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The 2002 Bush Doctrine Triumphant!
By Jim Kirwan
This is from the first article I wrote and is about how the Bush Doctrine of 2002 was created: by the Congress of the United States, under instructions from The Council on Foreign Relations, who actually took over from the Congress after Harry Truman created that Council, for that purpose. This was titled An Open Letter to Congress.
"You are collectively about to grant an open-ended hunting license to The Commander-in-Chief, in perpetuity. IF you do this you will individually and collectively be held responsible by history and by the citizens of the world, for your arrogant desecration of the rules of all recognized ethical behavior and international conduct. In brief - you will officially be opening that Pandora's Box that contains the chaos, the rebellion, the hatred and bigotry that this world has tried for centuries to contain.
Please make no mistake: What you are about to do is a cowardly act, and IF you do it you will be giving little bullyboy Bush a License to Kill on a global scale.
Since this man came to office, the Congress of the United States has failed in its duties to the public you are sworn to serve, and to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold.
In instance after instance you have entertained and passed a steady stream of un-American laws and Resolutions that are squarely aimed at undermining the Constitutional provisions of the Bill of Rights and many of the Amendments to the Constitution, which are matters of existing law.
You seemed to have done all this because of something as nebulous as the Polling numbers, which the president currently claims to have. Apparently you are unaware that this president lies. You are not there to pay attention to the polls. You were elected to the offices you hold to exercise your best judgment in dealing with matters of state, of defense, and of the national welfare. You have failed to do what you were elected to do.
Those failures have brought this nation and the world, much closer to the brink of chaos than was here-to-for ever thought possible. This has happened because - despite your vast individual experience and your official reputations - you have allowed your greed and fear to dictate and control your votes, on all issues that have come before you.
The failures of George W. Bush will cause history to cringe from the mention of his name - in coming days. It is up to each of you, as to whether the Congress of the United States will share the infamy that Bush is creating with his beyond-the-pale policies both at home and abroad.
When this president came to power - people had jobs, there was a huge surplus and the world was at peace. Even before the rigged election Bush began talking recession. This became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thereafter Bush began a series of complete reversals of the nation's course on international agreements of all kinds. This man is clearly unqualified to lead anything larger than a small bar full of drunks. His language is primitive, his professional knowledge of diplomacy is non-existent, and his feelings for his fellow human beings make a mockery of all that matters in the real world. And yet you embrace him even as you grovel in your pathetic attempts to please him.
The disastrous results of you complicity in 'W's grand plan to steal the essence of this nation by subverting its laws, its founding principles, and its national honor in the family of nations - is a crime against the people of the United States, because your actions are undertaken in our names. These dire actions of yours are probably not technically covered by legal codes; because there must be loopholes that protect you from the folly of your official votes. But mark my words - you will stand convicted in the court of public opinion before all this comes to the catastrophic end that it is destined to reach." (1)
This criminal act of national submission to an unelected Dictator, George W. Bush; marked the beginning of the Bush Doctrine of 2002 which is and was the power behind everything that has been done to the world and to the old USA since we gave Bush this "License to Kill.." Whoever still has questions about what is beginning now in Libya needs to understand that this act of Treason against the government of this country was 'agreed-to" by the Congress that gave-away their whole reason for being: Which was the literal oversight oF the Executive Branch of government-that allowed Bush Jr. to become an American Dictator. Everything else that we have done since that moment-has come directly from the abrogation of Congressional oversight which allowed the USA to abandon LAW and civic order in favor of the Death of Truth and the national embrace of LIES-UNENDING; which is how everything that has happened since 2002 to go UNCHALLENGED!
This was also true for every aspect of American life and is the real reason for all of the illegality in Finance, Health, Education, and government at all levels: Because the so-called government that people think they have is no government at all: We are a Fascist Police-State pretending to be a Democratically controlled Republic.
ALL our national polices and actions are SECRET and none of those secrets have ever been shared with the public because the public has always been the true enemy of the imposters that hold this government hostage to foreign interests at every level. The failure of the public to demand IMPEACHMENT of the entire Bush administration, led directly to the continuance and increased criminality of Obamanation and goes directly to this latest outrage which is the official opening of a third WAR on Libya. This latest 'WAR' has nothing to do with protecting civilians and everything to do with recreating more of what Afghanistan and Iraq began, and it is designed to frustrate what is happening today in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Bahrain.
If anyone was serious about removing Kaddafi, in order to free the civilians in Libya to rule themselves: Then all we would have had to do was to use our supposedly smart weapons and kill him. The rest of his mini-empire would have immediately vanished once the money supporting them was cut-off. Yet somehow we seem to have voted in something that advocates "not killing Kaddafi, but supposedly "protecting the civilians inside his dictatorship" instead. That is insanity incarnate and will lead directly to just another Iraq.
IF we had a congress that gave a damn about the people of this nation then we could force congress to REVOKE the Bush Doctrine of 2002. But we do not have a congress: Instead we have a collection of Jackals and Vultures that are still working 24-7 to clean the flesh and blood from this Republic right down to the naked bones. Until we chose to see what has happened to all the political parties; we shall remain enslaved to the Zionist-Amerrikan Criminal plot to end this place forever.
We here are under attack on every front. The New Madrid Fault line was involved with the Deepwater Horizon explosions and the subsequent release of oil through huge and unchecked fissures in the ocean floor that were never addressed. Yesterday it was announced that a new oil slick a hundred miles long and ten miles wide has been seen coming from yet another rig, very close to the what was the Deepwater Horizon, This rift in the ocean floor is expected to go North into the Madrid Fault line that runs under the Mississippi, all the way up to the Great Lakes, and could easily divide this nation into two parts. See the map in footnote "2" below.
Currently Yellowstone is experiencing serious changes in the Northwest of the country; along with the volcanic-Ring-of-Fire that runs from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego at the tip of South America. Between potential earthquakes, and possible volcanic eruptions with so many poorly constructed nuclear sites situated on earthquake fault lines: The immediate outlook for 'the Americas' does not look good; as most of the 'deadlines for either eruptions or earthquakes are pending 'NOW." (2)
Of course none of the above even mentions the total meltdown of the Japanese nuclear reactors; that must be sealed at the very least-but since the Japanese government is still currently in denial; the solution that could literally bury the reactors is not yet being taken seriously.
However the real danger for the United States is the continued existence of the Bush Doctrine of 2002 that is responsible for killing billions upon billions of people around the world since it became the SECRET driving the intended global dominance, that began way back in 2002.
Amerrikans have remained FOCUSED on their own absolute SAFETY from everything that might ever threatened them: But of course threats of this nature are everywhere and always have been. Life does not offer anyone any guarantees, and never has. Our failure as a people to grasp that simple fact is what will kill us if we do not begin to understand what really-happened to this country and more particularly just WHO-EXACTLY our REAL ENEMIES actually are!
1) An Open Letter to Congress
2) RISK & the Covert War of LIES
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