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 By Jim Kirwan
Sounds very official doesn't it. It sounds like "order" and reeks of Authority, but it is also at the core of killing 'freedoms' wherever they exist. I thought about calling this a Q & A, because I used to think this fight was about asking Questions and the need for transparency, for actual-responsibility and truth. But I overlooked this five-letter word that has 'ruled' over almost everything that has been done since people began to record whatever they might be thinking about-and in almost every case the ending of freedoms have been the result.
Yesterday the FCC decided that the freedom available on the net just had to have some 'RULES' because 'everything must have rules.' That would have been fine, if what they had suggested had been very little, very specific, and very limited. But they won't be. Government could fck up a steel ball, and frequently does. In this case it wants rules' so that it can introduce charges, fees, penalties, fines and above all special-privileges for the same people that want to own the world. There will be contracts, fine print, and lawyers, lawyers, lawyers: That is not Freedom-and this must be rejected!
The FCC is "concerned" about the theft of copyright privileges. (1)
If that were true they would SHUT DOWN FACEBOOK in a flash; because FACEBOOK steals copywritten material as a matter of course: It's actually a key component in their business-plan, and the government has not done anything about it. I'm just pissed because a project I spent over thirty years on and one hell of a lot of money, was stolen because someone other than me chose to put most of it up on FACEBOOK ­ and since none of our intrepid legal eagles will challenge the mighty FACEBOOK in court; my two meager copyrights on that work mean absolutely nothing at all because FACEBOOK now owns everything about it. Of course I'm just one of millions which this has already happened to which is why it matters. But: It takes a lot of money to file charges-which is another reason that the rich rule the world.
So, in the case of FACEBOOK; stealing other-people's copywritten material is just part of doing business; (the RULES again) and because FACEBOOK is part of the inner-workings of USI, no crime has been committed. I wonder: Will the new RULES apply to FACEBOOK as well? Of course not ­ because FACEBOOK is still intrinsic to the government's side of things, or at least they have been since this slovenly site that caters to banality 'began.' FACEBOOK doesn't give a damn about 'people, or privacy or ownership unless it's theirs.' Ordinary people?  To FACEBOOK, they're just road-kill on the way to making even more money.
What the new ruling will do in the real world is that it will utterly destroy on-line small businesses that cannot compete with AT&T, Microsoft, or any of the other Behemoths-of-Business that will now own the net, outright, from inside USI. I'm using AT&T here because they have seen to it, that they have at least one lobbyist for every member of congress; and they are only one of those that bought this new 'RULE' that has yet to be fleshed-out for the rest of us. That's why three out of five men, on a government committee decided that there must be RULES ­ because freedom cannot be allowed to exist in the USI, unless of course it comes directly from them; to whomever they shall exempt from 'The Rules.'
When I began thinking about RULES I remembered things that I had forgotten about all those years ago, long before I got entangled with this Tar-Baby of Public-Criminality. I've worked for myself for most of my existence, so I've had a lot of time to think about things that most don't have the time to consider.
RULES are something that fearful people need to assure themselves that what they are doing is "correct." But they can also be deadly and lead directly to false-interpretations when they take no account of the wider issues which 'these same rules' often frustrate. For instance many times a day now you hear the phrase: "I'm just doing my job." This is usually invoked without the corollary ­ "And what exactly is your job?" If you are a cop or a manager, or some form of an official; this statement can very quickly become a slippery slope. For anyone with life & death hanging from their hips, "just doing my job" might well involve killing people; often the wrong people. How can that be rationalized, when the "mistake" has turned out to equal the death of someone that did not need to die?
For managers and corporate executives, postal workers and day laborers the terms which 'the rules' lay down can be very different, depending on why the rules were created in the first place. In healthcare for instance there are prohibitions against things that when seen as stand-alone issues are often seen as threats to the overall health of the public. But when looked at in terms of the actual life-situations which such 'potential threats to health' have to be balanced against, such as, what the current situation is in the rest of your life: Smoking and drinking are examples.
If you work for a criminal corporation and most of them now are criminally structured, the stress levels of frustration & anger can frequently go off-the-charts. This fact is the reason for behavior patterns before and after work, where people try and protect themselves from 'losing it" on the job. The corporations and the health-insurers maintain that smoking drives up the costs of their health insurance: and lowers the productivity of their workforce. Interestingly these harsh rules do not apply to the executives in whose offices one can find a full bar, and an assortment of powders and pills, that they can use whenever they feel the need. Yet many corporations now demand that workers who smoke must stop altogether: "you cannot smoke at work, at home or anytime, if you do, you will be fired!"
NOTE: both smoking and drinking are legal. Cigarettes and alcohol can be openly purchased if you are over 21, yet the use of these items, when they are used in moderation, has been regulated beyond the scope of any reality. The reasons for "regulations" in this case involves not just the substance itself but the taxes, fines and fees which each of these 'products' brings in to the government as a way to "permit" anyone to have the appearance of the same rights as everyone else-provided these less-than-stellar individuals are willing to pay more for what they freely chose to use, to obtain some degree of respite from the corporate nightmare which this nation now is.
Government is not there to "Allow" us the things that we are responsible for in the end. Ironically when it comes to those other things like providing police protection, from both the criminals and the government-too often today they will not respond! That leaves the citizen to be responsible for their own real protection in life and death matters: And that ladies and gentlemen is what the Second Amendment is for!
Several things are missing from this government's zero-tolerance policies. First neither the company nor the health-insurer is willing to pay the employee to change their way of life. Second the corporation wants total control over their employees 24-7, 365 days in the year: Yet the company is only willing to pay employees for a very small fraction of all those hours which they are demanding total-control over. And perhaps most important is the fact that the real-reason for the poor health of employees could be the extremely toxic work-related-environments of corporate life itself? This is something that no health-insurer will ever cover in a potential patient-even though this is the common denominator that can easily be responsible for some of the habits, as a survival mechanism, against the outrage they experience daily ­ "on the job." In this case "just doing your job" could easily contribute vastly to killing you! This is too often what 'RULES' are all about.
In history 'RULES' have fared no better. During the Victorian Age, which this country is still trying to live in; everything that might have yielded any small pleasure to a working human being was OUTLAWED. In practice however the publicly-scorned 'pleasures' began to soar which in the end made a mockery of those straight-laced, uptight freaks of nature that tried to force their ideas of a "good life" onto every other person on the planet. Yet today even after 'prohibition' FAILED utterly, Amerikans still cling to the idea that everything that people do must be regulated or 'ruled-on' by the rest of society. This public-paranoia comes from a terror of "doing the wrong thing." It also comes from their very real fear of the naked human body, which is beautiful, all by itself.
Clothing was designed to cover-up the actual shape of us, it's why men so love their suits and ties ­ because they are afraid to let others see who they really are. It would help immensely if this country actually held more than one political-opinion. But officially this country has no no-political-oppostion party anywhere in sight, and holding only one opinion is as dangerous as eating the same meal every day for the rest of your life - because not taking advantage of real choices will also kill you in the end. 
What most people have never realized is that from the moment we are born into this world, we are being coerced into conforming to whatever the norm is; within that particular place where we were born. But if 'conformity' is the only thing that matters then no questions can ever be asked, of anyone about
anything-and if that had been the only thing that happened we'd all still be living in caves. Talented people, and every one of us is born with hundreds of talents, tend to have most of that kicked out of them by the time they reach seven years of age-simply because those talents threaten their norms.
'Governments govern best who govern least,' someone else said. But it's oh so true. Every government that I can remember going back to Truman always said that government was too big, or as Ronnie put it "We have to get government off our backs." Yet in practice the government has gotten bigger and bigger and BIGGER until today it has become a totally unmanageable monster. And as for the DEBT which government creates and then we get to pick up the tab for: This practice of DEBT-DRIVEN-RULE came from none other than Ronald Reagan; he who spoke so often of that "shining city on the hill." Without bothering to mention that his "vision" necessitated the total elimination of the middle-class and of all our rights as well as the end of the Constitutional form of government-but everyone so loved Ronnie that they never even glanced at what he was really doing when he took us from the world's greatest CREDITOR nation to the Worlds' leading DEBTOR nation in just eight years!
What Bush & Obamanation have done is to take us completely out of the Universe in terms of money figures that exceed the entire money supply currently in existence today. No one can pay back the Quadrillions that the corporations and the NWO have laid upon our backs: The answer to that problem is just to give it back to them! These DEBTS are theirs, not ours. They will have to go bankrupt and all that funny-money will just disappear ­ and we will have freed ourselves from this monetary Tar-Baby one more time!
If people lived authentic lives then there would be no fear of everything that the world "might" do to you - because to be free is the natural state of all of life itself: When you are free you can very easily understand the need to balance your freedoms with those of other people and the world. Every other 'animal' save man at least understands the need to protect its own life. It's automatic in the freedom of living your life - that when threatened with death or imprisonment life tends to fight or flee: unless you're a brain-dead Amerikan who actually tries to negotiate their way out of every real danger.
Being controlled by a company, a religion, or a government is not the answer to anything; because that is the direct opposite of what it means to actually be alive. Humans are the only animals to have developed a rule-book; and it has killed every society in the end; because each and every time these excessive RULES have always been used and abused to the benefit of only the owners and to the detriment of those that made them wealthy.
The old United States killed itself with regulations long before we began to see even the shadow of either the New World Order or USI. That was also by design. Look at today's fashions (for women) that are derived from torture and domination, dark fantasies of sexual transgressions and excess, meant to lure the gullible into the thoughts of sexual submission and self-degradation in the name of lust alone. Look at computer games, look anywhere; whether it's film or magazines, or what's left of the rudder-less newspapers that have shrunk themselves into nothing more than Tabloid gossip-while the world is about to go up in flames.
All of this comes to us by design from the Zionistas of Israel and from the sewers beneath the White House, the 'city' of London and the Vatican; just to name the most obvious. In each and every case their very first sleepers and counter-insurgents have always USED the RULES to restrain the society before they begin to murder it outright: IF Amerika sits still for this prior-restraint of a born-free-internet: then it is over people; because you will have capitulated to your worst fears about the insecurity of yourselves ­ on every level.
There's one other curiosity that few have even wondered about; but it is of major importance here. Why do men, especially corporate men, all politicians, and anyone that "wants to be taken seriously" still wear neckties? The reason is simple. It signifies their agreement to be RULED by the owners of this society. So the next time you see an Obama, in whatever form he is assuming today ­ he is a changeling afterall ­ just ask yourself: Who is this jerk subservient to; because he sure as hell is not serving me or this country. The answer is that he is serving the same master that now wants to bring RULES to the internet-even though that will mean the end of all the real possibilities that the web has brought to the wider-world, to small business on the net, and it will lead to total domination by the same criminals that have taken over everything else already.
Of course I have to mention that these new rules will also put an end to people like me, something that some will do doubt cheer for. But there are others as well: Others that whether you know it or not, you will definitely miss because your life will be the poorer for the lack of your ability to read or listen to them every day. Not to mention that there will be NO MORE actual NEWS FROM OVERSEAS ­ so your life will be confined to a thoroughly CONTROLLED 'lifeboat Amerika' and even the thought of that is unthinkable!
1) FCC Approves Controversial Net Neutrality Regulations
Ending Freedom on the Internet
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