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The Running Of Beasts
Follow-Up To 'A Ticket To Hell'
By Jim Kirwan
"The occult based offshore banksters/big oil/big pharma relish the use of Bernays and Nazi mind control on the masses to keep folks dumbed down and on the course they prescribe, which keeps their criminal power unchecked. But as with every such criminal regime, a day of reckoning always eventually comes and some type of Visigoth enemy will sack them and remove them from power. Because absolute power corrupts absolutely,these criminals will eventually have corrupted their own ranks, to the point where they will disintegrate." From one very aware reader, who is quoted in conversation with me below.
'There is another side to this story. Why has the major mass media never brought up the imported MK ultra Nazi mind control program, run by the CIA that was testified about by William Colby and others in government hearings?  Colby, the head of CIA at the time was killed three days before revealing the ultimate truth about this affair. These programs together with all its subprograms has been well documented: Ewen Cameron, MD, Pres of the American Psychiatric Association, using this program, tortured many poor victims in Canada under CIA funding, and many, many more well documented examples in the new book entitled "A Terrible Mistake."
There are numerous psychiatrists and psychologists who are aware of these government programs and those that used them, all over the USA and in foreign countries.' I did not bring up MK Ultra victims in the first article, because I first wanted to lay a foundation for this far more sinister layer.
'There is no immediate proof that the recent number of shootings of police is due to MK Ultra type USGovernment & CIA mind control programs. However, the CIA and other intel agencies such as FBI Division 5 needs to be investigated immediately for the use of these programs to target hundreds of police officers all over the USA.'
These programs go further into black-ops programs and mercenary-contracts that involve specialized death squads as well. Bear in mind the public is still living in that shroud where the cops are still "Police" and we must grant them an "authority" which no government agency or individual should ever have. The public still does not KNOW that the CIA is illegal by definition: TRUMAN broke US law by creating this fascistic off-the-books and unchecked 'peacetime' monster-agency (not to mention the NSA and or NSIA, (the intelligence arm of America's largest spying network).
'Every Police Dept in every major city has at least a couple thumpers, a couple steroid cops, and more than a few alcoholics, along with the druggies and each of these have impaired judgment and aberrant behaviors, but there are also many very fine police officers that often work in very bad situations, much of which has been created by offshore banksters who have robbed the taxpayer blind for years and sucked all the industry and life out of this country.'
However most of those "good-cops" have been moved out or retired, because the entire structure of modern police work has been totally corrupted. The Oklahoma City cops I grew up with rode three to a car, and each patrol car had a black flag flying above it to remind the public of traffic deaths supposedly: But all it ever reminded me of was the Nazi-Gestapo as each "cop" was required to have an IQ of less than one hundred, and most of these pigs weighed at least 250 pounds or more. As a teen-ager I was routinely picked up and pistol-whipped by these 'brave" law enforcement types that drove me around for hours and then tossed me out into vacant lots or alleys to find my own way back home. This was all possible because the lawyers, the judges, the politicians and the prosecutors inOklahoma City were all dirty, even that far back (1954-56). Now what we see out there is an extension of that continuing crime that was not addressed locally and instead has taken over the mentality that has given us Robocops and military weapons instead of neighborhood police.
'The motive for an intel agency to use these mind control programs would be too create a massive backlash among police and officials, thus justifying increased force and tyranny and less trust in the people by the police. This could help generate a civil war between patriots/gun owners and overly aggressive police who are blindly reacting to the unprovoked assassinations of their associates. The government has much to gain from instituting these MK Ultra attacks on police nationwide and fomenting a tyrannical response coordinated b y FEMA, DSHS and the FBI, all are RICO criminal organizations in and of themselves at this time.'
But the problem with using RICO to end these practices is that the feds passed specific legislation that prohibits the RICO laws from being applied to the government which is the most egregious offender of the same laws which RICO was created to enforce.
"Folks might say, our government would never do these things, or commit these crimes. They should check out the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, the use of depleted Uranium in the middle east wars, the planning of Operation Northwoods, the CIA/DOD murder of JFK, MLK, RFK, the massive radiation spraying in communities and the "atomic soldiers", just to document a few well proven cases."
Along with Reagan's Operation Armageddon that gave FEMA its extraordinary powers. There were also the Branch Davidian compound attacks, unleashed by Hillary Clinton when Janet Reno, then the A.G., baulked at using flame-throwing tanks to murder women and children. There was also Oklahoma City that had three more unexploded bombs inside the structure of the Murrah Office Building that remained standing after the first bomb went off - and on and on it goes all the way up to and including 911.
Indeed this "Running of the Beasts" has been in-play for a very long time already, and the public has managed to sleep through almost all of this. But with the introduction of the Phoenix-like rising of the Chemtrail-Cabal; a whole new chapter is beginning to unfold: A chapter that adds "Death by Design from Above" to what is already going on in almost every city and county in America. (1) There is simply no way that these offensive attacks are not being coordinated and correlated through twelve founding families that own and control the private, for profit institution called the Federal Reserve.
Going further it is now clear that Chemtrails are linked very closely to FEMA-CAMPS and that FEMA has gone international in its scope, in order to be ready to enforce the illegal UN mandates that will soon take affect surrounding Agenda 21. (3)
"The Intel Hub By Avalon
Anyone familiar with the recent Conspiracy Theory Television Series with Jesse Ventura will be somewhat familiar with the FEMA Camps that have been reported on throughout the United States. The release of theJesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory FEMA Camps episode caused so much controversy that the episodes were supposedly pulled after airing. How this was done and by who still remains a mystery and also highly suspicious.
Astonishingly, FEMA has also been active for years in Australia which is news to many Americans. One particular YouTube Channel has documented not just FEMA Camps activity in Australia, but HAARP and Chemtrail (Aerosol GeoEngineering) in Australia as well. He includes an interesting diagram of the World Power Structure which has been put together from research over the years by numerous individuals. Nearly all of this information is verifiable and factual ­ exactly how these organizations are connected remains unclear, but they exist and are controlled centrally for all intents and purposes." (2)
And finally there is news of at least one base that might about to be opened for a duel use purpose. First as a possible base for the military to launch Chemtrail-death-flights, and or for the possible use of the base to begin to fulfill Obama's promise to China to allow Chinese nationals to set up cities here in America for their exclusive use on land which Obama has given them: Land that was never his to give away in the first place! Also this has been going on for awhile now or at least since 2002; so we know that this was planned long before the debt obligated us to give-away so much of this nation.
One such place is: "The federal government is responsible for helping the Victor Valley recover from the closure of George Air Force Base in 1992. The conversion of the former George Air Force Base to SCLA was designed to provide major corporations with logistics needs, access to a global intermodal logistics gateway to theWestern United States. Located near Interstate 15 in California's Victor Valley, the 5,000 acres (2,000 ha) complete intermodal business complex is approximately 20 mi (32 km) north of downtown San Bernardino, and 23 miles (37 km) north of San Bernardino International Airport.
In July 2000 the Department of Commerce awarded SCLA the designation of Foreign Trade Zone. The designation was intended to
make it much easier for the Victor Valley Economic Development Authority to convince international carriers to use the airport as a base for shipping foreign products to Southern California. During that same period, theDepartment of Transportation approved a $4.9 million grant for the SCLA to extend its main runway from 10,050 ft (3,060 m) to 13,050 ft (3,980 m) to accommodate international jet transports. The airport authority required the 3,000 ft (910 m) extension to ensure that cargo planes could depart fully-loaded in summer heat. The longer runway was also required for the efficient use of the facility as the main transportation hub for the 70,000 troops a year traveling to and from the Army National Training Center at Fort Irwin. At 15,059 ft (4,590 m), SCLA's runway 17/35 is the second longest public-use runway in the United States, surpassed only by that of Denver International Airport's 16,000 ft (4,900 m) runway 16R/34L.
The Fiscal Year 2002 military spending bill earmarked US$1.3 million to allow the U.S. Army to continue using the SCLA to transport troops en route to training exercises at Fort Irwin. The airport has proven to be one of the most efficient and safest locations for travel to and from the Army's National Training Center for the troops who rotate through each year. Company D of the 158th Aviation Regiment is a general support aviation company that moved in under a five-year contract the Army signed with SCLA and the city ofVictorville. The unit is part of the 244th Aviation Brigade of Fort Sheridan, IL." (4)
My correspondent in the above cited conversation said this about that:
"This could also be a Chemtrails operation center. No expense was spared in constructing the distribution center....looks too elaborate to be commercial.....like what company would spend that kind of money on a trucking terminal. I've seen Walmart terminals and you could put a few of them in that place....and NO ACTIVITY AT THIS PLACE."
If we cannot obtain flight plans for these "flights" maybe we can at least discover where these Death-dispensing flights are based. One way or another if everyone begins to "pay attention" their bases can be found and reported on. This operation is too big to remain hidden from those of us that do actually give a damn!
Those behind this nightmare are afterall just 'beasts,' creatures that have remained so focused on slaughtering the population of this planet that they have missed the point of conquest entirely: 'For of what use is Conquest if the price of stealing any particular place amounts to wiping out all of everything inside the targeted area-this is not a sophisticated plan for
occupation-it is nothing but another planned genocide; patterned upon what Israel and USA INC. are currently doing inside Palestine. The difference is that where this country was once worth stealing when they began this, the largest wealth-transfer in the history of the human race: Today this place is not even a nation anymore because we have no economy to salvage, no jobs to support the life that is here and beyond that there is nothing coming to our rescue from any horizon that might be willing or able to help us; much less to save us from ourselves. (5)
US INC, cannot even admit to the fact that we are in the middle of the deepest DEPRESSION that has ever hit this nation: So if we refuse to even see that glaring truth; how can we expect to ever 'DO' anything that might turn this nightmare around!
Remember please: As with every such criminal regime, a day of reckoning always eventually comes and some type of Visigoth enemy will sack them and remove them from power. Because absolute power corrupts absolutely, these criminals will eventually have corrupted their own ranks, to the point where they will disintegrate."
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2) FEMA Advising Australia Amid Takeover of America
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5) Kill the Boss Good-By
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