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Collapsing The Virtual Reality Part I
Explaining The Paths By Which The Truth Shall Set Us Free

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
As is becoming obvious by the day, judging by events around the world, an inexorable decay has set in on every strata of existence. However, it is pointless to simply read page after page of incidents and disasters without understanding the mechanisms of change affecting the planet at this time.
That a state such as Queensland, Australia, almost 3 times the size of Texas, and that also a smaller but still significantly large state, Victoria, can be devastated so quickly and absolutely by floods, seen in conjunction with other events around the globe, avers to the presence of unprecedented processes in the world today. Worse is yet to come, much worse. And not just in Australia but around the world. Catastrophes shall be the order of the day.
Those who have opposed me and what I have had to say in the past and who still want to irrationally say I am wrong about what is going on are fast running out of places to hide.
It is obvious humans have little control of what is going on in general, and the lies used to cover up the inevitable are now seen as lies at last.
Forget the fools who try to convince you, and themselves, that this Earth is about to quantum leap into a higher, purer, utopian dimension. These are the same fools who had tried to tell us there is no Evil, the same fools who said that they would heal everything by the Harmonic Convergence of their empty-headed skulls in years past, and the same fools who are now claiming that they are effectively meditating their way out of the mire, but are, in actual fact, descending rapidly into the Terminal Madness of the Endtime which I have discussed at length before.
They are not just fools of course. They are Captains and Minions of Evil attempting to deceive the rest of us in order to maintain the Illusion of their Virtual Reality.
Some in their co-operating midst are Viables trapped by the nonsense those of Evil spew. And these spewers have in their ranks, priests and popes, gurus and Dalai Lamas, as we see when we examine religions, and other supposedly authoritative institutions and their mind-destroying, and spirit-draining, mendacity.
The reality is that Earth is sinking into the lower regions of Hell as we breathe. Of course, as I have stated many times before, those judged worthy to continue their evolution elsewhere will be rescued in time to start a new evolutionary cycle outside the sphere of Evil in which we are trapped at present.
I have predicted in the past that this is the Final Generation for the Planet Earth. Of course poetic license is implied in such a statement, for everyone who is familiar with forecast and prophecy realizes margins of error do occur. It is difficult to be precise with dates for events planned in another plane of existence. Time differentials can be massive.
But as I have explained at length both in books and on radio shows, the outer limit appears to be somewhere around 2035 for total annihilation of the physical as we know it.
I also mentioned that as the well-publicized cyclic Planetary alignment occurs, estimated to be a precise positioning by December 2012, Earth would experience bouts of "dirty wind" coming from the introitus of this galaxy. This is the crucial and fundamental difference between this alignment and previous occurrences.
This "dirty wind" is an imbalanced prana which has no countering, stabilizing, good energy component as in the past, for the Divine Energy, the good energy (the theomorphic prana), as I have also explained previously, has been totally withdrawn, not only from this planet, and this solar system, and this galaxy, but from all the physical Universe and its physical sub-dimensions. And this will cause the anticipated implosion, with finality, of the structures of the Celestial Error, which was spawned by the accidental emergence of an Evil Mind. I have explained these concepts at length in my books.
In practical terms, what concerns us now is to understand what all of this means in our daily lives.
Everything is fracturing, is that not so?
The physical is taking a battering; fauna and flora are becoming extinct; the financial being is fatality wounded and about to die; minds are fragmenting and mental illness is at an all-time high.
BTW, many are suspecting illegal HAARP activity for the deluge that affected Australia. Alas, the scenario is even more complicated than that. Esoteric factors are at play, and the water that inundated our plains, seemingly from nowhere ­ there certainly had not been enough rain to produce such an instantaneous and unprecedented vast deluge ­ had its origins in a sub-dimension and entered this one through a tear in an interdimension aperture. Remember the raining of frogs, and fishes? Go figure, Book of the Damned notwithstanding. I mention this not to frighten anyone but to show the matter is complicated, and that forces outside Humanity's, and Earth's control are afoot, and more of these accidental supposedly incidences are due. "There is more to learn yet, Horatio.."
Every system is running short of energy; anger is rising, as are violence, distrust, dishonesty and malevolence of every kind.
Demonic immorality has come to the fore, and nothing is any longer sacred or safe.
Thus my prophecy of inexorable decay to an endpoint seems justified.
This prophecy contained sub-clauses and included the following:
Before the end, each will be exposed in his or her ontological nakedness. What that means is that we will all see and acknowledge who is who. Already this process is well under way, and we can see those of an evil ilk, even if they are running nations, and running religious institutions, etc. This process will accelerate and expand. There will be no stopping it.
People will simply not be able to hide their true nature any more. Many have worn masks of Deceit and adorned themselves with false auras. They will be unable to continue doing that.
The lying, deceiving hypocrites will be seen for what they are and no one will be fooled any more.
This process will continue and further collapse of the Virtual Reality will occur.
As time progresses, many will note an increase in their psychic abilities without effort on their part. This will allow an even more accurate recognition of who is who, who is planning this and that, who is being deceitful, who is not to be trusted, etc.
A natural conclusion of these 2 processes, namely exposure of the ontological nature of individuals and restoration of psychic acumen will mean that those of differing energies will be more easily seen, and they will no longer be able to mix freely with others. In other words, wolves will be seen when they approach the flock. Hence, there shall be an automatic breakdown of units such as marriages, families, partnerships ­ emotional and business ­ for those of diverse energies will not be able to stand each other. This will be a spontaneous process and nothing can stop it.
Thus, knowing who we are, and who the others all are, and what they are up to, certainly helps break down the illusion of Evil called the Virtual Reality.
Awakened ones will then be more aware of energy drainage, of energy vampires, of energy traps, of pollution, of negative energy accumulation, of demonic possession, etc., and they will take extra precautions and further steps not to be spiritually disadvantaged in these desperate times.
The fact that these evil mechanisms exist is the reason why the evil demons have insisted, rather stridently, that, in fact, they do not exist, that we are all the same, that we are one, that all energy is the same, that there is no evil, etc., etc. By being able to hide these evil mechanisms, they have entrapped the Theomorphic beings far more easily.
The Assertion of Oneness is not simply a correlating Dogma of the Evil Assertion of Jehovah's Monotheism, but a destructive Illusionary Mechanism for better acquiring the exploitative benefits of the Virtual Reality.
But this awakening is now part of the self-realization of Truth that shall set us free!
In Part 2, I shall discuss the Illusion of "Oneness"
Copyright J Chiappalone, January 29, 2011.
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