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Preparing To Cope With Coming Disasters - Pt 2
Realizations For The End Time

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
In Part One I mentioned that this Earth is undergoing a purposeful fragmentation, caused by various physical factors including comets, irradiation, earthquakes, wars, etc., in order to liberate trapped consciousnesses that are viable to continue their existence elsewhere. The ones judged as non-viable will be transmuted back into Primordial Energy after "paying their dues".
In accordance with the Metaphysical Anatomy of Humans, as I have detailed in my books, many will want to panic, especially as the disasters come closer and closer to home.  So, how are we going to cope?
First and foremost, realize that forewarned is forearmed! Knowing what the changes mean, and understanding the inevitability of this process, which elsewhere I have called Clearing of the Planet, will help.
Secondly we must know what it is we ourselves are undergoing. If we let our emotional bodies and minds run amok, we will join the ranks of the desperate, of the terminally insane. We do not want that.
We have to make the realization that most of us will leave the physical by dying. But, I can tell you now, that is no more difficult than going from your kitchen into your dining room.
The Fear of Physical Death has been exaggerated. Often pain is associated with the process and we are all familiar with that, especially if it is due to a long protracted illness such as cancer. But in fact, when the transition from physically alive to physically dead occurs unexpectedly, there is often a failure of the subject to realize s/he is actually dead. Many have to be told, and there are countless examples of this in the literature.
Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita (1969) explained the total insignificance of the physical expression. He alludes to the insignificance of the physical as these extracts demonstrate: "These bodies, which act as enveloping coverings for the souls occupying them, are but finite things of the moment ... They perish as all finite things perish. He who in his ignorance thinketh: "I slay" or "I am slain" babbleth like an infant lacking knowledge ...  Be self-centred and uncontrolled by the illusions of the finite world. When thou shalt rise beyond the plane of illusion, then shalt thou cease to disturb thyself regarding doctrines, theology, disputations concerning rites or ceremonies, and other useless trimmings upon the cloth of spiritual thought ... You will be liberated from those who would interpret that which they fail themselves to understand; but instead, shalt thou fix thy mind in earnest contemplation of the Spirit, and thus reach the harmony with thy Real Self ... That which seemeth real to the men of the sense-world is known to be illusion by the Sage. Knowing the whole Truth, thou shouldst beware of unsettling the minds of those not yet prepared to grasp it, as untimely teaching may drive from their work such as see only half-Truths, and become unsettled thereby."
Paradoxically, being in the physical body is seen as being in a state of "deadness" when compared to the state of being free of the body, as many recount after Near Death Experiences. Reports by many doctors such as Dr. Michael Sabom, a cardiologist who wrote 'Recollections of Death', Dr. Melvin Morse, an Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Washington, who writes about the experiences of children, Dr. Raymond Moody who wrote 'Life after Life', Dr. Maurice Rawlings, a cardiac surgeon, who wrote 'To Hell and Back', and many, many others, including Dr. George G Ritchie (Return from Tomorrow), aver to the continuation of consciousness outside of the physical. And I have personal experience of this.  In my book "My Experiences of  Aliens and Other realities", I relate having travelled to a Conference on a craft totally outside of this dimension.
A note of caution: A little knowledge is dangerous. While these recounts of survival of consciousness outside of the physical are an essential part of the Awakening that Humanity is undergoing in this Endtime, I need to caution you and state the dimensions into which the consciousnesses go during these experiences may still be part of the Virtual Reality and as such the experiences may still be in the fraudulent environment of Evil. I shall write further about that in due course.
My point is that we will survive whatever happens to the physical and fear should not be part of the equation.
We must also understand clearly that we are undergoing this change, this Annihilation of the Physical, for the better. The acquired understanding should allay gross anxiety and reactive depression. This is what the mental preparation is all about.
Besides, we have all known since the age of 8 or so that we would die. What does it matter when it happens, if, in fact, as I contend we (of viability) are going to be better off?
And this survival of physical destruction leads to another very important realization we need to make. We are not physical beings at all. Purposely, in this Evil Dimension, the focus has been on a physical life. Look at all the movies and TV shows of late: They are almost all about the fear of death and the loss of live. They are reinforcing the absurdity that we are physical beings that have everything to lose with death of the physical. In reality, that is just not so.
Those of us not Sons and Daughters of Evil have been trapped in the physical. It is an unnatural state for Theomorphic beings. That is why many spirits are so distressed in the physical. That is why so many find it hard to cope with physical life. I shall expand on this when I discuss the various consciousnesses in physical bodies. This is a matter that modern psychiatrists know nothing about, for the spiritual aspect of life has been all but totally eradicated from their books and their nous.
Beings created in this dimension by the Evil Mind know no other type of existence. That is why to them a discussion of something better makes little sense. That is why they cannot see the True Light, unless they have modifications made to them to allow them to survive outside this dimension. To beings created by Evil, there can be no other superior dimension. It is beyond the range of their comprehension. For them, destruction of the physical means ultimate nihilism. And that is where their fear is founded. It is that thought that will lead them to Terminal Madness.
So you see, pragmatically, there are two very distinct groups in society:
I           The first group comprises those who cannot imagine anything outside of the physical. For them, talk of a superior dimension is meaningless. They cannot comprehend why anyone would want to destroy Earth and all its wonderful features; wonderful for them, of course, for is here they thrive by pilfering the energy of others! They cannot imagine a better world. They are literally blind to the pain, suffering and unrelenting exploitation of others. They see nothing wrong with the cruelty to animals, the rape of the Earth, the demonic essence ruling the planet, etc., etc. This is their Heaven, their happy hunting ground. They sense something worse exists (Hell) from whence they come, but they cannot think of anything better. These are the ones who genuinely think they, and this world, are, in fact, "god" and will readily deny the existence of Evil as a distinct entity.
           Those in this first group are unable to see the True Light. They do not respond to True Love.
2          The second group cannot wait to get out of this Abomination and go HOME! They cannot stand the injustices, the cruelty, the dishonesty, the warmongering and the relentless pervasive essence of Evil. These know in their hearts their lives should never have been this bad, and they intuitively know that there is something far, far better waiting for them. Indeed, they know intuitively, that this is a demon-infested world and that their entrapment here is a danger to their spiritual survival. These are the ones who believe what the Avatars have said for eons and eons, that a Day would come when they would be 'delivered from Evil'.
These are the two groups into which societies shall divide as the Endtime scenario evolves.
We are spiritual beings trapped in physical vehicles. Even while in these physical bodies, most of us spend close to half our lives outside of the physical in other dimensions. Apart from sleep that accounts for some 40 % of our lives, many of us are out of the body during the day, existing in other dimensions, travelling in the astral worlds, etc., without the body's lower mind being necessarily aware of it. So, if we already exist so much in those other realms, which by the way are much better than the physical in most cases, except for demons who go into the demonic realms they have created for themselves,  what is the big deal about leaving the physical?
BTW, all matter is evil. It has been created by Evil expressly to serve it. It has a tendency to degeneration and decay. This should alert you as to the ontological identity of any so-called spiritual experts who tell you the physical is being transformed spiritually. They are either tiresome ignoramuses or demons in disguise hoping to lead you astray. Nothing of the physical shall remain. It will ALL be transmuted.
The physical mind is programmed to panic with the thought of its own demise. It is moronic that this should be so, for every cell in the body knows exactly when it is going to die.
So, by making the realization that we will continue elsewhere in better circumstances once we leave the physical, we can destroy the fear of our death.
Not all of us have to die. Many will be picked up in due course and they will shed the physical shell in special chambers of the rescuing spacecrafts. Why such crafts are needed I will explain in a subsequent essay.
And what of our children and relatives? The same situation applies. Some have asked me "what about the very young, the demented, the very old, and the infirm?" These are characteristics of the physical bodies. Those have nothing to do with the age, or the nature and value of the consciousness within. A year old child's body may be inhabited by a sage of near infinite wisdom.  That consciousness knows what to do when the body dies, regardless of the age, attributes, limitations, and deficiencies of that body.
The same goes for our pets and all the animals caught in tragedies, so-called, and killed.
By the way, many of the animals which carnivores husband and kill are well aware of their consciousness being recycled from the physical into the astral planes and back, etc., as their physical expressions are killed and devoured. And so they allay their own anxieties on the trip to the slaughterhouse by reminding themselves of the cyclic absurdity in which they are caught with such sayings as "Here we go again". And you thought they were just dumb animals! Many of course are human consciousnesses in the animal bodies that are grazed and killed for consumption. How is that for an evil practice?  I have covered this topic in other writings.
Many of the other animals containing demonic consciousness are fearful of the process that sends them, for a time, back into the Hell created by their demonic Progenitor, the Evil Mind (also known as Jehovah) and they panic. It is they that release all the negative emotions, at the time of slaughter, and it is those emotions that spiritually poison the consumer all the more.
As a corollary, you should realize that such poisoning is detrimental to the spirit. Hence, stop eating animals if you truly want to awaken, to purify and to progress on the spiritual path. There is much to gain in Vegetarianism.
Knowing then that we are eternal beings of Light who have been trapped in this Virtual Reality, and knowing that the Process of Clearing of the Planet is simply to free us from this level of Hell, our fears and anxieties can be turned to the Joy of Liberation.
For the second group I mentioned above, the end of this Abomination cannot come soon enough. They are nauseated daily by the hypocrisy of demons, by the exploitative fornicators, by the rampant, unending dishonesty, by the wicked abuse of the meek, the poor, the less able, by the cruelty to animals and all those who cannot adequately defend themselves, and by the overt manifestation of demonism all over the planet.
With the destruction of the physical, with a few moments of possible pain, we buy an Eternity of Light, Love, Peace and Bliss which we will share with our true brethren who know how to live in Felicity and Harmony.
I do not wish to dwell on the anxieties, anguish, depression and madness which will affect those who have chosen Evil. These Evil beings have behaved like vacuum cleaners and sucked the energy out of others until they forced them to spiritually die. How could they be allowed to continue? They would, in time, destroy all of Creation. Their fate is in the thought of eternal Darkness and Despair until they are transmuted back into Primordial Energy.  But for them it is not a simple liberation into nothingness. They will bear the brunt of their iniquities. That is all I wish to say on that subject for now.
Thus, as we progress in the Endtime, in order to prepare adequately, you need to ask yourself these questions and make realizations from the answers:
1        Who are you? You belong in one of three major groups.
i     You may be a deserving being of Light and Love trapped in Evil created matter. (Few of these remain. Most were evacuated in 1999.)  Some Theomorphs chose Darkness and became non-viable.
ii    Or you are a robotic consciousness created with some Divine energy and some evil energy, and you have turned to the Light. As such you will have modifications made to you so that you can become viable outside of this dimension. The majority of robots have chosen to remain in Darkness. It is basically for those who have chosen to turn to the Light that I am writing.
iii   You may be a demonic being, made of Darkness, choosing to serve Darkness. All demons will perish with the Darkness. Not one demon has turned to the True Light.
In time, the reactions in your lower mind to my words and energy
Will be a pointer to your ontological identity.
2        What is this destructive phase all about? It is about the total eradication of all Evil from our existence.
3        Where do you belong?  If you are viable, you belong in pure spiritual realms where there is no pain, suffering or misery; where there is no abuse, fraudulence, exploitation or death. All these things are the byproducts of Evil. For a time, all viable consciousnesses will gather in Intermediate Villages outside of this dimension in preparation to entering a New, non-physical, Evil-free Dimension.
4        Where are you going? If you are viable, you are going to dimensions of Love and Light, of creativity and eternal bliss. Non-viables will be transmuted back into Primordial Energy.
5        What about our loved ones? They will be treated as you will be. They will have the preparation and realizations you will have.
6        Will anything of true value be lost in the Clearing Process? Absolutely not! NOTHING OF TRUE SPIRITUAL VALUE WILL BE LOST.
7        Will we know what to do? We will all be given the knowledge we need on a need-to-know basis. Each will be prepared according to the burdens to be carried. No one will be unfairly dealt with. Do not fear any calamitous change. See it as a step for advancement out of this Hell.
8        What is in store for individuals? We will all receive exactly what each of us deserves. Avatars have repeatedly told us that the Joy and Beauty of where we are going are beyond description. Genuine reports from Near Death Experiencers, especially young children, who gain glimpses of other realms, are glowing in the praise of the Beauty, Love and Serenity they see and experience. Most do not want to come back. With these limited lower minds of the bodies, we cannot truly imagine what the real Divine Dimensions are like.
9        What about the Fear of Physical Death? As I described above, the fear of physical death is an illusion. It has been used by Evil to keep us trapped in fear and to make us value physical life beyond its true worth. As I stated, think back at Hollywood's role ­ it traumatizes viewers whenever it can with the illusionary fear of death in its movies. I am not the first to point out the frank evilness of Hollywood and its producers!
10    What physical things remain? Nothing of the physical shall remain. All consciousness must leave the physical. In other words, every living thing will move out of its shell of manifestation. We shall all physically die. But this process is not painful or traumatic in the real sense. Some will be picked up physically by crafts and will step out of their shells in the crafts as if they are stepping out of old clothes.
It is now time to confront your mortality and the transient, evil nature of the physical.
Unless you are a Child of Darkness, realize that your existence in the physical dimension has been an evil, illicit entrapment. It is now time to set you free!
It is only by the active and positive mental process of seeing oneself beyond the body, beyond the point of physical death, beyond the fear of physical termination that one truly grasps the meaning of existence. Without actively performing this exercise and becoming successful with seeing the self as something beyond the body, the lower mind will be filled with fear and gross anxiety as physical death approaches. The body may well panic and disadvantage the self and those around the being.
With knowledge of the continuation of consciousness, as in Near Death Experiences, Astral Travel and Out of Body Experiences, one can allay all fears of physical extinction and be happy in the transition. This is not morbid at all. In reality, a termination of physical life comes to all. Is it not better to be prepared by knowing the answers than to live in ignorance, gross anxiety and fear?  .
With these realizations, there will be no anxiety, reactive depression or fear to be concerned about.
I remind you that Evil beings and spiritual failures CANNOT, WILL NOT, truly make these realizations. For them awaits the Abyss of Terminal Madness.
These realizations will make you self-realized enough to convert any fear and anxieties in your heart and mind into the Joy of achieving the greatest success possible, namely, a place away from Evil forever, a place in the Dimensions of Infinite happiness.
These realizations will come as the Higher Spirit that guides you, and has guided you for eons, impinges, in a timely fashion, upon your lower mind and you become the Supramental Super Human in this time of Finality, as predicted to eventuate by the likes of Frederick Nietzsche and Shri Aurobindo, and all the Avatars.
This is the dream of so-called mortal (Theomorphic) Man who never quite realized, because he was tricked by Evil to forget the Truth, that he was not a beast of the field but an immortal spirit of Love, Light and transcendent Splendor. It is that nature which now awaits us on the other side of this Clearing Process which we are forced to live through for a short time.
And it is this Process of Transformation into Love and Light that has been highjacked by those of Evil to falsely state that matter will undergo the same elevation. That is a lie and those who propagate it will realize this soon enough.
As we approach the End, like will seek like, and those of us of Light and Love will gravitate towards each other for the final evacuation, while those of Darkness will destructively grovel in the Darkness of their rotting minds and miserable existences, ever fighting themselves for the last morsel of energy, for that is their nature, and that is the Evil Nature that will seal their fate.
But give them no thought. They have chosen. Look instead to the Glory ahead and rejoice even as this evil world falls apart, for you now truly understand the Process of Liberation into the True Light.
Thus, in conclusion, my advice to you is this: Use this knowledge to ease the emotional burden on your spirit when you hear of major disasters around the world, and closer to home, with massive loss of human and animal life.
In your quiet moments, say this in your mind: "Members of the Family of Light have been lifted out in preparation to going Home. That is great news for we all want Liberation from Darkness, Disease and Death."
Those of Darkness who have died are assembling in the Hall of Accountability where Justice will be done. All of us not evil want Justice in our lives.
With these facts shall you gain the Peace of Mind we all seek, and you will cope admirably with whatever processes for the elimination of Evil that affect you personally.
Take this seriously, for indeed it is a very serious matter. I know some who have dismissed the subject after being given ample warnings and information to set them free. But instead, they have chosen the path on which to fulfill their cravings, their greed and their lust. That path is not a path to success; it is the Path to Perdition. On that path, Demonic Possession and Body Snatching are very real. I will write about those topics in due course.
The stakes could not be higher. Do not gamble with your spiritual survival.
Some of you are aware of the Eugenics Program initiated by the demons via the Wilhelm Institute in the 1920s. It relates to the physical elimination of a major portion of the humans from the planet because of anticipated dwindling resources. This work has been ably continued by the demons in the USA since the collapse of the Nazi regime. This plan is of no consequence, and, in fact, assists in the evacuation of Viables in due course.
Nothing Evil can do will help it in any way. It is doomed. It is truly its Endtime.
If you have truly understood my Message and the concepts I have mentioned, you will come to the conclusion that this Earth is descending into Hell, inexorably, and everything of the physical is going to get worse, a lot worse.
Thus, your focus should now be, not to survive as long as possible under circumstances that will deteriorate by the day, but to prepare for exit in the most efficient manner, with the least amount of pain, suffering and anxiety in yourself and in the ones you love.
Having written that, I strongly advise you NOT to take drastic action to terminate anything. We will all leave when it is our time to do so.
Many of us will be lifted up in crafts and the joy of rescue will be beyond the lower minds capacity to contain it!
In the meantime, live in Simplicity, Truth and Love, and know that all will be well for all of those with these qualities, animal, vegetable and mineral consciousnesses included.
What sort of effort? You must prepare, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Make an effort to connect to your God Consciousness.
You must make an effort to cleanse and purify, to establish a connection with your Higher Self, with your Guides and Helpers who will all direct you unerringly to the other side. Stop habits and vices that are detrimental to your spiritual awareness.
You must show honesty and purity even as you are swamped by dishonest demons and hypocrites.
Finally, let me remind you of a truism you must never forget: "God helps those who help themselves!" Like all Viables, you are fighting a Personal Battle against Evil. You must make an effort to win that battle if you have not already done so, for this truly is the Endtime.
You must assist others as best you can in brotherly love, especially if you are a little further on in understanding of the situation at hand. Be useful. Help others anyway you can. Be of service. Those who deserve help will gain it. Help those less fortunate, those who understand less and those who cannot help themselves as much. Be generous. Alleviate pain and sorrow and misery wherever possible. Do not be selfish with your time.
At the same time, be discerning. As you become more aware, you will decipher more quickly who are time-wasters and who are energy-suckers. Keep away from them. They will drain you.
You must keep the Light of Truth burning steadfastly in your heart.
Do these things and you will not have one moment of concern as this Hell implodes and as all the Viables begin their journey Home.
The Clearing of the Planet, ending in its destruction, is unstoppable. I have no fear of being contradicted on that. Why I am so confident will be explained by me in due course.
Never forget WHY all this is happening. It is for the total eradication of EVIL forever!
With this knowledge and preparation, you will not cringe every time you hear of a disaster or of a war, or of many deaths of people and animals. You will instead rejoice, for you know Evil is self-destructing and, in the process, liberating the worthy ones that it had ignobly trapped so that now they can return to their True Home.
Two other points on this topic are worth considering.
1        Even if the mechanism of Finality which I describe here were to be postponed indefinitely, Earth would still be reduced to an uninhabitable state, a desolate dead rock no less, very quickly, by demonic exploitation of resources and demonic pollution of air, water and soil, especially with radioactive material such as DU and other nuclear weapons. That this would be so is confirmed by the development of not-so-secret plans by Governments to colonize other planets. You should know that these demonic entities have done this to other planets.
2        Many people consult psychics. Now is the time for each to get his or her own answers, for others who call themselves psychics and often charge exorbitantly for advice can lead people astray. We are all psychic. That is, we all have the inherent ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness. Demons can connect to lower levels also. Abuse in childhood often causes our pathways to close down and so it is then goodbye to those abilities. But, with a little effort, they can be regained.
In relation to this matter of Finality, if the psychic you consult can agree with what I have written, that is good for you and good for him or her. It may mean s/he is accessing the Light's wavelength and getting accurate information, like many have done in their Near Death Experiences and in their contacts with Aliens of a Divine nature.
If your psychic knows nothing of this, or if s/he dismisses this information, then you have a problem. The psychic you have consulted is either a fraud, and most of them are, unfortunately for those seeking their guidance, or else s/he is on Evil's wavelength, and is fed untruth.
My advice to you is to learn to rely, at all times, on your own inner Nous, after due purification, and after adequate connection to your Higher Self.
Copyright J Chiappalone, March 27, 2011
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