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Reid's Amnesty Dream Act Crushed Again  
By Frosty Wooldridge
Once again, the U.S. Congress reared its ethical head and voted U.S. Senator Harry Reid's (D-NV), Dream Act, into the dust bin of history!
California's Jeff Schwilk said, "We did it again! We defeated the DREAM Amnesty in the Senate just now. Only 56 Senators voted to proceed - they needed 60. Harry Reid fails again! Way to go, my fellow Americans! Now make sure you are fully signed up for all email alerts fromwww.NumbersUSA.com and ask all you family and friends to sign up too. Its 100% FREE and they will keep you informed as to the latest on the fight to secure our borders and secure our Homeland!
Celebrate another huge victory. We've earned it!"
For the umpteenth time, millions of Americans wrote, called and faxed Washington DC to NOT pass an amnesty for illegal aliens or their kids.  Reid, always advocating for Mexico's illegality and never standing for the U.S. Constitution-suffered yet another horrible if not humiliating defeat at the hands of his own party and a number of other senate stalwarts.
Washington DC listened while the phones rang off the hooks and the faxes rattled with millions of letters from disgruntled Americans.
It portends further confrontation whereby the citizens of the United States demand their president and Congress enforce immigration laws and NOT advocate for 20 million illegal aliens and their children living and working illegally within the United States. The annual costs reach $346 billion across 15 federal agencies while 15 million American lack a job.
At the same time, Reid refuses to honor his oath of office since 8 to 10 million illegal aliens continue to live and work within the United States.  His re-election bid stands in grave jeopardy in November.
Thank the efforts of the men and women at www.NumbersUSA.com ;www.fairus.org ; www.capsweb.org ; 
www.grassfire.com ; www.alipac.com; www.firecoalition.com;  
www.cairco.org  and many other organizations working to stop mass legal and illegal immigration into America.

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