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Arrogance And Nuclear Power
By Jim Kirwan
Our first warnings happened in near secrecy 65 years ago with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that the world for the most part has ignored.
In an effort to keep and expand 'nuclear-power' Eisenhower introduced this continuing crime against the world as something he called
the 'peaceful atom.' From that root, this nightmare has grown to the point that entire world is now held captive in its deadly-sway.
Today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Chernobyl. The first peacetime catastrophe which has still not been given the priority necessary to end the source of radiation that is still being emitted from that broken nuclear site. And it's been about six weeks since the Japanese government, the IAEA and the Nuclear Safety Agencies along with GE (the manufacturer of the reactors at Fukushima), theUS government and the N.W.O.; have all sided with obfuscation, outright lies and disinformation about what is and has happened with the Fukushima nuclear site.
If any person had been RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of millions that will flow from this "accident" that was not an accident: That person would be tried and made to pay for their actions (or inactions) accordingly. If any company or government could be shown to have had a hand in creating this CRIME, then they too ought to be at least investigated for their complicity in keeping the details of this event SECRET, in LYING about the extent to the damage and the danger to the global-public, as well as FAILING to exhaust every method to entomb this continuing nightmare before it can do even more harm to the people and the planet. Yet nothing has even been hinted at in this regard: because this event was and still is, a major part of what has been planned in the elite's designed plan for the rest
of us. Proof of this is everywhere these 'nuclear-plants' currently exist: Because in every place there is no plan for evacuation, or containment should there be a nuclear-event.
That is so because all nuclear events are uncontrollable, by their very nature! What is possible is that the immediate public in whichever surrounding area must be evacuated, immediately. In Japan that action has still not happened and it's been six weeks since the explosions began. During all this time there has not been a real evaluation to establish RESPONSIBILITY for either the initial failures within the plant, or for the horrific FAILURES to protect life in the immediate area from the continuing emissions or to attempt to limit further damage from the explosions and meltdown that are yet to come from Fukushima. This Arrogance-of-Power is what has marked everything to do with "nuclear-energy,' from the moment it began to make its appearance across the world. So who will pay for all this death and destruction-and WHY has nothing been done to identify the FAILURES and those whose actions have furthered these failures who must, in the end, be held accountable before the whole world.
The corporation that built these reactors ought to be dissolved. The governments that allowed this to proceed without public-safeguards must be thrown out of office and charged with CRIMES against HUMANITY. The "problem" of nuclear-power is global and there are NO PLANS anywhere to 'protect the public' from the threats contained in the 'peaceful-uses of atomic, nuclear or plutonium power." To continue to rely upon this Archangel of Death and global-destruction for any "peaceful-use" is not just an oxymoron: It bestows an automatic death sentence upon the people of the world.
Obamanation says 'Nuclear power is the cheapest and the safest way to supply power to people everywhere.' This massive lie is directly-contrary to the facts that clearly show, when everything involved is added into this equation: The FACTS are that "nuclear is absolutely far-and-away the MOST EXPENSIVE, and THE MOST DANGEROUS PATH that could ever be chosen for anyone, in any nation to choose: Because there is no way to stop what "nuclear" does if there is any kind of accident or sabotage to the plants themselves. Our problem is that the population of the planet did not have a choice or even a voice in those 'decisions' that were made for us by those same people who now want us dead!
These nuclear plants (worldwide) have brought us unending nuclear-POLLUTION and unimaginable costs that have driven up the PRICE of this method beyond the ability of the nations of the world to deal with the problems that they created when they went nuclear. Finally they presented the world with the unsolvable global-problem ofPROLIFERATION on a scale that has never been contemplated before-because had the truth been known anyone could see that this is global-suicide! (1)
On the plus side, by way of proving that the governments around the world were and are WRONG about what we need to do to provide cheap, safe and clean power to the whole world now!
"The Marshall System claims to be the first and only system to unlock the awesome power of deep-ocean hydrothermal vents for energy, mining, and water desalination. The system is completely non-polluting. Whereas, the largest nuclear power plant in the US has the ability to power 4,000,000 homes, one Marshall System plant could power 20,000,000 homes." This video shows us the only path that is affordable, immediately possible and safe. "It can also create fresh water from the steam derived, which would also make this the most energy efficient water-desalinization system ever devised." However this option is what Cheney and his Energy Policies have tried to obstruct since Cheney created this entire nightmare for the world-because he and the elites this Zionista represents chose their profits over the lives and futures of every man, woman and child on the planet! (2)
The "Arrogance of Nuclear Power" and the non-response to accept RESPONSIBILITY for the aftermath of its use and abuse is the major component in this global disaster that is still unfolding: Not just in Japan but across the whole earth, the global food-chain and the global-water supply, without which people cannot exist anywhere! Here's one of the things that these nuclear-advocates have tried to cover up. The MOX fuel tanks blew up in a nuclear explosion, and a meltdown. (3)
"Chernobyl is over. Fukushima hasn't really begun. Chernobyl released a huge radioactive cloud when it blew up. Fukushima will exceed the Chernobyl release in a year no matter what else happens. It will easily exceed the fallout created by all 2000+ nuclear tests - which were stopped because enough tests make a nuclear war unnecessary. Once you irradiate all the plants and all the animals and all the fish and all the people, dropping bombs is superfluous.
Those melting nuclear cores aren't going away. There are additional differences. Chernobyl didn't dump radioactive water into the world's primary fishing waters. Fukushima will have to dump highly radioactive water into the oceans for many years just to PREVENT a Chernobyl-type accident Fukushima will be many times worse than Chernobyl and will continue for, possibly, hundreds of years.
I was asked yesterday how soon someone could go back to the area of Fukushima Daiichi, buy land, build a house and do a little farming and fishing. 20,000 years. "No, really." Well...three hundred years after the last fission reaction stops. And then another 15,700 to allow all the isotopes it cooks up to decay. Yep. 20,000.
I have information from Yoichi 'boots on the ground' that smoke was emitting from the Kashiwazaki last week after the MAG 7,1 EQ. which occurred off Honshu on 7 APR 2011. I have further information that in addition to Fukushima Daiichi, the nuclear plants at Onagawa, Fukushima Daini, Tokai and now Kashiwazaki, were ALL damaged by the MAG 9.0 EQ of March 11 and are in shut-down status.
"I saw something really interesting today. I went to Google Earth (tm) and flew over Onagawa. The inlets north and south of the reactor and everywhere else I looked suffered enormous damage from the tsunami. Everywhere. But not even a stone was out of place at the Onagawa nuclear plant. The date on the map was 11 March, 2011.
The picture of the plant probably came from Digital Globe one minute before the tidal wave hit - but they may be from last year. I'll wager it doesn't look like that today."
The 'after' pictures show the disaster everywhere except at the reactor. I thought that was odd...so I looked atFukushima Daiichi. The reactors are damaged - we have all seen the pictures - but the photo has been manicured. Take a look. I looked at Fukushima Daiini, only 11km south of Fukushima Daiichi. The tsunami destroyed the entire coastline but somehow didn't hit the reactor at all. Which is impossible. I ran out of time before I got to Tokai, but now you know where to look. The attached report is interesting.
TEPCO wanted to re-start the three reactors at Kashiwazaki (which were damaged in a 2007 earthquake and have been off ever since).
That is not an example of forward thinking - it is pure, naked desperation.
Their idea of restarting Fukushima Daiichi reactors #5 and #6 further supports desperation. There are so many problems at SEVERAL of their nuclear plants that rolling blackouts are now the norm.
Every functional nuclear plant is being pushed to the limit and beyond in order to maintain a semblance of normality - but they are ALL in bad repair and are sitting ducks for the next mega-quake....or for ONE overworked plant manager to make a bad decision. Or simply overuse.
As of March 23, neutron beams have been reported at least thirteen times at Fukushima Daiichi. The Japanese government states that these are not the result of criticality accidents and then go right on to state that limited fission may be occurring.
Do tell! If a neutron beam is observed at Fukushima, it is from a fission excursion. You can call it 'limited fission', 'not a criticality accident', 'bubbles in the bathtub' or any other name you like but nuclear criticality is the only thing that produces a neutron beam." (4)
Human-beings have for far too long simply accepted the total lack of RESPONSIBILITY, by governments everywhere, to make the decisions that could have protected us all from this deadly and invisible nuclear-killer. But there are CONSEQUENCES for actions of this type, regardless of whether or not the politicians notice what is going on; because DEATH has a way of making itself known despite political decisions to the contrary.
This world is "OURS" or rather it was when we demanded to be heard and still cared enough about our own futures to override the criminals-among-us to prevent the premature ending of our lives. Everyone must die at some point: but what is happening now is artificially creating horrible endings where nothing of that kind was ever a requirement. This Global-Death-Threat must be confronted globally and its creators must be removed from their current positions of power; especially here inside USI. This is a matter of Global Life & Death, and if we are human-beings then we cannot simply continue to turn away. . .
1) Chernobyl Catastrophe: Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the World's Worst Nuclear Accident
2) Deep-Ocean Vents: Power Five Times Greater than Nuclear Power Plants - 4 minute- 30 second video
3) Busby: Can't seal Fukushima like Chernobyl it all goes - into the sea.
4) Fukushima Could Have Been Worse and WILL Be
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