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Life In The Shadows
By Jim Kirwan
Life in the Shadows of the Global-Corporatocracy
This image is an idealized view of the difference between true Power (symbolized by 'letting go') and Impotence (hanging on to every last cent).
What we are seeing now inside Egypt is working because of the huge backlog of crimes that have been built over decades: And the Egyptian people's true understanding about exactly how this nightmare came to rule over them all. The release of this pent-up people power could and probably will work; because the Egyptian population fully understands that their freedom does not depend on factions of the population, or dictators that have seized power illegally; but on the unification of all religions and all the people that are Egyptians first.
Last night I dreamed the part I left out in yesterday's piece "Israel Actually Does Not Yet Exist!" (1)
The real Global-Corporatocracy in this lethal combination with Zionism; is what is at the root of everything that is killing us all, globally. That combination is what murdered the nation-states outright and replaced them with puppets everywhere that have never had any relationship to the people which they attempt to "herd."
It is the Global-Corporatocracy with Zionists controlling all the levers of power inside those corporations that is what we all are faced with each and every day: and while that is perhaps the most deadly combination of all: Even, and especially, this must collapse into that coming sea of global-blood which it will no doubt attempt to create, in order to regain its own momentum. However last night, while I was waiting for a pizza, I caught an interview on CNN that actually said; "the people in Egypt have realized that they do indeed have real power and they are using it to push back the police and the civilian clad secret police - what remains to be seen is how far the air force which is hovering and the secret death squads will go, and which side they will end up supporting. . ."
That's the set-up that virtually all countries in the world now face. However there are two things are not being included in this mix: First is that neither we nor the Israeli's have enough military or money to actually create another war inside Egypt. that's just a very unpleasant fact of both political and military life: and the second 'thing' is the real strength of the Egyptian people and all the millions of others around the planet that want this vile combination of the multi-national-privatized-pirates and the Zionistas GONE, GONE, GONE!
Ironically if we were serious we (if we were indeed free-people) could revoke corporate charters everywhere they exist; which would force them to put on body amour and take to the streets themselves - or just run for their lives. Ultimately this tyranny will only end when everyone directly involved in running this nightmare has been outed and dealt with directly: That's the ONLY way this level of corruption can ever be dealt with; because they will NEVER give up power willingly. Yet history shows us without exception that every time this type of control has tried to capture everything in a "known world' of any period in history the result has always ended in the same bloody way: Not because people wanted violence, but because those with their filthy hands upon the wheels of state refused to relinquish power regardless of the futility of not-doing so.
This is how the war in Spain between the French and the Spanish ended during Goya's time as recorded in Francisco Goya's series of etchings called "The Disaster's of War." Although he was the Court Painter to the King of Spain, he did this as perhaps one of the very first chronicler's of the ugliness of human warfare. Ironically his etching survived because in a desperate effort to keep his own head he gave the original plates to the Spanish Crown, because the powers in Spain realized that history would find these works to be extremely valuable in later years: hence Goya got to keep his head and we have his work to reflect back upon.
This represents what has 'always been" but this is afterall the twenty-first century in a new Millennium; with massively new and potentially world-changing technology (not just in weapons) but in global communications as well! Who is to actually say now ­ that this war upon us has to end the way all previous wars have ended-maybe there actually is a better more peaceful way to end this seemingly intractable nightmare?
If the Egyptian people were able to do all that they have been able to accomplish in just one week of real protests; why not believe that much more can be accomplished as the other nations that have been seized by despots begin their own rebellions against this attempted global-seizure of the world's formerly sovereign nation states?
This time just might be the time for humanity to do what they have never done before: Which is to actually end these continuing power-grabs by some means other than the mass slaughter of everyone at the top and a huge number of those at the bottom. All in all last week was indeed World-Changing and possibly there is still much more to come. So the week ahead
ought to be one hell of a week for the entire human race!
Will this be enough to stir the arrogant, self-contained ignorance of the multitudes of Americans that until now have still not paid enough attention to the huge differences to everything that has gone before in this "Facebook Revolution"?
If we do finally begin to "get it" then there will actually be a chance for us all to begin revoking the charters of these Corporate-privateers-worldwide. These members of the Corporatocracy are simply too big to be allowed to continue to exist; either inside or outside the framework by which ordinary people must live their own lives. Corporations must be returned to being specifically formed arrangements that come to an end when the project they were created to accomplish are completed-because otherwise as we have seen-these corporations become governments unto themselves and will only continue to seek total dominance wherever their "interests" lead them.
That might sound impossible but then if anyone had said that Egypt could revolt and actually drive back the security police "peacefully" two weeks ago: We would still be laughing at even the thought of such a thing: Yet today that is already a proven fact, watch the video here. (2)
Corporatocracy in 2005
"In business this process was greatly increased when corporations were given the right to behave as individuals might, with all the rights that people have, but with none of the responsibilities. Recently this was intensified by corporate officers who were allowed to imbed their personal actions beneath the shield of corporate activity - and from this simple twist of rarified privilege, the dye was cast that created the walls that divide our two-tiered world.
From this simple equation the world has come to live under new rules; rules that favor the rise of the global Corporatocracy that now rules this planet. In this new paradigm, distractions share their bed with lies and disinformation that all together have created the subversion of all that most people once held dear. Yet this is affecting not just one nation or even a region of the world, but rather this tyranny affects every nation, while 24,000 people starve to death every day. John Perkins wrote a book about his part in creating this monstrous plot - and below are some of the things he says about how we came to be here and what the goals of the new Corporatocracy really are.
"Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign "aid" organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions, during this time of globalization."
"The real story of modern empire-of the Corporatocracy that exploits desperate people and is executing history's most brutal, selfish, and ultimately self-destructive resource- grab - has little to do with what was exposed in newspapers that morning and has everything to do with us. And that, of course, explains why we have such difficulty listening to the real story. We prefer to believe the myth that thousands of years of human social evolution has finally perfected the ideal economic system, rather than to face the fact we have merely bought into a false concept and accepted it as gospel." (3)
The world needs to disregard what has gone before and come to grips with eliminating both the vice-grip of the Global-Corporatocracy and the obscenity of its' thuggish enforcers the Zionistas; that have become publicly despised outlaws, the world over.
We need to begin to become as interested in our own freedoms as the Egyptian population has become, in freeing themselves from puppet-masters and dictators: If we are really free people then we too can do this right here on the streets and highways of America; but if have already decided to 'surrender' then we should just "shut-up and do whatever we are told by our own "security thugs' without badges or names that routinely treat us like the cattle we've apparenly become!
1) Israel Actually Does Not Yet Exist
2) Watch Hundreds of Armed Riot Police run for their lives -video
3) Life in the New World Order
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