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The Superbowl Of The Middle-East
By Jim Kirwan
In Africa: Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger andNigeria. Moving Eastward: Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Still further East are Malaysia and Indonesia.
These thirty countries are all at stake at this moment: As most of these places are in the crosshairs of the Zionista Occupation Forces with financing and weapons furnished by US Incorporated. This has been the case for over sixty years and it was the reason for the West's attempt to create a nation without a people in1948 when Israel was ripped from the heart of Palestine and "given" to the Ashkenazi-Jews, to augment the Zionist-state that lacked a real population of its own.
This Sunday America is holding another one if its mega-events that are supposed to stop-the-world in admiration for our athletic supremacy:
This one is simply called "THE SUPERBOWL"!
Events in Cairo and all over Egypt are still fluid, at the moment, but the Amerrikan government will more than likely want to have the "problem-of-Egypt" solved before kick-off time for the 'Superbowl' 'Superpowers' never like to leave their public much time to think about anything; especially not something as pivotal or "regime-ending" as the outright overthrow of one of their puppets along with his own Torture & Murder-Express-that Egypt has been providing for the New World Order-since long before the beginning of the War-On-Freedom that the US initiated in 2001with the bombing of Afghanistan. Afghanistan it must be remembered had nothing to do with 911- as that bombing had been planned well over a year before.
Afghanistan was Part One of the two part war created by preemptive strikes. Part Two was Iraq. "Former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld says in his memoirs that ex-President George W. Bush ordered the Iraq war just two weeks after September 11."
(A requirement for the Bush Dynasty, to shut down Saddam and his knowledge of Bush Senior's Drugs and Arms dealings throughout the Middle-East. The Price for our murder of Saddam, that I asked Bush about in 2002, is still obviously continuing to mount.
"In his autobiography scheduled to be released on February 8, Rumsfeld writes that 15 days after 9/11, when Pentagon's focus was on Afghan war, Bush called him to his office and ordered a review plans for Iraq war." (1)
Go back to that map above and look at all the places that currently have to fight off their own people that want their puppet-regimes gone. This includes: Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Chad, Egypt, Libya,Algeria, Morocco, and Nigeria. As well as: Syria, Palestine, Jordan,Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Turkeyhas already left the puppet-category and become itself in full opposition to Israel and to a lesser extent USI. Malaysiaand Indonesia are still violently active and could still go either way. Latin America is already come more than half-way toward recreating themselves successfully against the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and all the other "institutions" created by the New World Order to enslave the whole planet in this global-grab to own everything and everyone in the world!
This Ladies and Gentlemen is the real SUPERBOWL of power, of enslavement, and absolute totalitarian rule on one side and the peoples of those places and the rest of the world that includes the old-USA and Russia; Germany, France, most of modern Europe: In visible opposition to one degree or another against Israel and the USI. This is the TRUE SUPERBOWL and it is the one contest that the world cannot afford to lose!
The last time that so many millions had to face off against such sadistic and power-driven forces was in Spain during the Inquisition. Francisco Goya documented the rise of the Inquisition and his etchings (that were sold worldwide at the time), even in the New World as well as Europe proved to be extremely valuable in bringing an end to the torture and crimes of both the Church and Spain-in their Fifteenth Century prequel to The "New World Order" of 2011.
Among Goya's etching can be found parts of the people's solutions to ending the careers of those that did the beatings, the rapes and the tortures that marked the Inquisition for what it was: A multi-headed Crime Against Humanity. Here are women, with children on their hips fighting for their lives against the hated soldiers that had come to rape, to enslave, or to kill them.
How long will it be before the people of 2011 are forced to face this kind of brutality from Mubarak the dictator, or from his "replacement," Suleiman, the butcher that heads the Secret Police of Egypt. That is not a choice; that is suicide for the people of Egypt! Will it come to this? The world hopes NOT: But so far at least the puppeteers and their dangling marionettes still do not seem to have received this message from Goya, or from the overwhelming weight of the world of history that can never be denied. (2)
America needs to begin to think long and hard about these things because we are next and we are not prepared because for the entire time that these crimes have been building up (since "we" created Israel) we have stood by in silence while over a third of the world was under the kind of personal siege depicted above!
Every WAR is personal in the most extreme way possible; especially when it is your life that is the one about to be taken. (3)
1) Iraq War Ordered 15 days after 911
2) Tens of Thousands Mass in the Streets of Cairo,
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