care costs under control. This is the problem, its lobbyists morning till night. Whether its lobbyists for health-care, lobbyists for the financial sector, lobbies for the war industry (But these are NOT lobbyists these are orders coming down from the New Nazi's that are running this country.(1).
What the public wants, actually the broad majority of the public doesn't get heard!" Jeffery Sachs of Columbia University on Democracy Now, (4-11-11)
If this situation is to ever change then the voices of the vast majority of the people in this country must be heard, loud and clearly, on everything that continues to tear this country apart! Especially now that the nation continues to face this government's massive failure to notify the public as to the continuing and increasing threats of the radiation coming from Japan and other places! Add in the flames that keep right on growing throughout the Middle-East and elsewhere as nation after nation fights to get back the countries that were stolen from them by Israel and USI, decades ago. And then KNOW that the devaluation of our money is about to hit us below-the-belt very, very soon. In this environment to destabilize the poor, the elderly and those in need of help; goes well beyond arrogance and appears to be deliberate torture, if not murder of those among us with the least ability to resist what our SILENCE has allowed; from even before day one of the Cheney-Bush administration.
The people holding the financial-bullwhips are just not that scary. What they are, are CRIMINALS, in a land without-law. They are pirates of the capitals in this world and we must depose them all! (2)
1) Ending the Nazi's & the Federal Reserve
2) Living Without Laws
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