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Celebrating Earth Day
At This Funeral For The Planet
Jim Kirwan
When the monsters declared War upon the Earth; this became their unofficial battle-cry: Symbolized by the burning flag of all nations, carried by CONQUEST, at the far left: Followed by WAR, overseen by FAMINE and underwriting all of it with DEATH: Neat, biblical, and seemingly all-powerful. These mythical figures have symbolized the planet's War-upon-Nature now for over two-thousand years. So far at least 'they' appear to be winning because in all that time nature has been frustrated, corrupted and coerced in favor of temporal-power, illicit-wealth, greed and global slaughter. "Earth Day" indeed: This is an insult to humanity and nature and it represents Hypocrisy Incorporated. (1)
Today on Democracy Now:
VANDANA SHIVA: "Yes. And then I did theoretical physics, and eventually I did foundations of quantum theory. And what I love about the rights of Mother Earth is we're overcoming the separation between humans and nature that was built into the Cartesian thinking that nature is out there and we are out here, but also the kind of divisive separateness that Cormac [Cullinan] pointed out yesterday at the United Nations conference on Harmony with Nature. He said, "I began my life fighting apartheid, and apartheid means separateness-separateness on the basis of color." I think separateness is the disease of the past. It's the dinosaur in the intellectual frame. Separateness was a very artificial imposition. Most civilizations of the world, for most of human history, have seen the world in terms of relatedness and connection. And if there's one thing the rights of Mother Earth is waking us to, is we are all connected. And it's in that connection we can't have arrogant solutions, like nuclear is clean. Just because you don't see the radiation doesn't make it clean. Fukushima has become like Chernobyl, and that, the Japanese government is recognizing." (2)
The UN is a thoroughly corrupted part of the New World Order, along with the IMF and the World Bank, in this Global-War on Nature, and always has been! Like all the other component parts of the N.W.O., the UN was created to ultimately serve the elites and only the elites in this War-on-Nature, that ends up being a massively bloody genocide against the entire planet.
"AMY GOODMAN: And so, Maude Barlow, why are you here in New York at the United Nations on this Earth Day?
MAUDE BARLOW: Well, there's been the debate this week-an interactive dialogue, it's called-at the United Nations on a resolution on Harmony with Nature that was introduced by the Bolivian ambassador to the U.N. but was adopted by the General Assembly. So we're beginning the discussion and dialogue at the United Nations on the concept of the right to water. A number of us were in Cochabamba a year ago, this Mother Earth Day, when we finalized this draft of this Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. And so, basically, we're here to introduce it to the U.N. The concept-we eventually want the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth to be a companion piece to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but we're not there yet. We understand that. But that's the goal, both within nation states at the United Nations and then just organizationally. We want people to adopt it and start talking about it. And we have a wonderful new book called The Rights of Nature: The Case for the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. So, this is a beginning of a real process to have a larger dialogue on exactly what Vandana's saying." (2)
What happened in Bolivia, back when the ordinary people threw the corporations out of their country in their fight over the ownership of their own water, was the first and only time when the forces of darkness were DEFEATED by the common people-because the privateers went TOO FAR in their greed to own even the rainwater in that impoverished nation that kicked Halliburton's Ass and proved to the world that this could not only be accomplished but that it was and still is absolutely necessary. And before you think that this can't happen here you should know that we have already passed the legislation to own the rainwater here!
"There are certain human needs that are so basic, that in a civilized society, to be deprived of such is nothing less than criminal. One of these needs is water. In a democracy, if citizens are deprived of water, then that democracy must be taken back. Control must be returned to those whom the democracy is intended to serve; the people. This exact scenario occurred during April 2000 in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. It is a success story, which led to victory for the masses in Cochabamba. This triumph is now referred to as "The Water War" and has inspired activists in social movements around the world.
The Water War was a ground-breaking victory against the life-sapping effect of globalization in Latin America. A recent publication by South End Press entitled: "Cochabamba! - Water War in Bolivia" is a first-hand account of that victory. Featuring perspectives from water activist and prominent labor leader Oscar Olivera, "Cochabamba" is a four-part work covering various aspects of The Water War, and its resulting social and political outcomes." (3)
"AMY GOODMAN: What is the threat to water in the world today?
MAUDE BARLOW: Well, the threat to water, while just speaking about nuclear, is a wonderful example. It was interesting. I just-and it's a perfect example of what we're talking about when we say that we have to recognize nature's rights-and Vandana is right: it's not giving, it's recognizing-is a report I saw the other day on the fish, you know, touched by the radiation contamination from the nuclear plant in Japan, and said, "Don't worry. By the time it gets to humans, it won't be harmful." And it was like that's all that mattered. You know, it's this human-centric notion that we're all that matters, that other species of the planet doesn't matter.
The biggest threat to water in our world is that humans, modern humans, quote, "civilized" humans, see water as a huge resource for our pleasure, profit and convenience, and we do what we want with it. We dump whatever we want in it. We grow whatever we want, wherever we want. We move it wherever we want. And we are running out. There's a brand new report, says by 2030 the demand in our world for water will outstrip supply by 40 percent. And I don't know if people can get their heads around how a horrific statistic that is and the suffering that that's going to cause. You know, you can come at this as some-and, you know, people are already joking: "Oh, you're talking about rights for ticks and rights for rats." That was-you know, this is the right wing mocking what we're doing. We're talking about survival here. We're talking about human and other species' survival on this planet, if we don't change the way we see the world, the way we see nature, the way we see water. It is not a big resource for us. It is the essential-these are the essential elements of a living ecosystem that gives us all life, and this is about survival." (2)
Nature is not something that can be used to quantify the "free-resources" which global-corporate-powers have used and abused just to make more garbage to fill the veins of consumers with toxic and now-radioactive waste which is just a by-product of this Global-War on nature. We've raped and burned the planet, bulldozing mountaintops and polluted vast tracks of lakes and streams while we continue to burn the rainforests without having even begun to explore the valuable assets that these forests contain for the enrichment of all life on this planet. Similarly we have polluted the oceans before we even began to gage the wealth of knowledge they contain that could have enriched the rest of the life on this tiny blue orb. All of this is being done to reinforce an artificial 'way-of-life' that has no real bearing on life or productivity, global-health, or prosperity anywhere on the earth. Along the way liberty and freedom of speech became some of the first casualties; but now with CORPORATISM making its bid to take over the entire world, including all of nature-the end is now much nearer than it has ever been before.
Many are still skeptical, but the population of the planet outnumbers these privatizing monsters by over 5,000 to one: And when the day comes (and it will come very soon now) there will be a massive rejection of all these so-called powers that seek to artificially own and control everything about this place, and every single survivor on the earth.
WE must end the UN, the FED, and the entire government of this place and begin life anew with a totally new paradigm based on promoting and enriching LIFE, instead of DEATH. If we can't or won't do this, then there will be nothing here for anyone to ever have again. Nature has all the time in the world, and she will regenerate herself-but we'll just disappear like the apparent mistake in the species-selection-process that we most probably have always been, because we REFUSE to hold those that decimate this planet to account, for anything from the slaughter of native-populations everywhere to the farce being played out in Fukushima Japan.
Did you know that corporations now OWN parts of the human genome? It's not just the seeds, the food, the flowers, plants and other forms of life and living species; it's your life as well. That means that even your own body is no longer legally yours to own and control-beyond the criminal interests of private corporations! Damnit people, how can you just 'accept' the idea that you're just another resource (Human Resources) to be owned and controlled like sugar, wheat or oil? They put a price on owning you from the day you are born; and now they want to cash in that DEBT that you are unaware of: Because you and I are no longer valuable enough to be allowed to live in THEIR NEW WORLD.
"Life" cannot be patented because it violates the laws of nature: Neither can Life-forms or elements of nature be OWNED-the very fact that the world has tolerated this CRIME against NATURE and all other LIFE on this planet now for over two-thousand years; speaks volumes on this celebration of "Earth Day" in the middle of the FUNERAL of this planet that we have allowed to get this far!
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