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Wooldridge Attacked For Stand
On Human Overpopulation

By Frosty Wooldridge

This response answers Mr. David McElroy's emotional attack against my work. His letter stands below this reply.

Mr. David McElroy, albeit well-meaning, may want to "cowboy-up" an understanding of key terms facing humanity in the 21st century: limited "carrying capacity" on this finite planet-finite water supplies; finite oil supplies; finite oceans; finite fish stocks; finite resources; finite habitat for other creatures to live and procreate-and many other realities. As our water, energy and other resources remain limited or diminishing, our human population continues to add 80 million annually net gain, another 1.0 billion every 13 years, as we head toward an added 2 to 3 billion by mid century.

While I write about those realities, the McElroy's of the world love to live in denial that humans now cause over 80 extinctions daily of our fellow travelers as we enforce the "Sixth Extinction Session", or in simple terms, the greatest die-off of other creatures since the "Fifth Extinction Session" by a meteor 65 million years ago. While living in denial, McElroy cannot help but misdirect and misconstrue my efforts. What are they?

My mission: to raise the discussion to bring about a stable and sustainable human population level on this planet that lives and thrives within the carrying capacity of this finite globe-so that all plants and other living creatures may enjoy their lives, too. In addition, I work to move the human race toward abundance, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.

Like the struggles of 'Galileo' countering the Pope, this 21st century McElroy Pope-type person cannot and does not bring the facts, but does work through emotions to denigrate my work. He cannot do it any more than the Pope could withstand Galileo's facts. My work will prove self-evident within the next 40 years, one way or the other. If we do work toward human population stability, his kids and all others will thrive; if not, his kids and all others will suffer.

Dr. Paul Ehrlich said, "All causes are lost causes without limiting human population." Another scientist said, "If we fail to stabilize human population gracefully, or Mother Nature will do it brutally."

While McElroy writes about 'ifs' and other fantasies, 18 million humans starve to death around the planet annually. Over 3.1 billion live on less than $2.00 per day. (Source: Roy Beck, <http://www.NumbersUSA.org>www.NumbersUSA.org, "Immigration, poverty and Gum Balls".)

Smarter men than yours truly would contest Mr. McElroy's charges: "Pressures resulting from unrestrained population growth put demands on the natural world that can overwhelm any efforts to achieve a sustainable future. If we are to halt destruction of our environment, we must accept limits to that growth." Signed by 1,600 world scientists from 70 countries including 102 Nobel Prize laureates. I stand in good company Mr. McElroy.

At no time have I called for 'population reduction'. I support population stabilization by dropping all immigration to less than 100,000 annually because that's how many egress the country each year. Women in America averaged 2.03 children since 1970, so we enjoy a stable civilization. We need to help all Earth citizens in their own countries not just bringing a few over here while they fail to solve their fecundity predicaments via ancient religions and cultures. McElroy needs to avoid putting words into my mouth.

If McElroy thinks facts such as "Peak Oil" and "Peak Water" won't upend our civilization, I again bring more brilliant minds:

"As we go from this happy hydrocarbon bubble we have reached now to a renewable energy resource economy, which we do this century, will the "civil" part of civilization survive? As we both know there is no way that alternative energy sources can supply the amount of per capita energy we enjoy now, much less for the 9 billion expected by 2050. And energy is what keeps this game going. We are involved in a Faustian bargain-selling our economic souls for the luxurious life of the moment, but sooner or later the price has to be paid." Dr. Walter Youngquist 

"The quality of water in rivers and underground has deteriorated, due to pollution by waste and contaminants from cities, industry and agriculture. Over one billion people lack safe drinking water, and thee billion lack sanitation; eighty percent of infectious diseases are waterborne, killing millions of children each year." World Bank Institute

Put that in your pipe and contemplate it Mr. McElroy because I witnessed it first hand-which gives me the passion to become a modern day 'Galileo' messenger.

McElroy thinks we can remove the 'evil' dudes-yeah, like that's going to happen! When the oil depletes and as it becomes scarcer, everybody will be scrambling for a mouthful of food and water. Probably McElroy sat in his ivory, academic tower while I bicycled across the planet for the past 40 years to witness what I write about.

No, I do not attend to Agenda 21 or any such nonsense. I work to educate, create discussion and debate at this critical time in history. We cannot deny it, escape or avoid the harsh realities raining down on us like a Hurricane Katrina. We must come to terms with human overpopulation both in the United States and worldwide. It's not wearisome, or negative unless you choose it. I present the facts and nothing but the facts.

We must, and I agree with McElroy, move toward simple, minimal, agrarian, environmentally safe and compatible lifestyles that thrive within the carrying capacity of this planet. To get there, we must first stabilize human population by birth control, family planning, prudent choices and rational actions. If we fail, the Four Horsemen will do it for us.

"We must prevent human tragedy rather than run around trying to save ourselves after an event has already occurred. Unfortunately, history clearly shows that we arrive at catastrophe by failing to act when we should have acted. The opportunity passes us by and the next disaster is always more difficult and compounded than the last one." Eleanor Roosevelt

"Imagine a country which employs the principles of personal responsibility, freedom and accountability for future generations. Everything you do-counts! If you do nothing, that counts likewise. When you read sobering information, do you want to give up or fall apart? Or, do you want to engage like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George and Martha Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King, Oprah, Barbara Jordan, John Muir and other Americans. You represent Jefferson, Oprah and/or Dr. King of the 21st century. Consider it your honor and privilege to become a part of the solutions. Engage the present to change the future! Become an agent of the change you wish to see." FW

David McElroy's attack on Frosty Wooldridge:

Frosty Wooldridge is busy with his single chord solo against humanity, conveniently side-stepping certain facts I know have been raised before his face by such as myself, among others. His playing the sad violin is wearisome. Yes, the Earth is finite and there are limits to growth in a finite world. Certainly some major changes in the way we live need to be made. Immigration is totally out of control in America, a country offering ridiculously generous terms offered nowhere else on the planet. The trespassers are richly rewarded rather than punished with the measures meted out to citizens long legally established in multiple generations and forced to bear the costs of supporting the aliens. Obama and the UN, however, insist we are violating human rights in defending ourselves against the veritable invasion from Mexico.

But he frosts my butt in claiming "peak oil" and "peak water" and food shortages, etc. are cause for population reduction. The shortages are entirely artificially created by corporatist privateers looking to bring us to our knees, just as the banksters have been exposed in their fractional banking ponzi schemes of usury and fraudulent mortgage foreclosures, "debt instruments", hedge funds and such. Such as Frosty seek only to destroy us so that certain elite families and their chosen technocrats, scientists, engineers, doctors, and push-button soldiers can live in luxury without the bother or threat of us unruly mobs now deemed "useless eaters" in the age of automation. Billions of working class people and independent middle class sorts are an impediment to the fascist tyranny of the New World Order.



Frosty is a shill for the fear-mongers whose goals are posted on the Georgia Guide Stones calling for no more than 500,000,000 people on the planet, "re-wilding" most of it according to UN Agenda 21. The elite would enjoy vast "nature preserves" and isolated estates while the needed workers would be tightly contained and micro-chipped in designated urban industrial centers living with the same privileges afforded currently to North Korea's working caste. See Tom and Nita Horn's Forbidden Gates outlining how the elite want to replace us with "enhanced" micro-chipped, genetically engineered drones controlled by a computerized "hive mind" like the Borg featured on Star Trek. DARPA is among the agencies driving research for such things as "super soldiers" and mind control, drones, etc.

We need to remove the evil corporatist mindset from the planet. The consumerism, the "throw-away" products and "planned obsolesence" need to end. Industrial pollution and many household chemicals need to stop entering the environment. We need to rethink pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and fertilizers in their impacts. We need to stop driving people into urban concentrations piling up pollutants, refuse, congestion, stress, etc. We need to spread people out over the arable Earth on small plots pursuing independent agrarian lifestyles much like the Amish are known for. It is a prosperous lifestyle for the industrious and intelligent, even if it is mocked as "Luddite" and "old fashioned". It is proven over centuries to be healthy, wholesome, and even happy. Natural forces and human sensibilities in a free market would limit population without the military/industrial complex creating poisons, dangerous vaccines, killer viral pandemics, eugenics, or genocidal wars.

Have you ever noticed on Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry's ideal future, planets have only a few million people at most? Those few enjoy a luxurious hi-tech lifestyle, assuming they are not a mere slave working to support such fantastic advances with blood, sweat, and tears. This is the world Frosty's supporters envision. It is a world for THEM, without US! Who will die? That is the question Frosty sidesteps repeatedly. I would suggest he set the example and walk his talk by removing his carbon footprint from Earth and donate his corpse to push up daisies.

The Earth has a vast carrying capacity in the biosphere. But greedy, egotistical, psychopathic corporatists who insist on keeping us enslaved are imposing tyranny with deliberate shortages, pollution, crowding, causing stresses and poverty, pain and death. Freedom and independent simple living can provide well for the health and happiness of all of us. The elite are driving farmers and ranchers, homesteaders off the land by regulatory excess to let corporations and governments seize the land under Agenda 21. We can employ much of what modern science has provided, but we must return to simple agrarian lifestyles and cottage industries. To hell with collectivists corporatist slavery and genocide! Take note, Frosty!

David McElroy

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