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Shanghai Photos
David Chu
1. The China Pavilion "The Crown of the East" at Expo 2010.
2. No idea what this structure is for. But it's fascinating to look at!
3. Going through security check at Expo 2010 (water bottles are OK if you will drink it!)
4. A giant UFO has landed at Expo 2010! Actually, it's the Shanghai World Expo's Cultural Center.
5. No idea whose pavilion this one belongs to! But it's very exotic!
6. Ultra modern and clean toilet facilities at Expo 2010 (squatting required).
7. Complimentary drinking water station at Expo 2010.
8. Lake Las Vegas on steroids? No! A night cruise on the famous Huangpu River at Expo 2010.
9. Famous landmark a stone's throw distance from where I grew up in Shanghai.

10. Where I grew up in Shanghai is now a park!
11. A"bike" lane in Shanghai (traffic by motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles is both ways!)
12. You want a custom-tailored Qipao (traditional Chinese dress for women)?
That will be $600 yuan ($88 USD), please!
13. Ahh, the Colonel is more ubiquitous in Shanghai than Mr. Ronald McDonald!
14. A neighborhood vegetable and meat market in Shanghai. Organic produce?!?
15. Meat Market 'R Us!
16. These two cute kids were having so much fun playing on the floors of the market above
that I had to take their photos (I won't touch these dirty floors with a ten-foot pole!)
17. Me somewhere in Shanghai at a man-made lake.
18. Hey, I think that's Nicole Kidman on that giant billboard! This is the famous East Nanjing Street.
19. Zillions of umbrellas on East Nanjing Road, shopping center of the universe!
20. The Number 1 Dispensary (pharmaceutical) Store in Shanghai. Six floors!
21. Inside Shanghai Number 1 Dispensary Store. Floor Number 3?
22. Las Vegas on steroids or what?!? Maybe the Las Vegas before the 2008 crash.
23. These shoppers are lining up at a Chinese restaurant on East Nanjing Road because they are hungry!
24. Financial shopping center of Shanghai? No! The famous landmarks of Shanghai. On the right side of the
photo, the silver building sandwiched between the "bottle-opener" building known as the Shanghai World Financial
Center on the right and the HSBC building on the left is the Ginmao Tower where I had my in/famous elevator encounter.
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