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NWO DU Ritual War On
Libya - Minerva & Purim
The Slaughter Began On Minerva's Birthday
And The Jews' Purim
Hey Jeff...
Few people know but Minerva is the Roman Goddess of War and her birthday falls on March 19...what a 'coincidence'...
Purim ALSO Falls On March 19
From d whx
Regarding the post on your site about the action against Libya starting on Minerva's birthday, it may be more, er, "illuminating," to recall that March 19 is also the Jewish holiday Purim.
The United States invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, which that year was the holy "Day of Purim" in the Jewish calendar. This "Day of Purim" is a day the Jews celebrate their victory over Ancient Babylon, now based within the borders of Iraq. How interesting.
What is also significant is that the previous U.S. led invasion of Iraq ended on the Day of Purim ten years earlier with the massacre of 150,000 fleeing Iraqis under George H. W. Bush.
(This was the so-called "Highway of Death" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_of_Death )
Purim is also the time when the Jews are encouraged to get bloody revenge against their perceived enemies.
In 1994 on Purim, the Israeli "settler" Baruch Goldstein gunned down 30 Palestinians praying in a mosque in what is now known as the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre.
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