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Intended Map Of 'Greater Israel'
On Back Of Shekel

From Karl Schwarz
I was recently shown something by a person who was on the West Bank and tried for 8 months to get assistance to Gaza and those on the West Bank, too.
I have never seen any denomination of Israeli shekel until I was shown a coin they had left over from their stay in Racist Zionist Israel.
Note the back of the coin where they proudly display their intended map of Greater Israel.
That is the Herzl / Zionist map of everything from the Nile River to the Tigris Euphrates. Palestine / Israel is a small sliver on the left side of their Greater Israel. As most thinking people know and those who have a clear understanding of the Bible and theology, there is no historical basis whatsoever for the claim that they are entitled to everything between those two rivers.
There is no Palestinian coinage or paper money; they have to use the shekel in Not-so-great Israel and get their nose shoved in a pile of crap daily.
It is little wonder to me why the Arabic world views Israel as a clear and present danger to their life, property and sanctity, or why US policies that are both blind, myopic and as equally racist have destabilized that entire region of the world.
If they will put such nonsense on their money, one can only wonder at what sort of stupidity lurks in those Zionist minds.

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