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A Review Of Prophecies
By Dr. J. S. Chiappalone
By Dr. J. S. Chiappalone
Originally Published 1997
c. 1997-2011 All Rights Reserved
All these changes are leading toward the final destruction of this globe. Anyone who watched the documentary "Whom the Gods Would Destroy" and saw the "scientific" prophecies or who reads the newspaper or watches the news can have little doubt. There is nothing mystical or metaphysical about the world changes predicted. They are very concrete and are happening now.
It is interesting how the "scientific" prophecies, which are finally being made public, are consistent with the predictions given by The Centre of Knowledge and Supremacy. The false prophets have tried to distort, confuse and draw attention away from the Truth.
Many of the following predictions do not seem so implausible or improbable now as they may have in 1985 when most of them were first given. That is because they have steadily been coming to fruition.
"Every degenerating aspect of this planet will accelerate in an unexplained manner so that its destruction and that of its inhabitants, vegetable and animal entities, as well as human, will occur very quickly. Scientists will have no real reasons as to why this is so, they will simply measure and observe that it is so. This will be true for the Greenhouse Effect, the loss of the Ozone layer, deforestation, as well as the spread of AIDS and other diseases. They all fit together so that one affects the other. The changes in weather and climate with record extremes will also continue unabated.
---- "There will be general deterioration of all aspects, and things such as accidents, violence, and general abnormal behaviour, which can be described as generalized madness, will continue to occur."
These predictions can be compared with the following scientific facts:
** One third of all agricultural land on the planet has been lost, polluted or turned into desert.
** 50% of all the world's forests have been destroyed in the last 50 years.
** Only 3% of the world's water is fresh and all of it is polluted to a greater or lesser degree.
** The rapid depletion of the ozone layer -- a 10% increase in the overall depletion from 1969 to 1991, leading to an increase in the Greenhouse effect.
** The effects of global warming are already here with a 1/2 degree increase already in the last 30 years. At this rate scientists predict that by the year 2030 whole pacific island nations will disappear under water.
** There will be more cyclones, blizzards, droughts and tidal waves, according to the scientists.
** Skin cancer is increasing at an alarming rate.
** The fish stock is diminishing.
** 35,000 people die each day of starvation.
** Frogs are disappearing worldwide.
Many scientists have in fact verbalized their concern by stating things such as:
"We may have limited time left on this earth!"
Catastrophes are reported somewhere daily. One day it is the Mississippi River overflowing and creating massive flooding, devastation and havoc in the US. The next day it is an undersea earthquake as the one that just took place off the coast of Northern Japan; or it could be a hurricane in Mexico, a hailstorm somewhere in Australia, a volcano erupting in the Philippines, or a cyclone off the coast of Australia, or a tornado in the Mid West or a hurricane devastating Florida, another hurricane in Mexico or an earthquake in California, Iran, China, Armenia, Russia, the Philippines, New Zealand, drought elsewhere or massive deluges in other areas, etc.
Then there are the floodings in Bangladesh, Nepal and India. We constantly hear these events being described as "the worst" -- "the worst flood ever" or the "worst drought", the "worst" earthquake , the "worst plague", such as the present "worst" plague of mice in South Australia and Victoria, etc. Famines are becoming an accepted phenomenon.
--- "The consequences of these massive disasters will be horrendous hunger, disease, further flooding, fires, fighting, looting, etc." # These are already taking place and will undoubtedly get worse.
--- "The apparently disastrous consequences of the many disasters will not make sense unless one views them as mechanisms for the clearing of this planet."
The following prediction is impossible to refute.
--- "Endemic viruses such as AIDS, more potent strains of influenza, viral pneumonia agents, etc. will appear as well as new diseases. There will be multifocal commencement and medical science will not keep pace with the spread let alone their origin, cause or treatment. More and more will die and even nursing facilities will be outstripped."
In 1986 the Centre published that:
--- "AIDS would affect the life of every being on this planet in one way or another, that no cure would be found, that it would become a scourge and would decimate populations including the animals."
# Daily we are seeing new outbreaks of diseases. In addition to those listed, there is malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis, Legionnaire's Disease, even new outbreaks of measles and chickenpox and some diseases without labels yet. AIDS has reached world-wide epidemic proportions even though efforts have been made to conceal the real extent. Medical repercussions from Agent Orange used in Vietnam and the Gulf War are taking their toll. There have been plagues of mice, locusts, flying foxes, exotic snails, etc. Animals are being affected by ticks, foot and mouth disease and many other difficulties. There is the Blue Algae, Microbes and bacteria in Australia's water supply, and the Superbug in the US, killer bees, etc.
This is very consistent with this prediction:
--- "Swarms of insects, rodents and bees and birds from disrupted areas will leave the sites of destruction and invade neighbouring lands. They cause further destruction to healthy crops, animals and humans. They cause disease and further famine.
--- " ...These rodents, insects and birds will introduce new unidentifiable viral diseases which cause plague like numbers of deaths."
The Centre's books have stated:
--- "The diseases will spread throughout the world unabated."
In the writings of the Centre it has been stated that:
--- "Scientists, politicians and so-called know-alls will try to explain away every event as the planet fractures and we are seeing that take place. However, it is getting much more difficult for them to hide the fact that they have no true answers."
It has been most enlightening to see each day how the following prediction, which was made before talk of corruption was fashionable, is being fulfilled:
--- "All corruptive practices will be exposed and evil will be exposed in all practices, institutions, government, religions, media, police, etc. Governments will lose power and leaders will make more and more ridiculous decisions."
It is a rare day that does not see someone being cited for corruption or exposed for unethical, immoral and illegal behaviour. The seemingly endless list includes:
# Police and government corruption in Queensland, New South Wales and other parts of Australia and other countries.
# Almost the entire governments of Italy and Japan.
# The indictment of former President Marcos of the Philippines.
# Fraudulent Insurance company practices are being exposed.
# Activities of US Senate exposed by Ethics Committee
# Customs officials, doctors dealing with illegal drugs.
# Corrupt payments for casino licenses.
# Drug use in athletics being exposed.
# Bank official corruption is being exposed.
# The legal system including judges is being exposed.
# Gross misuse of pathology services has been exposed, with kickbacks to doctors who order testing -- deals made between doctors and big pathology companies, etc. (fee splitting, acting as false consultants, overbilling, fraud, etc.)
# The Truth/Myth about the Jewish Holocaust of World War Two is being exposed.
# The Truth about the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers is being exposed.
# The Truth about many historical events and figures is being made known i.e. the JFK assassination, J. Edgar Hoover, the World Wars, the Federal Reserve, the Jewish Zionists, Nixon, Kissinger, the Rothchilds, Clinton, The Anti-Defamation League of B'nae B'rith (ADL), what really happened in Waco, Texas, etc. as well as many other "secrets".
# The scandal of the child migration scheme involving 15,000 children from England to Australia during the war.
# Cellular phone fraud.
# Maltreatment of animals, including using bear farms for their organs, bile, etc.
# Activities of the C.I.A. being exposed.
# Bribes being offered in boxing, etc. (Mercer to Ferguson)
# FBI director fired by Clinton for misusing his office.
# Victorian police charged with criminal activity.
# Some UN members skimming off funds.
# Famous doctor, Dr. William McBride struck off medical registrar for fabricating results to confirm his theories.
# Priest Vincent Kiss convicted of taking money from charity to live a luxuriant life style.
# Governments have been ousted overnight.
And the exposures go on and on.
Other predictions included these:
--- "There will be more exposure of UFO's."
--- "As the veil between the astral and this dimension is torn, more communication will occur and stories of ghosts, lost souls and astral beings will greatly increase."
--- "Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences will become more common and more publicized so that people will become more aware of existence of consciousness after physical death."
# This is indeed the case with many publications, including films and TV programs pursuing the subject.
--- "Massive collapses of very old institutions, traditions and customs will occur. Destruction of the old will occur daily, as more and more of the fabric of society is torn to shreds."
Just look at the number of heads of government who have or are stepping down under pressure.
The collapse of Eastern European regimes was unprecedented and can be cited.
Look at the "stable" institutions that have collapsed or are close to collapse -- the Skase empire, the Adsteam Limited, the Bond empire, Elders, Bob Ansett, Compass Airlines, Tasmania TV network, TV channels 9 and 10, various State Banks, Bank of America, Lloyds of London and the list goes on and on. Notice how Media magnates and heads of vast financial corporations are being attacked and exposed. Scandals of one kind or another have become commonplace.
--- "Institutions which people have regarded as hallowed in the past are being seen as exploitative vultures and vampires preying on the hitherto unsuspecting public."
Nothing is as it seems or the way we have been told it was! One has only to watch the current affair programs on television to see a multitude of scams perpetrated on the public finally exposed i.e. car repair servicemen, appliance repairs, travel scams, insurance scams, medical scams, etc. etc.
Other predictions made are as follows:
--- "Pornography and sexual perversion will become worse during the last days."
# Can anyone doubt that pornography has reached new heights?
--- "Accidents will increase everywhere."
--- "Inappropriate behaviour as a manifestation of TERMINAL MADNESS will affect individuals and masses alike."
--- "Very many minor and inexplicable accidents will occur and the frequency will increase more and more, causing loss of life. Accidents and disasters will increase in frequency and severity, culminating in massive world-wide clearing mechanisms."
# More and more accidents are hitting the news involving trucks, school buses, passenger buses.
# Devastating oil spills.
-- "The airline accidents that will occur from now on will be more frequent, so much so that within a few short years airline travel will be greatly reduced."
# There have been too many plane crashes to list, both commercial and private, even hot air balloons have been involved.
--- "There will be persistent smouldering minor wars with continual loss of civilian life as well as military life, increase in the number of wars, racial riots, even between long term friends."
--- "Racism will escalate in all countries particularly France, South Africa and India."
--- "Racial riots will increase everywhere, for they are no longer riots between groups of individuals of different creed, colour or race. They are between puppets controlled by either evil or Good."
-- "The divorce rate will soar." (It is reported as having reached 77% in Great Britain.)
-- "Friction, violence and wars between opposites will ensue, i.e. between rich and poor, black and white, male and female, military and civilian, young and old, educated and illiterate, police and public, parents and children, etc."
--- "Animals will attack humans more and more species will disappear."
# During the past months we have been inundated with news of the continuous fighting in South Africa and in Bosnia. Then there are the constant outbreaks of fighting in Ireland, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, India, South America, China, Indonesia, Shri Lanka, France, Germany, The Balkans, Nicaragua, Israel's bombing of Lebanon, etc. in addition to the infamous Gulf War. There is more trouble between the Turks and the Greeks. In fact, there are few places where some kind of conflict is not taking place including civil unrest among the Aborigines (which the Centre also predicted).
# Attacks on women are increasing.
# Violence from Greenie groups against nuclear waste disposal centres, Malaysian timber, Brazilian timber, Australian lumber companies, mining and drilling efforts, etc., etc.
# White supremists such as Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis are re-emerging.
# Conflict between native Indians in Canada and the US, aborigines and government in Australia.
# Conflict between farmers and officials in France, Australia, England, etc.
# Conflict between students and officials in many countries.
# Revolts including The Bulgarian and Lithuanian revolts against the Soviet.
# Riots in Russia and Poland, etc.
# The trade wars going on, especially between Europe and the US.
# The Japanese protest at the coronation of their emperor.
# Family violence affects 1 out of 3 Australian families.
# Serial Killers are increasing.
# Gang warfare going on in big cities everywhere. Innocent people being killed.
# Domestic violence has increased drastically.
# Killing sprees by people stating they do not know what got into them.
In 1990 the Centre, through its spokesman Dr Chiappalone, stated:
--- "Forget the Russian bear... It will be torn asunder by its own internal time bomb."
# The Soviet Union as we knew it is no more and this prophecy has also been fulfilled.
When it was made in 1989 at the height of their power, the prediction that THATCHER, HAWKE, BUSH AND GORBACHEV WOULD ALL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE seemed highly unlikely, yet as we see, each has been replaced.
Of great concern today is the economic situation in just about every country of the world. This is what the Centre had predicted:
--- "A breakdown in the economy of society at all levels will also occur".
We see this in the admitted recessions affecting the world community. The prediction goes on:
--- "These will collapse as the communications between nations and continents collapse. There will be a fall in the availability of raw materials, hence the factories and industries cannot be fed. Production of useless items termed luxury goods will fall first."
As one reads about the increasing erratic behaviour that is taking place everywhere -- with people going berserk and killing for no apparent reason, for example, one is reminded of something else that had been stated:
--- "Evil is being exposed everywhere and people, as well as animals and nature, are becoming more and more erratic. This earth is starting to see the manifestations of madness which will result from the withdrawal of the salving Divine energy."
Without being able to see through the sham of this worldly existence with all its pretences, injustices, suffering and just plain cruelties and without some understanding as to the real reason behind all this, for the horrible tragedies, the chaos, the confusion and the upheaval taking place daily, it would be difficult to remain calm and centred, and hopefully unemotional. The predictions up to now have been so accurate that there appears no reason not to believe that the other predictions will all come to pass in their own time.
The prophecy which is the most disturbing for the unaware states:
It will commence in the Middle East but many other areas will be bombed, for the fighting will spread without reason.....Israel will be destroyed in a flash. ....This war will not last long, but it will involve all nations on all continents and will kill between one quarter to one half of the world's population."
This is what could be the climax leading up to the Centre's basic prophecy:
In explanation:
--- "This planet is being cleared of all consciousnesses...It is being prepared for total disintegration... Every living thing is to die in the next few years. The planet itself has been condemned and is to be destroyed. The mechanisms for causing this are many and varied but basically include--
1. Gross dramatic changes in climate, economies, politics, geography, populations, resources, relationships,
2. Nuclear wars
3. Massive geographical catastrophes
4. Widespread diseases
5. Starvation on a world wide scale
6. Financial, political and social collapse on all continents. World economic depression from which there will be no recovery will occur."
For many, this philosophy is the only one that rationally explains exactly what is going on and what will go on and why all this is occurring. The truth presented mirrors the truth within the individual so it is not a case of believing, but of KNOWING. It reassures those really seeking the truth. It states that finally there will be an end to all this inhumanity, all this pain and suffering, all this physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exploitation, all this degradation, degeneration, fear, injustice and death. This is True Divine Justice in Action. It tells us to await THE DIMENSIONAL LIBERATION. But of course, when one is mentally free, one is almost totally liberated. If one sees the physical simply as a transient phase, the illusion can be broken.
No amount of denial, wishful thinking, or positive thoughts will change the situation.
The planet is going through its death pangs as it nears its end.
It is only wishful thinking that makes people think they can save the planet at this point. It reached the point of no return a long time ago. Its destruction is inevitable and it is the only way evil can be destroyed once and for all so that liberation of the True Creation trapped here can occur. Those who think they can save the planet are obstructing the Divine Plan of Rectification.
They are working against the True Light. They are either evil or unawakened True Beings led astray by the Darkness.
Apart from the process of Clearing of consciousnesses from this plane, by which is meant that all living things will have to die, and apart from the process of physical destruction, what we are witnessing are:
i The occurrence of spontaneous realization by many people on the planet (through a number of mechanisms including dreams, astral recall and clairvoyance) of the inevitable end to this planet and
ii The separation of the ontological classes in human bodies. There are basically two groups now emerging, those who are acknowledging the truth of it all, and those who will deny what is occurring to the very end, much to their chagrin.
As you will appreciate, this is a brief summary of the contents of the Centre's publications and readers are referred to those publications for detailed explanations. Also, examples of the prophecies are simply that. There are many more given in the books and newsletters and many more examples of their fulfilment can be cited.
Dr. J. S. Chiappalone
Missoula, MT USA
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