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Fracking Bill Snuck Through,
Destroying America's Water
By Judith Moriarty
While you were being DISTRACTED with the hokum of a budget ... THIS bill was passed with NO media coverage.   Check to see if hydro fracking is taking place in your STATE! 
While the media went on and on and on about arguments having to do with a BUDGET due last year - HR 1380 was quietly slipped in place. NO media coverage on this destruction
affecting OVER 34 states. All under the guise of energy blah blah - being free (please) of 
foreign oil. We're NOT talking (per days of old) vertical drilling for gas - but a new 'super-
improved' technique that is destroying private wells - entire aquifers across the nation/ including great emissions of METHANE gasses killing fish/ birds etc. 
This horizontal hydro fracking put in place under CHENEY'S secret energy policy ---drills horizontally / fracturing the earth. In some areas there are now swarms of earthquakes. Cheney saw to it that this toxic drilling was EXEMPT from any and all oversight/ regulatory control. There are approx 593 Chemical used in this drilling process/ including - ethyl benzene - vylene- hydrocarbon methanlphosphete - etc. INDUSTRY (imagine) refuses, even in the case of citizen in distress (ER nurse - A.Behr - ) who nearly DIED just administering aid to a worker! Ashley ended up in Intensive Care. Natural GAS much more toxic than coal.  
T. Boone Pickens had the audacious gall ,to state on several TV shows, that decades of hydro fracturing shows no impact on the environment! He neglected, and hosts, obvioulsy ignorant didn't confront him -----is that VERTICAL vs HORIZONTAL are apples and oranges. No comparison. Pickens under the guise of goofy wind farms - is grabbing up hundreds of thousands of acres in several states - using eminent domain - SUCKING up water that he doesn't own - selling it off to large cities! 
He's done this under the radar with the focus being on wind farms which need coal plants KEPT on line due to the fact that wind is not dependable - it needs to be at a certain velocity and MANY of these turbines are found to be defective (made in China) seizing up etc. Pickens has received millions in subsidies/ tax credits. Cows grazing near a drilling site in La all dropped dead after drinking from a nearby pond - polluted with migrating chemicals! 
Anywhere from 1 million to 3 mill gallons of water are needed for just ONE well (Pickens says he has 3000!). God knows where the toxic chemically laden waste water is ending up after the drilling is complete. I have a sinking feeling - much like I had with the toxic leachate being shipped from wells at our huge ash landfill (incinerator ash/ includes mercury - arsenic - lead - cadmium etc). I envisioned these tankers collecting these thousands of gallons and then letting them leak out over our highways on a RAINY night. Paranoid? 
You bet. When you are involved (activism) with industry - any and everything happens. ALL to save a buck to hell with the citizens health! The HALLI BURTON LOOPHOLE has this industry completely free from regulations! IMAGINE - true: Those citizens protesting - upset, duh, that their wells, aquifers for towns are poisoned - their property values worth ZERO -----had James Powers of Homeland Security (AMERICAN SECURITY - this isn't GERMANY) characterizing them as 'TERRORISTS' not the industries destroying a nation's water SUPPLY. What doth it profit a man to drill for gas / which DESTROYS a nation's water? Are they dumping this waste into rivers - streams in the dead of night? Who knows? Where is it going? 
Maybe these hucksters don't give a damn/ seeing that they've bought up hundreds of thousands of acres in Patagonia & are relocating homes/ businesses to India - Dubai etc (shrug - don't know?) Then we have the truck traffic - 1,200 a day thundering over these rural roads/ small towns - day in and day out. 
READ all of below. Maybe you aren't impacted as yet - but with 34 states involved (Google - states with hydro fracking) you soon will be or a family member or friend. You may live miles from a site and still find your water ( migrating chemicals) destroyed. Right now the hucksters are doing everything in their power to possess the land north of New York City - New York has some of the best water in the country. People are PROTESTING -etc but this isn't important enough to report . Instead updates on Charlie Sheen's doper road show takes precedence or the President rushing up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial claiming VICTORY in keeping the monument open. HUH? When the administration saw no problem in NOT paying those in the military - their families! Please!
I was shocked noting the sponsors and 70 co-sponsors of this bill. Many of them from states suffering toxic poisoning of wells etc. DID they even bother to research the subject? Did they watch the Academy Award nominated GASLAND - that shows what's happening? Apparently - like the Health INSURANCE bill they didn't. And this bill was only 27 pages - NOT 2,700! - JM
PS - I almost feel that our nation is being given over to total destruction what with destruction of the Gulf - toxic waste sludge on farmland - toxic mining sludge ponds ( 1,200) - pesticides by the bushel on crops - growth hormones to cows - toxic incineration - mega dumps polluting ground water/ rivers - nuclear reactors with NO disaster plan - water takings etc. We have NO oversight or regulatory controls over the most egregious polluters. Christie Whitman not only gave the all clear for workers (many sick and dying now) of 9/11 but was involved in the exemption of hydro fracking ( 2005 - Energy policy by Cheney). WHO is protecting the country - the people's health? 
Fracking Insiders Score Big in New Gas Bill.  Americans Not Told the True Costs of Massive Drilling Plan
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