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The American President - Actor,
Chauffeur, Salesman, Puppet
Thirty Years of War and Peace and Best Actor
Awards for Our American Presidents

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to Rense.com
Back in 2003, while researching my book, The Guns of Dallas, about the execution of JFK, I spent considerable time attempting to define the US president, especially over the past fifty years. Most Americans believe, as did I as a child, that the US president is the most powerful leader in the free world. The truth is a bit more complex and yet very simple. The US president is an actor, chauffeur, salesman and puppet. Often all of the above at various times.
Certainly the most recent US president is a textbook example. Less a world leader than hipster chauffeur, Barack Obama impresses me as a limo driver, rather than the CEO. As chauffeur, he is suave. He greets the elites and is well-paid for his driving skill. But he is told where to go by people more powerful than him and how to get there, obvious from any observation. Like most recent presidents, BO is also a well-trained actor. He rarely deviates from his scripted lines and maintains theatrical poise, especially with his trusty teleprompter to guide him. A salesman, his toughest job is to sell a very bad product: US government deception, chiefly the enormous imperial debt and secrecy amassed over the past fifty years. Lastly, BO is a puppet, a pretender to the throne rather than a natural heir. His slogan, "Hope & Change" deceived millions of simple and naïve people on promises he cannot really deliver, much as the pizza delivery boy cannot give you the winning lotto ticket. Sadly, the first and probably last Black American (Kenyan some claim) president will go down in history as a clever fraud. As a former limo driver myself, I glimpsed his uniform very early in the game. Google JFK and Obama: Profiles In Courage and Cowardice.
Unlike Barack Obama, the previous presidential actor, GW Bush never betrayed his core audience. Instead he simply betrayed the country as a whole for eight long years. An aggressive chauffeur, he seemed to want to drive the country, I mean car, off the road. Happily for his handlers he had a man named Cheney as designated driver, while the "war president" as he liked to be called, posed by the limousine (or aircraft carrier) for photo opportunities. However the important driving was left to DC. Chiefly a puppet, rather than actor or salesman, president Bush was handed the country after the fraudulent 2000 elections. Asleep at the wheel, GWB had that slightly deranged look of a sociopathic hit-and-run driver on the morning of 9-11, aware the limo had swerved and struck a million innocent bystanders (and counting) and so awaited his owners to vouch for him during the following eight years. I wrote more about GWB in my column (Google) A Tale of Two AWOLS.
Given enough years, humans will often think fondly of their former leaders, despite their lack of actual leadership skills. Looking back, most Americans think of the Clinton years as a sort of extended Seinfeld saga, prosperity based on nothing more than smoke and mirrors or FIRE as the experts say, with "Bubba" as both George Costanza and Kramer, beloved sociopaths, selfish and misguided but not inherently evil. But they would be wrong. From Waco through OK City to the repeal of Glass Steagall, BC did the bidding of his handlers and left for greener pastures. History will not be kind to BC, although his former Yalie sidekick, Hillary, looks to be well-groomed to become the first-and last-woman US president, should that appointment be arranged to happen by the PTB before the empire finally crumbles.
Which brings us to George Herbert Walker Bush, former head of the CIA, prior to being awarded the US presidency in 1988. Recently Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner for doing essentially nothing, awarded former US president GHW Bush the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for doing essentially nothing. The medal was a lifetime achievement award, sort of like a belated Oscar or footprints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for actors.  Probably in a few years, the Bush family, father and son, may grace some form of US paper currency, perhaps a million (or trillion?) dollar bill, much like Woodrow Wilson graces the $100,000 bill, for his work as the godfather of the Federal Reserve. A decent salesman for the NWO, he coined some memorable lines, hinting at his New World Order handlers and his alleged remark: "If the American people had ever known the truth about what we have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched" seems to be an honest self-assessment. GHWB served as chauffeur for a dozen years at the White House, four of them in official capacity. A capable actor in supporting role, he looked presidential without appearing too puppet-like. Ross Perot effectively erased the incumbent Bush in 1992 to make way for chauffeur Clinton, once GHWB outlived his usefulness for the elites following the contrived Gulf War One. 
People like to think of former US president Ronald Reagan as an excellent leader and the so-called "Great Communicator." Oddly, that was the exact same title used to describe Joe Stalin. I prefer to classify RR as just another actor with a soothing voice elevated to play the hero while actually playing the villain, a sort of genial sociopath. Certainly, along with LBJ, Reagan jump started the huge national deficits of the last fifty years, while befriending the fiscal fraud and foreign policy failure we have today. RR was probably closer to being a deluded old thespian, cleverly manipulated by a number of psychopaths for the sake of expanding the empire while impoverishing the average US citizen. Although lauded as some sort of folk hero, RR was directly and indirectly responsible for millions of deaths. The Iraq-Iran War chiefly his handiwork, along with henchman GHW Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and others.
What I gleaned from my research into the shooting death of JFK, in the book The Guns of Dallas, I tried to reveal through my very real informant.  I discovered through him that US presidents never operate in a vacuum, as the so-called leader of the free world. They must tread a very narrow, yet predictable path as performers. They must never forget their rightful place as chauffeurs of the empire rather than CEOs. Probably, at some crucial moment, prospective US presidents are shown that Zapruder film from Dealey Plaza and reminded that "accidents" can happen. Especially to limo drivers like JFK who forgot his rightful place behind the wheel. Not surprisingly he was removed from the limo and another, more obedient, driver took his place.
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Douglas Alan Herman lives in Bullhead City Arizona and is very bullheaded. Email douglasherman7 @ yahoo.com
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