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Wikileaks, Defining the Moment? 
By Jim Kirwan
Wikileaks has let the cat out of the bag because what their supposed leaks were meant to accomplish, is clearly shown in the map below.
The GREATER State of Israel.
Israel is demanding their "right to steal parts, or all, of TEN countries: Part of Turkey, most of Syria, half of Iraq, a tiny piece of Iran, half of Kuwait, a huge piece of Saudi Arabia: All of the Suez Canal, half of the Red Sea, a large slice of Egypt and all of Palestine, Lebanon and Jordon. And US Inc. has decided to help them do it with our money and our forces which they still believe that they (US INC) actually owns outright: The only ones that don,t KNOW who they are OWNED BY, are the stupid and the lazy Americans that will not disturb themselves long enough to find out what-the-hell is really going on!, (1)
This article is in response to a new crop of CIA-Mossad trackers that have unleashed a new broadside, against what I,ve been saying lately, which tells me that I,m beginning to close in on what is not to be voiced.
When you think about which countries the leaks deal most severely with, aside from USI (and of course the Zionistas are not even mentioned in the latest releases), the other nations that come in for some heavy lying are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran. Iraq was touched on earlier but is considered already destroyed as a nation; and hence not important enough to bother with in the latest broadside. Pakistan is the lone orphan from the rest of these counties, but she too is a nuclear-armed Muslim-nation, and still controls a number of pipelines as well.
Look at the map above"and you can clearly see that the plan to finish creating The Greater State of Israel, has been behind everything that Wikileaks is currently trying to accomplish, with Assange,s latest document dump.
Since USI & the Zionistas have been unable to get the world to swallow their lies about 911, weapons of mass destruction, and a whole host of other crap having to do with their efforts to bolster their versions of events since the New Millennium began"they have decided to "leak what they want to sell the global public, through a supposedly honest investigative outlet called Wikileaks. Some say that USI is "leaking power now. But power is more than having a military super-power; one must have an economy and money to stay ahead of the rest of the world. USI does not have the clout, the military muscle, the economy, or the money to succeed in this latest venture. But Israel has ordered the hit on Iran, and is trying to blackmail USI into doing exactly what they want"it,s all there on the map.
Iran must be hit because they already have nuclear weapons (they bought them instead of making them), to defend itself. And Israel simply cannot tolerate a nuclear neighbor that could indeed match them weapon for weapon"hence USI must end the threat to our evil little brother-state"or else!
The supposedly secret-cables (low-level gossip mostly) speak of outrageously false information by almost anyone,s standards who has even an ounce of journalistic honesty somewhere in their being. A great many people have taken the bait: But a great many more have not! This is becoming a fascinating confrontation, but on its outcome hinges what is left of resistance, in the wider world.
The flip side of Victory is Defeat. Neither has a face. Victory has a million fathers, Defeat is always an orphan. Apparently the Zionistas and their CIA cohorts can,t seem to tell the difference between these age old symbols"which is why in the end they will be defeated. Just like we lost in Vietnam, we will lose in the Middle-East because we have failed to even remotely grasp the enormity of what is being sought there.
What is astounding is the utter inability of people to connect the dots. Even in WWII no country, publicly at least, sought the desecration and annexation of so many other nations"well"at least not before they began their military operations, to crush and capture those nations that stood in their way, to prevent total victory.,
By the way, this Greater State of Israel, was planned long before Dirty-Harry Truman got blackmailed into proposing this cynical deal with the devil that became the only internationally recognized state to have been created by United Nations fiat. (The UN along with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, are all controlled agents for the New World Disorder). So it,s easy to see why the Zionistas have failed to abide by any UN Resolutions"except the one that created them.
Maybe the global public will awaken from their sleep, of nearly a hundred years, in time to end this nightmare"maybe not. But if people will look carefully beyond the volume of the leaks, to the actual facts supposedly being given to the world for the first time, by a professional whistle-blowing agency: They just might see that in light of the needs of the Greater State of Israel; there are very many supposed facts that simply don,t add up"if the leaked documents are to be believed!
1) When War is Peace Then Truth Becomes the Lie! http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2010/art123.htm
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