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Coming To America?
By Jim Kirwan
America today could easily be this 'Vision' of a stage-set-city surrounded by both water and fire and built on the remnants of a human heart. The hole in that heart signifies both the price that must be paid for the vision thus created-but it might also remind us of the powers deep within the earth that can bring ruin almost instantly, to anywhere we thought was safe.
The Vision of America as 'The Shining City on the Hill" failed to take into account the price of Reagan's totally-false promises. Now thanks to global events we are about to begin to understand what life has been like for the billions upon billions of people trying to live outside the United States for at least the last fifty years. Global-Corporations have polluted nation after nation and stolen resource after resource in their arrogant drive to own the world. This was not solely an American enterprise, but because of our unique position in the world, we became the center of this Evil-Empire that has brought ruin everywhere that our 'boots-on-the-ground' have gone; in the name of corporate greed and unending wars for privatized profits!
Rain Forests were burned or logged into oblivion; toxic wastes from oil projects around the world have polluted Latin America, Nigeria, and dozens of other nations in their bid to cheaply produce the oil with which we are still blackmailing the world; by refusing to fund the alternatives to oil as our primary energy resource. The global-corporations have poisoned the water-supply and then tried to privatize whatever was left for people to safely drink: The US now wants to privatize rainwater, and then the remaining water supply of this country: The cost of this to most Americans will crush all other needs and will permanently destabilize Amerrikan life: Yet this story is not ever reported.
The skies have not escaped this insatiable corporate-hunger for ownership; and so between the airborne toxins and the Genetically-Modified plants that have poisoned the fertility of American soil-there is no viable future for this place. There is a common-denominator for all of it and that commonality is the use and abuse of the multiple-billions of lies that have allowed 'people' to ignore the realities that are finally about to Come-to-America. You can choose to see this as a disaster or as an opportunity to finally face the criminals and bring them down, forever.
Throughout this process millions of lies have been told and repeated so often that many here have actually come to believe the hype which has created these last fifty years of pure hypocrisy that was intended to cover-up the global-criminality inherent, in everything we've done to the planet, to the global-environment and to the people of the whole world: All of it in the name of the Corporately-sacred Bottom-Line and the pursuit of Global Conquest. Thus raw-capitalism, backed up by the world's mightiest military forces, has continued to trump every effort to achieve a world that has not-yet-been-privatized on their way to absolute-ownership of everything and of course anyone that opposes what they seek.
The United States has been openly operating as Fortress-America since the end of WWII. Essentially this country, in collusion with Zionist Israel, has been dictating terms of life and death to the entire world; since the formation of the United Nations and their financial arms that include the IMF, the World Bank and many other auxiliary agencies. When the Cold War ended this cabal began its rise to increase the number of captured nations worldwide that has sent billions of people into exile in their own countries. The rise of the American Neo-Colonial Empire was made possible by the willful lack-of-attention which Americans chose to embrace over having to deal with the specifics of exactly what we were doing as a so-called state to the entire community of nations-worldwide.
Until the Earthquakes which are still continuing to strike Japan; Americans had no real FEAR of much of anything from the world beyond Fortress-America. Since the end of WWII Amerrikans have been building a place where its citizens need never have to face any fact, ask any question, or suffer any consequence because we live in a Land-Without-Laws; as if we are immune to anything that nature or any-other nations could ever do to change this obscenity that flies in the face of nature and the rest of the human race.
The Amerrikans that writers, thinkers and artists have been trying to reach since Bush stole the White House in 2000-have always had the luxury of not needing to bother about world affairs, or criminal political practices, here or elsewhere: Because too many Amerrikans believed that they were living in "the best place on earth" and not in some backwater where Freedom was outlawed and all the money always belongs to others at the top.
That was of course a total fiction, easily proven by a trip to any Amerrikan-airport today where all passengers are treated like ENEMIES OF THE STATE, even babies.
Proof of all of this continuing-criminal-conspiracy is abundant; but so far too few have even bothered to investigate the facts for themselves: Because 'Hey ­ I'm an Amerrikan and that's just a bunch of conspiracy-stuff and all that junk is lies'! Well If you believe that then spend a little time and try and disprove the facts in this new film. You can either watch the whole thing in one shot, (2 hrs 28 min) or it's been conveniently divided into ten (15 min) video episodes all available on the same link: It's free and all it requires of you is a few hours and a willingness to challenge what you might think you know, about everything that's been happening here since we became a Police-State that still calls itself a Free-Democracy.
This film pays particular attention to the life and career of Michael Chertoff, our former director of Homeland Security who used his time during Katrina, as FEMA director, to design the backscatter scanners that he later oversaw as Director of Homeland Security, before he resigned to pursue new and more devious projects that are all designed to imprison innocent people. This is especially galling as it was also Chertoff who freed the Israeli-agents to return toIsrael, after 911. If anyone in this nation and has been a TRAITOR to this country since before 911 it is the Israeli-American Michael Chertoff ­ who has never been charged with any crime at all! (1)
Oh and by-the-way; The two nuclear facilities in California: San Onofre, Nuclear created under LBJ in 1967, now closed but still there: And Diablo Canyon created under Reagan in 1984, which is still operating-are both sitting directly ON major earthquake fault-lines. (At Diablo Canyon you can see where the ground has shifted) (2)
I was in Architecture for seven years as a designer and an Architectural Design Director with several licensed architects working under me. I designed and built a number of hospitals, restaurants, office facilities, private clubs and luxury homes and apartments (pre-condominiums); on top of the hundreds of homes and apartments I designed and built when I began in that
field. The point is the land beneath any construction is paramount and of critical importance; That's why an engineering report and a survey of the land is required BEFORE anything is bulit upon it. This is especially true when the structures to-be-built will house a nuclear facility, in the middle of earthquake country! Obamanation clearly has no clue about what he and his flunkies say, regarding nuclear-power plants in this country.
'Regulations are made to be broken', and no piece of paper from any government agency has ever kept anyone in this country alive; especially not since the Hurricane Andrew Coverup, followed by the dawning of the new millennium and Chertoff's Katrina, or the Firestorms that devastated the Southwestern United States while FEMA just looked on.
"President Obama, meanwhile, acknowledged the risk of nuclear power Tuesday, even as he said the country has a strong regulatory framework in place. He told CBS station KDKA that "nothing's completely failsafe, nothing is completely foolproof." (See video at left.)
Twenty percent of electricity in the United States is generated by nuclear power - twice as much as wind, solar and hydro power combined. For the Obama administration, the draw of nuclear power is tied to the fact that nuclear is by far the largest energy source that does not contribute to greenhouse gasses.
The crisis in Japan, however, is prompting questions about whether the energy is worth the risk. Twenty-three of the nuclear reactors in the United States use the same design as those found at the plant that failed inJapan, according to Dr. Ira Helfand, and every plant in the U.S. shares key design traits with the Japanese plant.
When it comes to earthquakes, plants are reinforced based on the region where they are built; if they are in an area more likely to experience significant seismic events, they will have stronger reinforcements. "We design so there will be no risk of significant release to surrounding populations," Chu said Tuesday." (2)
The rest of the world has been living under the conditions that America is just about to discover for ourselves, (under attacks from nature, pollution, corruption and massive lies, not to mention false arrests, torture, illegal imprisonment and murder ) and yet 'others' have managed to cope because they chose to KNOW who was doing what to them ­ so that the day might come when they will be able to reject their captors and take back their countries. In that continuing war 'knowledge' was their major weapon, and determination was the cry that held them together when every other facet of their world had turned against them: Why do you think Iraq has NOT been conquered, nor even dirt-poor-Afghanistan! It's because those places are THEIR countries and they refuse to become our slaves. Conversations in other countries are mostly POLITICAL because those people know that 'politics' is about their life & potentially their deaths: While we just can't be bothered with the truth that could in reality "set us free-if we are willing to finally seek it."
Americans will deal with whatever comes next-because that is not a choice, it's a fact. Radiation poisoning might be coming here in sufficient quantities to kill us; or maybe not! The US might well find itself beset with more earthquakes and more massive shortages, power outages, layoffs on an unprecedented scale and illegal government interventions into our lives such as what just happened in Wisconsin. PROTESTING, is just the first step in a long-march of actions-taken to hold those responsible for these unnecessary burdens and illegal attempts to crush what's left of the Constitution. Americans must study how to become more realistically pro-active!
We have been the spoiled-teenagers in the Community of Nations that refused to listen, refused to act and that now will be demanding to be SAFE from everything that will soon be "Coming to America." Because we are so insular and so obscenely self-consumed we shall definitely NOT be getting the answers that those inclined toward temper-tantrums will demand. We shall only get what we are willing to DEMAND from government! When it comes to nature we have to cease believing that we can dictate terms to the real powers of the universe. Either we begin to try to correct the mistakes we have made by the thousands, in trying to dictate terms to nature; or we shall meet our own untimely deaths because in the end we are all just mortal; and nothing more.
In the end it is up to each one of us to decide whether we shall take what's coming as an opportunity to rise-up, or to just accept this as a death-knell that will end in UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to those that produced and directed most of this nightmare from the very beginning!
Your freedom and mine are on the line, along with self-respect and those dreams that so many thought they might one day deserve to DREAM out loud. There is only one world and like-it-or-not we are all just part of it. We cannot control our lives as easily as the corporations make their criminal-decisions: Instead we have to leave room for the visions which the world can bring, to those that care enough to try and live their lives as fully and as well as we were always meant to live it-and not just as faceless, voiceless footnotes in someone else's dream!
1) War by Deception ­ video http://www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15034
2) Nuclear Power Plants & Facilities in the United Stateshttp://www.animatedsoftware.com/environm/no_nukes/nukelist1.htm
3) Obama Administration Stands by Nuclear Power ­ 2 videos http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20043435-503544.html
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