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Deconstructing Congress
By Jim Kirwan
Yesterday we discovered that the Congress and the government itself would be paid if there had been a government shutdown, while everyone else (& the public) would not be paid. The armed forces serving overseas and at home would not be paid, social security checks would not have been issued, and basically the People that the congress supposedly represents would suffer for as long as this arbitrary government STRIKE against us, their employers, lasted.
The public suffers from a gross-misunderstanding about who the Congress really is and what they really do. Constitutionally the congress was supposed to represent the voice of the public in government, at all levels, from the working people through The US House of Representatives, to the rich by the US Senate. The truth is that congress, since the beginning of the new millennium has only represented their true constituency: The privately-owned-international corporations that are larger than most other countries and to a lesser extent the Billionaires. Millionaires have become too numerous to matter. "The public" is and has always been "off-the-table" when it comes to priorities for the US congress to even consider, much less "to assist the people they supposedly respresent with anything that we might NEED."
Once you can understand the cynical truth in the paragraph above, then you can begin to see just how completely corrupt this entire country has become. The people that live here have no government, and "we" haven't had one since long before Bush stole the White House in 2000. This also means that since both political parties are of exactly the same opinion, on virtually everything this criminal government has been doing for eleven years now; that the USA has become USI and US Incorporated has only one opinion on everything-theirs!
Moreover; anything or anyone that disagrees with whatever the congress or the Tarnished-House does or says, is now automatically an enemy-of-the-state. Just as in George Orwell's novel '1984' 'Thought Crime' is alive and prospering in 2011, thanks largely to our totally controlled media that lies to us at every opportunity. With these facts in mind it becomes far easier to see how so many national-security factions can exist here without challenge or investigation. TSA, ICE, DEA, CIA, FBI, IRS, the whole boatload of illegal agencies whose only job is to intimidate, to rob, to torture and to punish the public while they destroy our dignity, steal our money, confiscate our property, murder our dreams and most of all obliterate our freedoms: And that ladies and gentlemen is who the congress is now, and because they have been committed to this agenda since the end of the Second World War ­ this is why "we" no longer have a nation!
The second key component of this deceptive congressional-cabal has always involved its own continuing efforts toward the utter destruction of this government from the inside; by thousands of Israeli-Americans and Committed Zionists at every key juncture within the government and private industry at all levels: But especially through the funding and control mechanisms of every major area of life. This idea of the sanctity of all things Israeli has now become 'national-policy,' and since 2000, Israel's national-security has been placed above and beyond US national-security interests, in everything this country has done, or tried to do.
This single evil-entity is what the world began to rise up against when the Middle-East began to burn. Now there comes this missing piece of the puzzle that sheds new light on the total-confusion surrounding the Nazi's, the Jews and the Holocaust during the Second World War. In this short video from Eustace Mullins, the entire issue is clarified for all to see and therefore understand. Because the word "NAZI" was formed from the combination of the National Socialist Party of Germany (NA), and the Zionist International (ZI), which when combined equals "NAZI". Watch the video. (1)
When you look and listen to the US government speak through any one of hundreds of its mouthpieces, remember that this government imported over 50,000 Nazi's at the end of WWII to work in everything from CIA to our atomic and then nuclear weapons industry, along with a heavy emphasis on "intelligence." It's not hard to see how this might have colored the thinking of American-government toward an ever-greater favoritism toward modern day Israel, once you understand just how clearly complicit this government has always been with the intent and purposes behind the Nazi-dream of Empire. The Nazi war machine was after all funded, in part, by Prescott Bush, the father of GHW Bush who was more than complicit, and who along with GW Bush made this a three generation family of Nazi sympathizers. However only Prescott Bush was actually prosecuted for trading with enemy during that WWII. Yet none of this was ever part of the presidential campaign of either GHW Bush or George W. Bush.
Of course Standard Oil was supplying oil to the German army, and IBM supplied their then-new computers to the Germans to count everything from tanks to those people in the camps; and lest we forget Ford motor company was there as well, to bolster the German war machine. This is why America was brought into the war, by the International Bankers: Because you see we were not only fighting the Germans, the Italians and the Japanese on-the-ground, in the world: We were also supplying the Germans and the AXIS powers with what they had gone broke trying to maintain, before America entered that war.
So in actuality, because of the Zionist Global-Bankers, the USA was SECRETLY fighting in different ways, but on both-sides of WWII: And this country along with the Bush Criminal Dynasty was right there at the Heart of Darkness, with their full support for Zionist Israel that had to wait for Dirty-Harry-Truman to "become" whatever the hell it is today. That is what this congress owes its allegiance to ­ and as far as the people of this country are concerned-to the congress; we're not even "Road-Kill" we're just an accident of history waiting to be crushed by the about-to-be all-powerful Zionist Empire that still doesn't even have its own national borders in place. (2)
Did you not KNOW that you are nothing but a hated-slave to the all-powerful Zionists; whose only function in life is to serve any Zionist whenever you are commanded to do so. In this case it will now be the US Congress that will be doing the demanding, and you and I that must refuse their Zionist commandments to the last. What I mentioned yesterday, about the Government's attempted STRIKE against us must be seriously considered by a lot more people if anything is ever to really begin to change here or in the world. (3) & (4)
We have been more than just asleep; we have been unconscious to the rampage of evil-incarnate that has been sweeping over the world not unlike the Black Plague: Only this time this plague is man-made and it is using Plutonium, Cesium, and Radiation (of the thirty-year-active variety)  to kill millions of people indiscriminately in order to meet the de-population quotas that were created by these Zionist-Bankers and international-criminals who believe they are entitled to OWN the whole damned world.
Congress must pay for the THREATS they made against us all, just yesterday. People actually believe that there is "nothing we can do" about them. Their selections have all been rigged; the ballot-boxes are just one more tool they are using to stay in power illegally. They each live somewhere, and we, as citizens, have the RESPONSIBILITY and the power to arrest them individually; for what they tried to do and for what they are still very actively doing that is aimed at destroying this nation: From the inside out. If we do not act first; they will come for each of us individually; because history proves that this is what tyrants always do.
And they will succeed you know, unless Americans' remember that we are Americans first, and that every other political affiliation has to exist somewhere below that point; if there is to be a world to live in tomorrow, for anyone. America has been broken for a very long time; but if we choose to give her a transfusion of new blood, in a new resolve; then at least we shall have one-more-chance to survive this nightmare in order to rid humanity of worldwide-Zionism forever. That first real step has to start with holding the US Congress RESPONSIBLE for their actions and their inactions on our behalf!
1) Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews - video
2) I Am Israel 6:28 video
3) Of the Few, By the Fewest, For the Elites
4) The Good News: Part Two
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