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Veteran's Day In The Depression
By Jim Kirwan
The Tower of Babel has been depicted down through history to illustrate the confusion that the futility of stolen language has added, throughout time, to the massive con which leads not only to national depressions but to global wars unending.
This is "Veteran's Day" in the heart of one of the darkest Depressions that the world has ever experienced-yet America still persists in calling this a Recession-on-the-way-to-a-Recovery. This view will end in a sea of blood and a cacophony of fraud and treason without equal, unless people begin to not only find ways to make their voices heard; but in the end succeed in forcing those changes that must occur if there is to be a tomorrow that actually has a future.
What has this got to do with Veteran's Day?
Few realize that whenever a nation goes to war it is not only those in uniform that are involved; it is every citizen on all sides of the conflict. Millions upon millions of American lives were lost in the major wars that we have been a part of: yet we only focus on the deaths of those that directly fought, supposedly for flag & country. This year we need to become aware of the fact that we are all 'veterans' of everything that our former nation supposedly ever-went to war for. All that death that we created, as well as those deaths we suffered from: If this is to be remembered then we must find some reason for our efforts that would include a general rise in the well-being of the public and that so-called better-life that so many fought to protect and to insure.
Today because of the deepening Depression, we can all clearly see from the last ten years of completely criminal policies that the Bankers and the Corporations (their dark-knights of acquisition) have succeeded in turning almost all the lives of those that work into a living hell. Because wages have been going backwards since the Trilateral Commission meeting in 1973; where the decision to make it impossible for any one job to support a family was decided on. Here's a short but very clear description of exactly how this all became possible in what was once called "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave." This was of course before nation-states were taken over by the global bankers and the New World Order. (1)
We are all Veterans' today of the mass-murders created by lobbyists and political opportunists that serve to create the legislative quagmires wherein our futures die from political neglect and blatant greed in a world that no longer has any use for those that ultimately make all their profits possible. The illustration above is just another version of that pyramid upon the back of every US one-dollar bill that clearly shows that we are owned by The New World Order and have been since the Fed was created in 1913.
For the last ten years all our policies and all our wars were created with only one 'eye-open' and that was the eye to global domination. In this takeover the public has silently watched while everything they thought was theirs was publicly destroyed by government decrees and bogus laws like the USA Patriot Acts. Our standard of living is in the public toilet; our jobs have been sent overseas, our rights are gone; and now Social Security and Medicare (the basics required for the poor) are on the political chopping block. This tyranny will benefit the same people that have been meticulously destroying this society column by column since Bush took the White House in collusion with a criminal-decision by the Supreme Court on 12-12-2000 that put Bush in office, with their illegal decision, that stopped the count in Florida and appointed Bush to his throne. Since that dayAmerica has been going backward at ten-thousand miles an hour while the public remained silent. Why then are we still allowing these same creatures to direct all our efforts against everyone that is not an insider?
Many believe that there is "Nothing we can do!" However that is not true, and there is actually now an example of what ordinary people can and must do now. This example comes from an England that is locked in a huge battle over their 80 percent increase in the cost of tuition for higher-education; while cutting government funding to education by 40 per cent. The result was a protest march of over 50,000 students and people in the streets.
"Here's (another) example of how a left-wing fight back has begun in Britain - a Coffee Party, rather than a Tea Party. For years now, the massive mobile phone company Vodafone has been refusing to pay billions of pounds of taxes to the British government that are outstanding. The company - which has doubled its profits during this recession - engaged in all kinds of accounting twists and turns, claiming much of its business takes place in ultra-low tax Luxemburg. They owed a sum the investigative magazine Private Eye calculates to be more than £6bn ($9.5bn).
Then, suddenly, the Conservatives came to power and canceled almost all of the outstanding tax bill, in a move a senior figure in the British IRS says is "an unbelievable cave-in." A few days after the decision, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was promoting Vodafone on a tax-payer funded trip to India. He then appointed Andy Halford, the finance director of Vodafone, to the government's Advisory Board on Business Tax Rates, apparently because he thinks this is a model of how the Conservatives think it should be done. At the same time, the Conservatives have announced a cut of £6bn ($9.5bn) to the support given for poor people to be housed, which will drive 200,000 people of their homes in London alone. This is not an isolated incident. Richard Murphy, of Tax Research UK,calculates that UK corporations fail to pay a further £12bn ($19bn) a year in taxes they legally owe, while the rich avoid or evade up to £120bn ($190bn).
After I wrote about this in the British press, many people emailed me saying they were outraged that while they pay their fair share for running the country, Vodafone doesn't pay theirs. One of them named Thom Costello decided he wanted to organize a protest, so he appealed on Twitter - and a big crowd of enraged citizens shut down the flagship Vodafone store on Oxford Street in protest. "Vodafone won't pay as they go," said one banner. "Make Vodafone pay, not the poor," said another. The reaction from members of the public - who were handed leaflets explaining the situation - was startling. Again and again, people said "I'm so glad somebody is doing this" and "there needs to be much more of this." Lots of them stopped to talk about how frightened they were about the cuts and for their own homes and jobs. The protest became the third most discussed topic in the country on Twitter, meaning millions of people now know about what Vodafone and the government have done.
Then the protests became a wave. Across Britain, ordinary citizens went to their local Vodafone store and shut it down. In 21 different places spanning the whole ofBritain, the shops have been forcibly closed by protesters. (2)
Why could this same thing not be done here-given how many people are now unemployed so that having the time to demonstrate ought to no longer be a problem: Especially now among the social-security crowd whose basic checks are about to be attacked again? Remember that wars are supposedly fought to IMPROVE lives, when the truth has been, since the Federal Reserve took over the printing of our money, that our wars have been fought to improve the criminal classes, the bankers and the corporations along with their real owners in the New World Order: To actually end the viability of the lives of all the rest of us ­ worldwide!
Lyndon Johnson was worried about how long the White House barricades could hold back the public if he tried to continue his war on Vietnam: He was very worried that the public might actually lynch him. But since all the "representatives" are now protected by BLACKWATER and their various offshoots; that "worry" has seemingly disappeared. If the public forced the congress, to do without these mercenaries, then the decisions they continue to make might be very, very different today. Those private-guards are not there to protect government officials from terrorists ­ they are there to protect these traitors from the American-people they are trying to kill.
If you want your country back then you have to begin to DO the things that can make that happen and that has to begin with protests: Of the type that England mounted against Vodafone (above). Does America still have the stomach to mount a real resistance to this takeover by those that ought to have to flee the country; rather than to face the wrath of most of those they have openly targeted for permanent-elimination?
The billions of ghosts from all our wars are beginning to make themselves felt and if we do not listen to their legitimate cries for equality and freedom, from this tyranny that we are living in today, then how shall we justify our lack-of-action to our children, or even to ourselves in those long dark nights when we know we have failed ourselves; in this most basic of all decisions: The acceptance of the personal responsibility that goes with being alive and still having choices in a thoroughly corrupted world that is hell-bent on self-destruction. Unless we stand together against these emerging evils of this ruined empire, we will soon join with the Tower of Babble in the dusts of history, where all the Failed-Empires go to die!
Here's someone that could easily be targeted for demonstrations:
Peter Peterson is 84 years old. He's old enough to relax and enjoy the fruits of the years he was well paid for managing other rich people's money. Why is he spending his fortune to convince politicians they should ruin the average guy's retirement?
Today Peterson announced the next facet in his long campaign to hack Social Security, including a joke Presidential candidate named Hugh Jidette ("huge debt") and a website called Owe No. His aim is to convince Congress to raise the retirement age, cut Social Security's cost-of-living increases-and raise the payroll taxes we pay for Social Security and Medicare. It wouldn't matter what one cranky octogenarian billionaire had to say if he weren't putting $6 million into ads, funding "expert" commissions, and spreading lies designed to panic the populace.
Maybe Peterson figures offense is better than defense-he's got a lot to defend. He made his fortune as a hedge fund manager-that is, moving money around-so he ought to be living in fear. Someone might get the idea he and his buddies would be good folks to tax. It's like Willie Sutton, the famous bank robber, once said. Asked why he robbed banks, Sutton replied, "Because that's where the money is."Peterson and pals are the ones George Bush gifted with big tax breaks that are set to expire December 31. Although he says his top priority is reducing the deficit, Peterson doesn't want to cut that deficit by putting his own taxes back where they were in the 1990s.
It's hard to get your head around how rich Peterson is, and how many rich people there are in this country. But here's how to put their money in perspective, in relation to Social Security. If Congress decides to extend those tax cuts, for households making $250,000 or more (the top 2 percent of earners), the money the Treasury will lose would be enough to put Social Security in the black for 75 years--and raise benefits by 2 percent." (3)
As Veterans of all our wars we have a responsibility to everyone that died in all our wars. There is a lot that everyone can do now-all that's missing is the private will to make these public demonstrations' real!
1) Central Banks: What Happened to America
2) Protest Works. Just Look at the Evidence And Start to fight back
3) Billionaire Launches Campaign to Slash Social Security
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