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Creating & Perpetuating Traitors
LBJ & The Nazis

By Jim Kirwan
"Jim--no truer words were ever spoken. You have correctly pictured governments all around the world. Canada is in the same fix and yet we are supposed to vote for these thieves and liars next month?
'Which is why both political parties have been useless to ordinary people for the last fifty years; in fact they have been our worst enemies since the end of WWII'. This should be on flags all around our country. This is the absolute truth. And yet we let them keep stealing from us. Remember those famous words spoken by Rothschilds--"I care not who makes the laws, whoever controls the money controls the country"!!!"
From a reader this morning.
LBJ was the poster-boy for all our future and corrupted US presidents and was the first recognized Zionist to hold the Oval Office. He was formed down in Texas where a large number of the dead were responsible for getting him into public office, butt he was never able to be civilized. He was famous for his greeting to the public whenever he picked up a microphone "Mah Fallow Ammerrikans," and his powers in congress were as crude as his language.
He had more than a hand in the assassination of JFK, and his connections to Israel actually predate his elevation to the presidency. That same influence (Zionist) was used in the 1967 war where LBJ allowed Israel to attack and attempt to sink an unarmed US ship: The USS Liberty.
The pattern behind the coverup of Johnson's TREASON then, was the same that was used effectively again, after 911 to cover-up this government's collusion with the attacks of 911 with regard to Able-Danger and what the Government knew about highjackers over a year before 911. On the tape Joe Biden, then in Congress, and now the Vice-President, was involved with the hearings concerning the admissibility of the Able-Danger evidence. Today Biden is an avowed and self-professed Zionist; so one wonders how much influence he might have had back then, over what was or was not admitted, for the record, concerning 911.(1)
LBJ was a lot of things, but most of all he was a TRAITOR. He was the man who pioneered the sleazy-corruption throughout the congress so that by the time Nixon was about to be impeached, for Watergate, Nixon could say to the Congress "If you try to impeach me I'll take you all down with me." The threat was real because by that time the corruption throughout both parties was already so deep, that there could be no "going-back." Consequently Nixon, also a traitor, was allowed to resign. LBJ was the mastermind of the revolving door policies that would make a lot of people very rich later on. But he began with The War on Poverty and The Great Society which was the template for kickbacks and corruption on a massive scale with the government's full complicity in all of it. Here he is in his capacity as "Our Golden Calf" fleecing the Treasury to pay for garbage legislation that bled the country while it impoverished those this 'money' was supposed to help.
The template probably came from the Zionists, because it is the same one that the bankers are using today to fill their pockets while denuding the nation of our public and private money wherever there is anything to steal. LBJ screwed up in Vietnam, but was credited with Civil Rights legislation that was written by Kennedy; which Johnson had refused to assist with. Kennedy wanted Johnson to help him get it through the Congress, which was why LBJ was picked to be VP. However because Johnson truthfully HATED both Kennedy and Integration, Kennedy's Civil Rights Bill had to wait. After Kennedy's murder, LBJ needed something to make even him look compassionate. That was a near impossibility but he finally managed it on paper, while he continued to work against it privately.
The world is still unaware of the massive criminality which LBJ introduced and nurtured throughout his time in government. But his life ought to carry the stain of TREASON with it beyond the grave. I worked on this man and his story for two years (pre-computers) and since the treachery regarding the Liberty had not happened yet, I was unable to get much of anything to stick to LBJ then. But this chapter in LBJ's miserable and disreputable life is finally going to become public knowledge 44 years after the fact. (2)
This nation has been corrupt for a very long time: And both parties are equally to blame; so much so that almost any political party today, even those supposedly outside the mainstream are born with the taint of corruption inbred within their ranks.
Still it is nearly impossible for most Americans to ever believe any of this; because this is so very different from the fairy-tales that too many grew up believing in wholeheartedly! (3)
1) How the Pentagon Helped 911 Happen - video
2) The State of the Nation 1966 (LBJ)
3) The Time Has Come to Speak of Many Things
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