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Demonizing Human Rights
The Invisible War On People!

By Jim Kirwan
Taking away human rights was just the first step in the destruction of this nation: That's why the shell holes in the constitution come from exit wounds that came from inside this wounded symbol of what once stood for Liberty.
The whole point behind 911 marked the beginning of everything that we initially did to both our own native population as well as what was done to the slaves that actually built this nation, in each of the 400 year-long wars upon both the native-Americans and the imported-slaves, who were mostly black. It's also what was done to Palestinians at the beginning of their imprisonment under the Israeli-criminals that are still laying siege to that tortured land.
With the Constitution in shambles and virtually all our "natural rights" 'locked-up' under the guise of 'National-Security' the public here had no real chance to demand anything other than whatever this so-called government decided that it "needed" to do: No questions could be raised for fear of job-loss, prison or worse. 911 was the perfect national-security-cover to do whatever this government chose to do to anyone that might have raised any questions, about anything, which this criminal-enterprise in service to global-elites began to demand in the aftermath of 911. This has continued to multiply, like the cancer that it is, from September of 2001 to the present day. The ultimate result of this ploy was to gag American-citizens while the elites continued to rape and plunder not just the Middle-East but all of America as well.
"Impossible"? No, not at all given that the elites and the Zionistas OWN every possible venue for communication and or entertainment in the world today; especially the news media, television, radio, and most publications. The idea was to shut-down any possibility of any real news from ever being discussed among ordinary people. This was buttressed by hundreds of additional nanny-laws that all have a common purpose: To keep people from having ordinary conversations 'with' each other. This is divide and conquer at its most primitive level-but it worked!
"We are teaching damage control and spin. We used to call spin lying; now we teach lying, we study it and we admire it!" (1)
I'm a creative consultant for anything visual, anything that needs to be illustrated: In that capacity I understand the difference between the subtleties of message and dialogue that can be hidden in anything from books and articles to motion pictures, think-tanks, promotions for totally upending agency or personal mission statements. This knowledge base also includes subliminal advertising, which I played a pivotal role in developing through my commercial work.
This relates to exactly how the media has specifically used motion pictures, videos and television to embed their bogus terror-plots at virtually every turn. Specifically, since 911, television and the entire entertainment industry has gone into overdrive to create and produce a huge number of films and videos that use terror-activities as a critical basis for their lame story-lines: These stories along with all their premises are all fake! There has not been a single one of these events in the US, since 911; which was not foreign, but came from this government in concert with Israel and MI-5. There has never been a single dirty-bomb, stolen nuclear weapon, or an actual error threat to any of our population centers; and yet their list of "possible-scenarios" just goes on and on. Their entire point afterall, is to keep the public on-edge and terrified.
In addition, they have done something else that is totally misleading. In any of the programs revolving around police, law-enforcement or "criminal-justice" the departments shown are living by rules that died after this country lost any right to free political-speech in 1968. More recently cop-shows still feature the non-existent "Internal-Affairs Department" as something that cops and other government officials need to FEAR as a career ending agency; that can "put them away and end their careers" when the truth is: Cops and crooked public officials have absolutely no fear of ever being prosecuted for anything they now do, from torture and outright murder to completely rigged criminal schemes, that are designed to steal billions from ordinary people at every level from the housing crisis through financial scandals, medical rip-offs, and tax-frauds that routinely reach into the multiple billions-with absolutely no fear whatever from anything even remotely resembling "prosecution" of anything illegal.
On top of that and on the reverse side of not prosecuting thugs or officials within the government; they have added to their illegal activities by creating crimes which they then try to sell to the public as actual-on-going-reality. The FBI, the CIA and Mossad routinely create sting-operations to convince ordinary people that their governments' own PR is actually "true." In this environment "National-Security" has become the tail that is wagging this dog that used to be a cohesive and healthy society. Instead what we have now is a "National Security Policy that is nothing more than an alibi for criminal-injustice everywhere in this captive population.
To further insure that there can be NO EXCEPTIONS to their outrageous rules and behavior they have added new wars upon religious and racial stereotypes, on Women to divide them from Men, on political-parties to divide them into factions that are too small to ever be effective against this Goliath among mortals: And finally to ensure through ICE, TSA, VIPER and DHS that "Resistance is not only futile"; but Unconditional-SURRENDER is mandatory. To insure this they continue to intensify their daily attacks upon everyone who works!
Part of the reason that everything is now coming apart for these criminals is that because of the speed and success of those uprisings around the world-It is now clear that the elites are nothing but 'Paper-Tigers' when the public is determined enough to linger for a week or so in protests. When the public makes a real demand and backs it by staying-in-place for more than a day: there is no choice for those that claim they own the people: Because without people continuing to go to work, in addition to demonstrating; no so-called nation can survive!
Consequently this criminal-conspiracy that was developed directly from the ashes of the slaughter on 911 were designed, overall, to keep the chains that all Americans now wear: Invisible. Their hope is that Amerrikans will remain blissfully asleep to the real threat to their lives; until it is too late to change anything about this horrific theft to the entire planet. Their plan is that no one will actually believe the truth, until it's "too late." Then "the real victims" will discover that the government they thought was "theirs" has always and 'ONLY' been the real enemy of "people" everywhere!
Think about it please, because this is a very convoluted problem, but only if you refuse to understand who the bad-guys really are!
1) Why Nobody Trusts the Mainstream Media ­ video
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