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Science Wants Respect
By Dr Joseph Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It
This is an extract from my book "My Experiences of Aliens and Other Realities."
I was prompted to post this after seeing the reports of the possibility that the CERN scientific experiments could well create havoc and indeed obliterate the planet.
The concern is genuine, for these just-too-smart scientists, under the regime of the evil Archons in control, have actually destroyed massively in the past.
1 If any of you were in Atlantis (many of you were) and can regress back to that time, you will know that these same miscreants experimented with Crystal power and mixed it with diffused and fractionated Solar energy to blow up the continent.
2  They had previously blown up Maldec (Vulcan) the planet that was in orbit where now we see only the asteroid belt. They did this by playing god with fission and accelerators, just as they are doing at CERN. Those of you with psychic vision will recognize the many Vulcanites now amongst us.
Is this Science Fiction? You tell me.
Read on and awakening to the reality of this Evil-created mess.
This is an extract from my book "My Experiences of Aliens and Other Realities."
Some time ago I read a report stating that the prestigious Alfred Sloan Foundation, which had $US 1 billion to splurge, has enlisted Hollywood to enhance public understanding of science and technology. In other words, more respect is wanted for science. It deserves it, does it not? After all, it has given us all the following:
* Better house heating - and Global warming,
* Better communication - and microwave-induced brain frying, with brain cancer galore,
* HAARP technology to induce mass insanity,
* Birth control - and inadvertent sterilisation of all biological systems, including humanity, through wanton, irreversible chemical and radioactive pollution,
* Nuclear-powered electric lighting - and fatal nuclear waste,
* Mobility via the petrol-engine vehicles - and planetary death via poisonous air and the Greenhouse Effect,
* Millions of carcinogens everywhere, and the destruction of the protective Ozone layer,
* Mercury laden vaccines to protect against such diseases as Tetanus - and vaccines contaminated with HIV-AIDS which is killing billions and in time would destroy all humanity,
* Faster meat production for the carnivore cannibals - and Mad Cow Disease,
* Instant War with Smart Bombs which hit their targets 2% of the time,
* Eagled-eyed satellites which can count the millions killed in "collateral damage",
* New fancy syndromes such as "The Gulf War Syndrome" with which the Archons hoped to destroy America,
* Antibiotics which admittedly have saved lives - but which, as a side-effect, have turned innocuous bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus into totally drug-resistant killers,
* Totally drug-resistant Malaria and Tuberculosis,
* Better analgesics - and iatrogenic narcotic addictions ­ now the number one addiction in the world,
* Synthetic compounds - and designer drugs with greatly increased psychotic behaviour, deaths, and suicides,
* Rust-resistant grains - and destructive `superweeds',
* Diverse manufacturing which gives such wonders as multicoloured toilet paper, and irreversible, fatal pollution of the soil, food, and sea, with death of marine life,
* Foodstuff so contaminated with chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, various carcinogens, colorants, preservatives, sterilisers, emulsifiers, radiation, flavour-enhancers, stabilisers, modifiers, and implanted foreign genetic material, that its consumption, without exception, is a serious danger to health,
* Psychotropic drugs such as Prozac which allow patients to suicide more easily, with less worry,
* Performance-enhancing drugs such as Viagra which allow fools to die contented "on the job",
* Atomic bombs which kill millions in a flash,
* Neutron bombs which kill all living things and leave the furniture and spoils unscathed,
* Napalm and dioxin bombing to ensure the death of everything in the countryside,
* Enough Nuclear warheads to exterminate everyone on the planet many times over,
* Spent-uranium shells to ensure the death of future generations by radiation,
* Genocidal Wars such as in Biafra and Iraq for the sake of the holy petro-dollar,
* More efficient agents of Chemical and Biological Warfare which increase suffering of victims before their death,
* Better homes and gardens with massive deforestation which ensures mass flooding of denuded areas,
* Useless DNA experimentation between species so that species specific defences to disease will be destroyed and transgenic diseases will occur more often, more fatally,
* Intra- and inter-species cloning, in contradiction to the directive to: "Keep the Race Pure", so that we will have, if time permits, horrible, trouble-making hybrids and monsters - as on Mars long ago, and in Atlantis not so long ago - which will attack humanity in due course,
* Long range missiles so high-tech cowards can push buttons from Command Centres and kill millions without ever having to face their grossly disadvantaged enemy,
* Accelerated death of fauna and flora everywhere due to ubiquitous pollution and scientific side-effects.
* Chemtrails that facilitate mind control and can cause severe mental confusion, chronic obstructive airway disease and the new disease called Morgellons which I predicted would eventuate in 1998 in an interview on the show with Jeff Rense.
Ah yes, what wonders of Modern Science and its Technology we have in our lives.
Indeed, Science has accomplished many things - as the handmaiden of Evil!
After all, does it not deny a Greater Reality, other dimensions in general, alien consciousnesses, life after physical death, all to obfuscate truth? What else could so efficiently destroy the planet and all living things?
All apparent beneficial advances are negated by looming fatal consequences.
Short-term scientific and technical gains in this fatally flawed system, as I have pointed out, are accompanied, undeniably, by agents of Humanity's fatal pains.
Every attempt to mend the mess compounds the problems, and increases the crassness. Do you now really think Science and its Technology deserve praise and respect?
Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved
Joseph Chiappalone

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