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San Francisco
The Death Of Civic Center
By Jim Kirwan
David Chiu,
San Francisco Board of Supervisors
RE: Yesterday you had your little meeting
Today I give you another version of what you did.
Here's what you and your gang-of-five did last night!
Last night the Board of Supervisors committed a crime-against not-just this city, but the nation as well. By a vote of 6 to 5 you passed the CBD contract onto the backs of the people, voting in private, while killing the freedom for 800,000 citizens of San Francisco. This will come back to haunt you and them, because some of us plan to attach this crime to all the names until you all resign.
This will become Board President, David Chiu's special piece of history, because you and your gang of five voted to take away the right of people here, to have a police force that is answerable to those they supposedly "protect." You gave our protection, in Civic Center, to a private-security force that answers only to the Board of a thoroughly corrupt CBD corporation whose only interest is in stealing the city's money to fatten their own coffers.
This Landlord Group that owns other-property in the San Francisco Civic Center has now succeeded in privatizing the entire area so that citizens with any complaints must pass through what is now corporate-property; they call it a "Community Benefit District" but it only benefits the corporation (CBD) and it strips citizens here of their rights to own and control their own government. In brief last night the City's Board of Supervisors stripped the citizens of their most precious right of all ­ their FREEDOM to move freely in their own Civic Center, in which City Hall is located. How long will it be before they put those crappy brass plaques into the sidewalks throughout Civic Center that say: "PRIVATE PROPERTY, Permission to Pass must be obtained to be here"?
Six derelict supervisors, led by Board President David Chiu broke the most basic reason for having any government anywhere. They successfully PRIVATIZED the PUBLIC, and will begin to erect barriers between the public and the people that pay their salaries and make their silly little jobs possible. This is far more than just a civic travesty: It's a crime!
This place had been a city for only five days when the Constitution was signed in 1776. It was both theBarbary Coast and the City & County of San Francisco, and it was proud to be here! That city was also about freedom and corruption; but unlike today-that City by the Bay kept corruption as a lap dog to freedom and to reality. If this had happened there, in that Barbary Coast of a city: This morning the six people that voted to do this (last night) would have been found hanging from street lamps; and the people would have celebrated because "justice" would have been done. That might have been called frontier-justice; but whatever it was called, politicians knew enough not to mess with people's freedoms unless they were willing to face the very real possibility of a streetlight necktie party for this mistake which 'politicians' then, would have known they had made.
In fairness of course it should be said that the people that serve as San Francisco "Supervisors" are not real people. How do I know this? Because you wasted a full two hours of the public's time last night celebrating yourselves, twelve-times over, while the public waited for you to hear this issue which was finally heard, three and half hours after it was scheduled to be heard. The delay involved the "last-day-rites" of four supervisors that were leaving office. It seems that the business of the Board had to be held hostage to this highschool-reunion-version of "This is Your Life oh valued Supervisor!" (If half of the accolades had been true, this piece of garbage would never have passed).
What then actually happened was the reading of a rather long THANK YOU from the Board & the City to themselves. And being as these creatures tend to think of themselves as "City-Hall's-Family" each and every one of those leaving had to tell their life story to the assembled members of the public. Then each of the other eleven supervisors had to congratulate the exiting supervisor with vignettes concerning the wonderful and courageous careers of both themselves and the departing politicians. In the end; each of the twelve spoke copiously upon the announcement of each of the four departing people. This took two hours more of the public's time, as the Board was already running an hour and half late. But when it was finally time for the public to speak each 'speaker' got just two minutes. There were several questions asked of the Supervisors but no one chose to answer anything that was raised by the public at the microphone: which is why this soon to be very public-report seemed necessary.
One of my own questions when I became involved in this crime-against-the-city and its people was: What experience is actually required to become a supervisor? The Board gave me that answer last night. Everyone talked about the nothingness which they felt was special, in being a supervisor, but clearly no one knew the first thing about governing, or anything larger than a scrap-book of "what I did when I was a supervisor." More to the point these creatures began life by being political-aides to a Supervisor or to the criminal ex-Mayor Willie Brown; but none of them have any life experience except Chris Daley who voted against this crime.
As the evening dragged on: It became abundantly clear that these fools, headed by you David-the man that detests people-Really don't know anything about the law, the real city, or the freedoms that you and they are here to supposedly protect. Why is that David?
I also learned from listening to the opposition that this crime has been in-the-works now (cutting private deals with its potential "stakeholders") for over seven years. Why was this very public issue kept so secret that it only surfaced last fall? Tell me, did the issue oftaking away the freedom of citizens even come up when you were cutting those deals with the Friends & Foundation over at the Library? Or was that reserved for the more private meetings with the Library Commission's Board of Special Interests? Is Coulter still running things over there? I've had some previous dealings with him and them; you might want to read about that, because the wider-world did, and tracked that story for years.http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2006/art27.htm
Congratulations on your "win" last night David ­ you are going to rue the day that you first began to listen to these petty landlords and their ridiculous plan to privatize this city's public by privatizing the Civic Center. CBD's can work well in a business-community but city government ought not to be a commercial enterprise over its basic function of protecting its citizens, from corporate-pirates as well as from other criminal elements. You should not have chosen to "overlook & purposely ignore" that most important fact. Laws are made to be challenged and re-written; and this contract for a CBD inside the city's heart is one of those occasions because you have sided with and sponsored this corruption of the freedom and the justice that you were supposed to defend!
I wrote to you and to "the Board" several times and did not get an answer; so I thought you needed to have my objections quantified here, in order that you can come to understand the problems with your illegal and unwarranted actions: It was illegal for you and the board to have even considered this proposal in the first place: because no "Board of Supervisors" has ever had the right to take away the public's freedom to be involved in their own government. I mentioned that to you all last night at the microphone ­ and all that you collectively did was to squirm in your overly padded (publicly-owned) chairs. Here are the previous articles that you received, but chose not to answer. (1)
I'm going to explore some kind of special action to remove this corruption of the Constitution's of both California and the United States, because unlike you: I believe that 'our freedom,' that was once basic to this country, still matters. You have shown yourself to be a true enemy of that 'freedom.'
You are a money-grubbing privately-interested corporate-ambassador, so I can easily see how this stealth project would appeal to you. You're also "my supervisor" and I think it's way past time I got involved in "making your day" on a regular basis ­ what do you think David?
Another thing that the meeting last night clarified, beyond words, is that this Board of Supervisors was caught flat-footed by what Mayor Newsom just did: Because all of you were caught standing around with no idea of how to "manage" this not-unexpected change in the Office of the Mayor for this city.
THAT IS AND WAS YOUR JOB, AS PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ­TO DEAL WITH THAT TRANSITION SMOOTHLY: Yet neither you nor the Board were able to come up with a solution that you've had months to prepare for-why not David!
No man can serve two masters Chiu ­ and since you're such a lousy public servant why not resign from the board and officially join those that you have given the literal Keys-to-this-City to-seems like you were made to work on the Dark Side of politics anyhow; and as you might have guessed that's one of my specialties.
I'll be waiting for you to resign so that you can do things for yourself, in your own name, instead of hiding behind the Board of Supervisors, that you never really liked anyhow! The sooner you resign the quicker this will end.
1) January 3: PRIVATIZING the PUBLIC
December 30: When to Fold & When to Fight in San Francisco
December 28: The Stranglehold on San Francisco
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