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The Battle of Los Angeles, 1942
Author's Commentary: Mystery Solved?

Exclusive to Rense.com
By Terrenz Sword
I had seen the previous photo analysis, done by Steve Lacey (8/31/05) on the RENSE.com site [http://www.rense.com/general93/batofla.htm], as well as some done by others, and felt they were very interesting, but thought no more about them. Since I had never had the quality photo original that others had managed to obtain, until it appeared online, nor have I been able to determine who took it, owns it, or has rights to it, though it was originally published through Associated Press.
Consequently, I had never bothered to do any "photo analysis" of my own; as I never deemed it necessary. All that was important to me was that there was definitely "something" stopping the light beams from the searchlights, from going off into infinity. That alone is proof of there having been an object being fired upon.
But one day I looked at it again, and a bell went off! In the past I had never been able to discern a "recognizable" shape in any of the pictures before, and then it hit me: I had seen that shape before, knew exactly where, and what ship it was!
So for the 2010 Edition of my book on this historic event, I will for the first time reveal my "ultimate conclusion", based on what I feel is the best evidence to date: that not only was this an UFO, but it is now an IFU: Identified Flying Object!
The object in question, is what infamous contactee Billy Meier has labeled, a "Variation-IV, Pleadian Beamship", that he not only photographed, but photographed in almost the exact position as the photograph taken in 1942!
"Variation-IV, Pleadian Beamship"
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Take a good look at Photo 1. Now take that photo, and utilizing any photo editing software, turn into a "reverse" or "negative" image, such that instead of being lit by the sun from overhead, the image now appears to be at night, lit from underneath as in Photo 4.
Photo 4
Now combine the images, isolating the ship from its background, and adding it as another layer, and reduce its opacity to suit, for me at about 40%, and combine the images, as in Photo 5.
Photo 5
As you can clearly see, it is an almost perfect match! Even though the two pictures were taken decades apart, with different cameras, in different countries, by different people, it is clear that someone has allowed these photos to be taken for a reason! (My full composite is on the cover of the new edition)
Photo 6
I am sure that many people will find cause to not believe their eyes, and conclude that this is all an elaborate fraud, but it is the best evidence you are likely to find, that not only did the United States military shell an alien spacecraft over Los Angeles in 1942, but the pictures that Billy Meier has been allowed to take, are indeed authentic, and that both incidents were staged, not by Earth humans, but by these "Pleadian visitors", if that is indeed where they are indeed from; though we have no way of proving, or disproving what they say, and so far have no reason to doubt what they tell us.
However, in light of a constant barrage of propaganda films, the message has always been clear: spaces aliens are bad guys!
First of all I do not know why, all of a sudden, there is so much interest in this story, that there are actually THREE "Battle of Los Angeles" movies dueling with each other. First it was the movie "Skyline" last year, there is a direct-to-DVD movie "The Battle of Los Angeles", and the coming big release of Sony Pictures "BATTLE: LA".
The reason for this "aliens are to be feared" propaganda is a matter of human history. In no instance, has the superior human power not taken advantage of, and shown merciless cruelty toward, the weaker power. We are living in a age of near constant warfare. The rich have always exploited the poor, and continue to this day. As of yet, we have no robot slaves, so we still enslave other peoples. Slavery has been integral to human civilization, as we know it, since the beginnings of our species, which begs the question: Are we really truly civilized now?
The fear of invasion is one we have lived with throughout our history, and is a legitimate concern, considering we no longer even have a Space Shuttle, much less a Starship Enterprise (unless you believe "Stargate SG-1"), and won't even be able to maintain the International Space Station much longer (such a waste). We also have no way to retrieve all of NASA's other space garbage.
There can be NO higher power than the US government, its allies, enemies, and the Judea-Christian-Islamic church, who all want to keep us under their control, even if it means killing us. It simply won't be allowed, without a fight. So they have given us 50-plus years of negative propaganda towards alien species, to justify the endless human warfare, an endless sparing match as practice for the big day when we unite to fight a common enemy. But it seems we may wipe each other out before that happens. It's called "stuck on stupid"!
There is little fiction of humanity living in the future, without having survived a truly planet destroying war, which would send us back to the Dark Ages, if not the Stone Age ("The Fintstones," without slave dinosaurs). In fact, there are no (known to me) positive sci-fi movies/TV shows of people living in the future on Earth at all (please don't say "Back to the Future")! Having grown up on "The Jetsons," I always considered it a great (though ridiculous) example, until a cartoon in the "LA Weekly" some years back pointed out that they are never shown on the ground, on Earth, because it is waste dump, so they must live (like gods) in the sky ("Astro Boy").
So here we are with a choice, just like in the (propaganda) television show "V: the series" (remade).
Which choice will you make? Trust the aliens, or trust your government/religion? Will they usher in a new age, or enslave us? They are waiting patiently for an answer. It s obvious to me they don't want war, as we will be destroyed in any fight. If they are going to enslave us, what are they waiting for? Frankly, I am tired of the debate.
As part of this "ultimate conclusion," I am submitting two additional photographic animations. The modern-day Los Angeles photos (which were sent to me by Prof. C. Scott Littleton, who appears in the book, as a living eyewitness) are alleged to be from the location where the original "1942 battle" photo was thought to have been taken. Though this area, called Baldwin Hills, is populated now, back then it was (and still is) an oil field.
It seems to me, that the original 1942 photo was cropped from a larger picture; which indicates the photographer was further away. I have taken the 1942 photo and superimposed it onto the modern day landscape, in a manner thought to be consistent of the original 1942 photograph, and then placed the Meier photo into the scene, at the size that matches those two photographs, to create a reconstruction of what people may have seen, had the ship flown over in daylight, and had they been paying attention. Note that the lighting of the Meier craft also matches that of the modern daylight scene, though neither photographer knew I would be matching these photos. (1942-1976-2010: intervals of 34 years. Compute that!)
Photo 7
Photo 8
It may be that the craft was actually further away, but based on my current reconstruction (which may or not be correct), it appears to have been rather close; considering the craft is said to be only 10 meters in diameter, and given the angle of the search lights, not that high in the air.
Believe what you choose.
As far as I am concerned, I feel this case is closed!
From the book The Battle of Los Angeles, 1942: "The Mystery Air Raid" 2010 Edition
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