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TSA Expands Into VIPER
 (Visible Intermodal Protection and Response)

By Jim Kirwan
"TSA officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the agency is expanding training for a limited group of screeners at other airports in preparation for the holiday travel season. Those airports serve Los Angeles , Miami , Dallas-Fort Worth, Cincinnati , New York , Houston , Detroit and Chicago . TSA spokeswoman Yolanda Clark said the techniques include taking notice of high levels of stress, anxiety or deception. 'This is a part of a larger effort to add more complex layers of security that cannot be manipulated by those seeking to do us harm,' Clark said."
Of course, more than a few people are stressed out by the prospect of flying on planes or even embarking on trains in close proximity to strangers. It appears the only people employing deception will be the TSA undercover snoops. Ms. Clark's remark on "more complex layers of security" is telling: in fact, this "security"-killing mental patients in Miami and chasing down and executing South American train commuters in London -will eventually permeate the entire society and will not be confined to airports and train stations. It's no coincidence that local police are increasingly militarized and trained to consider the populace at large as the enemy.
"Federal officials said there is no new intelligence indicating that terrorists are interested in targeting transportation modes. Rather, the Transportation Security Administration is trying to expand the role of air marshals, who have been eager to conduct surveillance activities beyond the aircraft, and provide a beefed-up law enforcement presence at bus, train and public transit stations over the busy holiday period."
In other words, the government admits there is no imminent terrorist event and thus no reason to turn airports and train stations and ferry docks into totalitarian microcosms. It should not be surprising that "federal officials" are "eager to conduct surveillance activities" on the populace at large. Of course, the eventual result of this will be a macrocosm of tyranny-not that the populace at large is particularly concerned because they are sufficiently conditioned to surrender their birthright liberties at the door, thanks to the al-CIA-duh asset Osama and the Seven Dwarfs, fantastically plotting our demise from caves in Afghanistan, sort of a larger-than-life scary campfire story designed to frightened into acquiescence a population instructed to suspend critical evaluation and judgment.
Finally, the TSA "viper" (an apropos title) concept is a massive violation of the idea that local law enforcement will be responsible for their jurisdictions (and the next time some "conservative" tells you about the right of the states to manage their own business without federal intervention and bemoans big government, you can laugh in his face). But then, as David Adams, spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service, told the Washington Post, sending out the spooks and thugs armed to kill mental patients and nervous people with dark skin, "is part of our responsibility to assist in the non-aviation domain. The whole purpose is that people will not know when we're going to be there or if we are going to be there. It's a preventative approach."
And Orwell's Big Brother wanted you to know he was watching always through the telescreen. Our telescreen is a work in progress. In the meantime, you will be advised to get used to being watched, to being evaluated, sized up, and possibly chased down and liquidated, as was Rigoberto Alpizar." (1) This comes from a 2005 story that is about to get a whole new life: See the ending segment of this video that I have also transcribbed below: (2)
Aside from everything else which this government, acting on behalf of Israel , is routinely doing to us at airports: Now they have begun to target bus stations and possibly trains as well. The costs of these additional programs is astronomical, especially when anyone considers how deeply wounded both the economy and the public have become under ten long years of massively and purposely misguided "leadership." There were just two issues with TSA. One was the loss of rights and the second was the criminal behavior of its officers. With the expansion into VIPER; the public can now look forward to an entire panoply of irregular and "very serious" threats from the government directed at what used to be the public-but which has now become just the "targeted enemies of the US & Israeli governments" (that would be the ordinary citizens of this place), a place that used to be a nation.
Beginning at 7 minutes, 7 seconds into the video: "What's Next 'Well look; first of all flying is not a right ­ it is a privilege' the TSA literally believes they can make up their own laws. Congress and the White House apparently agree. It's the sort of security we've seen a lot of since 911 in places like airports and seaports and major sporting events. Now here at the Bus Station to 'sort of invent the wheel in advance' in case we have to ­ if there ever is specific intelligence [never has been before so why would this suddenly begin now] requiring us to be here this way. This way us and our partners are ready to move at a moment's notice. What we're lookin for are threats to national security as well as immigration law violators. We're also looking at one of our main initiatives which is called 'cash smuggling' And so passengers ready to head toward Orlando, Jacksonville and points north had to go through a series of checks. Susu (a drug sniffing dog) gave the bus his sniff test.  It's all part of what Homeland Security calls VIPER for Visible, Intermodal, Protection and Response ­ yeah they're big on initials. In this team effort between TSA, ICE, PBB, and TPB ( Tampa PD) ­ it's on-going for us we do this everyday. [So much for the 2005 story above ­ VIPER has been reborn and funded]
Imagine showing up at the airport and being handed a little device ­ a bracelet that will serve as your boarding pass; it would track your lost luggage, and it would also shock you with the same power as a Taser if you 'get outta line.' A top official with the Department of Homeland Security (name not provided) has expressed interest in these so-called "safety bracelets" So is this really the future of Air Travel?
Enough is Enough Fire John Pistole Administer of the TSA: Fire Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security: Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security. In the meantime Stop Flying!
Go to <http://wewontfly.com/>WeWontFly.com"
When, if ever, was the public going to be clued in about this expansion of the absolutely failed TSA program that has to date not stopped anything from ever happening. Who is going to pay, in the middle of this depression, for this massive increase in bogus "security" without end? Damnit America is there nothing that you won't just continue to tolerate? Watch the whole nine minute video: then ask yourself just when it was that you signed up to be a plaything for perverts in uniform. Deviants with dreams of power that can literally do anything they want to you from grabbing you out of line and beating you senseless for no reason at all ­ all the way to forcing you to stand in your underwear before an entire terminal full of strangers ­ because you have a prosthetic that Homeland Security refuses to acknowledge?
Israel applauds and is enriched by these things that we are doing to our own citizens at their direction, and without our permission in direct violation of the first and fourth Amendments to the constitution that is now as George Bush said "Just a god-damned piece of paper" George has now joined with Henry Kissinger, the Butcher of East Timor and other places in becoming a War Criminal that cannot leave the country because both Bush and Kissinger are wanted by the Hague for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity ­ but hey ­ do you really care!
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