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Americans Are Prisoners Of War
By Jim Kirwan
From LBJ to Obama Americans are nothing more than U.S. Prisoner's of War!
Every 'WAR' that has been declared, in our names, has been outrageously-lost in the steady drumbeat of erosion and arrogance that has been at the base of every one of these life-restricting wars.
From LBJ's War on Poverty and The Great Society, to Nixon's War on Crime and The War on Drugs: All the way down to and including The Bush-Doctrine and his Global War on Terror. Each and every one of these "WARS" were and still are; crimes against the public that each and every president was supposedly 'elected' to "protect" us from. Are you feeling "SAFER" now than you did before LBJ?
Each of these "programs" was based on twisted views with convoluted outcomes that had nothing to do with 'fixing-anything' just as they had nothing to do with any real-reality.
The War-on-Poverty was actually a war against the poor that served to mask the massive amount of government aid that went directly to the corporations as Corporate-Welfare; while it criminalized the poor for being poor and targeted 'Welfare-Queens' that obscured the basis for the inequality in America which was the real-reason for widespread poverty in this country.
The Great Society was another erosion of ethics and good-judgment in yet another effort to segregate the rich even further from the poor by catering to strict-capitalism for those that provided services to the poor, while catering to communistic-principles for the owners of the nation; when it came to who would cover their losses. The poor in the Great Society were treated as half-persons in need of guidance, while those corporations and lobbyists that jumped on the chance to administer to the unfortunates got filthy-rich.
The War on Crime was the vehicle that allowed the public to criminalize race and poverty to the point, where the whole of America could be racist and elitist at the same time as they began to demand the imprisonment and punishment of everyone that committed any infraction of any law, anywhere at any time. This was also the beginning point for privatized prisons, thus turning this flood of new prisoners into a bounty of illicit if not illegal profits, for the same people that brought us all these wars upon the integrity and humanity of this nation.
The War on Drugs began to show the world the hypocrisy and gluttony of the leadership of this place, as they first cornered the markets on illegal drugs and illegal weapons; while decrying the heavily increasing use of the same drugs (and weapons) they were supposedly in-charge of limiting throughout the land. This was and still is a no-brainer! When you control the importation and the distribution of substances that have been outlawed (Thereby keeping the prices extremely high): It is the height of criminality to then turn this entire project into another massive income-stream to fund the Shadow-government (whose entire purpose is to destroy this nation and not to save it): But then uses the money-thus-generated to declare more illegal wars upon nation after nation around the world.
The Global-War on Terrorism: This was the composite of all of the foregoing that the Bush Doctrine turned into his preferred path-to-prosecution for any American that might ever choose to stand in his way. This is why Bush-the-Decider chose to begin to spy on all Americans seven full months before 911. And if you still don't "get-it" you have only to try and get through an airport today without being radiated or sexually molested: These thugs at TSA and VIPER as well as the so-called agents with ICE, Immigration, or even local police forces (without names or even badge numbers) are merely token thugs whose only purpose is to intimidate the public. National Security has NOTHING to do with it!
Our so-called CRIMINAL-just-us SYSTEM was massively undermined by these otherwise little-noticed political programs that were given major exposure at the time of their creation but also were allowed to die in the universal darkness of the colossal FAILUES that each of them has been.
What has happened is that drop by drop since JFK was murdered the ability of people to live life for themselves has all but disappeared: Thanks hugely to these contrived-national-programs that have each contributed to the total capture of people who once thought they were free.
The not-so-subtle erosion of "law" in America has also played its part at every step. The LAW, in America, demands that trials must never involve any real emotions. Yet whenever Life & Death are involved in the consequence or outcome of these trials: No emotions are allowed within the rooms (owned by the police-state) where these things are decided. America since the advent of LBJ has become a barbaric and inhuman place where there is no longer any need to hide the GREED, the injustices, or the ARROGANCE of Government opportunists. Lies were the guiding light for LBJ; his bread & butter if you will. Now they have become the nations only staple in this nightmare wherein everyone lies about everything now; because anything less might be showing some kind of weakness. Any socity that is based solely on LIES cannot survive for long!
None of us are 'gods' yet we allow the state to claim all sorts of rights that would in effect make them into "Gods" in their eyes-but who are Monsters in our view. Ultimately all these created WARS upon us all must come down to each and every one of us; because all politics is ultimately local and each of us must one day answer for the things we've done or failed to do. That is so because at the end of everything we are all "just people."
Most of all we need to end these wars-without-end and we must begin to cancel the corporate charters of the largest corporations; that are using the people of this nation like toilet paper or road-kill: Whichever is needed most on any given day. Either this is our country or it belongs to the ones that can steal the most and get-caught the least.
The one other thing that needs to finally be ended is the farce of the two largest political parties. How can anyone with a brain continue to believe in anything or anyone that represents themselves as being part of the power-base that has consciously tried to murder this population time after time. Apparently Amerrikans have the memory-span of a gnat or maybe something smaller. Day-in and day-out these same people sell their constituents down the river for a bribe or a kickback, or just because they can: Because they know that there is NOTHING which this public can ever do about it. What's happening today in Wisconsin is the perfect illustration of this vile and completely Anti-American stance. When LBJ took office this system had been shattered: And it's been all downhill from there! (1)
Have you got your prison jump-suit yet; cause you're going to be needing it very soon IF you don't get off your ass and begin to try and change this nightmare for yourself, as well as for anyone that you care about!
LBJ & The State of the Nation 1966
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