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Predictions For 2011 - More Doom,
Death, & Destruction

By Karl Schwarz
It was sort of hard to predict the BP Deep Horizon environmental disaster that happened in 2010. Willful criminal negligence is sort of a moving target and seems the US and UK excel at it. Otherwise, 2010 turned out to suck as much as I said it would.
Barky Obama proved he could not lead hungry wolves to fresh red meat. Evidently Barky never learned that actions are much stronger than idle words. Talk is cheap, DC specializes in cheap talk. Such idle rhetoric will reach a shrill crescendo in 2011 as the politicos try to assure the masses that things are just fine in America but the ship is sinking.
I would love to wish all a Happy New Year, but unless one is a member in good-standing of the DC Hog Trough Diner 2011 is going to suck even worse than 2010. That may be hard for many to imagine, but the US has now engineered the Perfect Storm to assure that the USS Titanic is going to sink.
The bailouts and QE1 did nothing except accelerate the rate of transfer of wealth into the right pockets, and probably not your pockets. The proposed QE2, QE3, QE4, or as many 'quantitative easing' shams and scams as they want to do will continue to not work and accomplish nothing for the average American. The ship is going down and it is going to be more pain, no gain for what is a broke and broken US system.
Expect higher interest rates in 2011. The Bank of England has already stated up to 5%, and real inflation is much more than that. When food and energy prices are escalating but not factored into the real inflation rate, the numbers you are seeing are a sham, a lie.
If 'economic stimulus' did not happen at interest rates ranging from 0% to 1%, when they rise to 5% to 10% expect even less economic results in 2011. Sooner or later all parties end and it is then time to face the music. The music and what America will have to face in 2011 will be about the ugliest bitch of a year that has happened in the last 100 years.
Of course, the Fed will continue to manipulate the stock market so Americans think they are getting rich swimming with the sharks. When the value of the dollar is declining, the capital markets increasing as yet another bubble, the net effect is zero growth. In real terms, it might actually prove to be negative growth, more contraction and more bad employment news.
Sarah Palin will continue to talk and babble, and prove repeatedly that she is not fit, competent or smart enough to be President of the United States. If she were to win such an election, the role would be as the mortician to what was once a great nation. The woman has proven she cannot keep it straight in her head who the US allies are or even why the US is sinking. She is just the same old song, no clue, no plan. Bless her little heart, buys off on that Zionist Israel bullshit hook, line and sinker.
That broke and broken reality about America is not fixable by any one person, so whoever Americans elect as president is pretty much a vote for the same old crap, imminent disaster right around the corner.
A real leader for America is not allowed. That will only change when Americans get off their lard asses and fix it and stop relying that anyone in DC gives a damn about America or fixing anything. Americans prove every election cycle they are stupid and need to stop voting for 'change' that is no change at all. Bush was change? Shame on America for believing in that! Barky was change? Double shame on America for believing in that!
The rest of the world is asking the question so I will ask it too. What in Hell does it take to wake you stupid people up over in the 50 states of La-La Land?
Are you so wrapped up in dumbass you cannot grasp or understand anything that is fundamental to your wellbeing? Get this straight, Uncle Sam and Big Brother are not your friend.
Washington, DC, Wall Street and the MSM will continue to prove that if one has enough conflicts of interest, the only possible outcome is conflicted and dysfunctional.
The USA is the wealthiest nation in the world? How many in poverty, homeless, tent cities, Food Stamps, underfed, or sleeping on the street does it take for the American morons to wake the Hell up? What is sold, packaged and marketed at the wealthiest nation in the world is the exact opposite. The US is a debt ridden, fraud ridden, bankrupt nation that is no longer respected by the rest of the world.
Trust that hunger, poverty, lack of food will increase in 2011. These morons in DC do not care if you are starving, and evidently Americans cannot make the mental connection as to why they are hungry and starving.
The US will set an all time record in debt versus lack of production output in 2011. The US is not the world's largest economy and has not been in several years. The EU has taken that away even with a stronger currency and China just pushed Japan out as the second largest production output.
The only 'change' in the world is every place except America. The voters of America did not vote for change in November 2010. The same liars, thieves and traitors are still firmly in control of America, so there will be no change, only the appearance of change.
Printing money is not industrial output. That is simple to grasp but seems to be lost on most Americans. When US GDP is around 46% 'financial services' and a large amount of that is brazen fraud, America needs to rethink its business plan. First it killed the output, then the jobs and now well on its way to killing a nation. I doubt that America will rethink its business plan in 2011, so expect more of the same and maybe worse.
Is anyone in America paying attention to anything other than their favorite shallow celebrities? America leads the world in debt, capital markets fraud, defense expenditures that are more than all other nations combined, and warmongering, nothing else. I wonder what part of that picture Americans just cannot grasp. The naked emperors in DC will continue to try to stir up war with Pakistan and Iran, and the rest of the world will continue to say 'NO', nein, nyet!
I wonder at times if Americans can grasp the sheer magnitude of fraud that was the rigged, artificial 'robust economy' Bush kept bragging about and was literally a house of cards housing market. There was only about $4 trillion stolen from foreign nations, banks, pension funds, insurance companies and private investors to create the illusion that everything was just hunky-dory in Nitwitville, America.
Bush wrecked every business he was involved in, and then wrecked America. This lame duck Congress and lame-assed President have done nothing, and will do nothing to fix any problem in America. That will not change in 2011.
I keep looking at the radar screen but cannot see a leader in sight that can fix what is wrong with America. If Jesus Christ himself intervened, both the DNC and RNC would go way out of their way to cast slurs at him so they can stay in power and embedded like a tick in the hide of America. Both political parties would lean on the Left MSM and Right MSM to go out of their way to make sure America remains a ship without a rudder and foundering near the rocks.
Ron Paul will continue to reveal the evil and corruption within the Federal Reserve Bank. Just like well trained lemmings, most Americans will continue to think the party is still in progress and fall for it over and over again. (Hint: debts are not income or assets! Hint: money from a federal government that is bankrupt is not income.)
The US, UK and Israel will continue to prove that they are truly, collectively the Axis of Evil.
Israel will continue to kill and violate the human rights of the Palestinians, just like the blood-thirsty, psychotic war criminals they are. They still cannot and will not validate 6 million when the other 43 to 50 million that died in WW II mattered just as much.
Israel will still not be a signatory or in compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions. That will not change in 2011. Iran is a signatory and well within their rights to be mining and enriching uranium for peaceful purposes.
EU will be hard pressed to reject China's offer to bail out Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain, collectively the PIIGS. That $2.7 trillion in real cash is pretty appealing compared to another $2.7 trillion of fake money from the Fed Chairman Helicopter Ben Bernanke that endeavors to put lots of money into just the right pockets. There will be a weaker dollar and more pressures on the British Pound Sterling and US dollar. Only those Americans who travel learn how truly weak the US dollar is these days and it will get worse.
China will emerge as a true superpower this year, and Russia is doing better than the UK or US are. One of the problems I see is the US and UK still thinks there is value in celebrity and shallowness.
Most Americans seem to be clueless that Airbus is surging, collaborating with China and Russia, while Boeing is sinking along with the USA. Expect bad news from Boeing in 2011, and even Lockheed. American policies are not selling any more.
Sovereign nations will be downgraded this year on their debt. That includes the AAA rating of France, UK and the US, so yes, those waters are about to become very treacherous.
Germany, China and Russia will wind up the big winners due to the morons in DC that cannot lead America around the block , much less the world. I am not much of a fan of German Chancellor Angela Merkel but there is no recession in Germany. The Germans are doing something right, even if that means she is basically just doing little harm, unlike the Monkeys over in the Washington, DC Zoo.
The US government will still not win in Afghanistan. The Talking Hand Puppets and their pet Parrots of DC will continue to lie about why the US is involved in the longest war in its history and nothing to show for it but debt, needless death and destruction. No one has ever beaten the Afghans; the US will not be the first to do so. Odds are high the 2011 will be the year that Americans wish we were not in Afghanistan.
They will not win in Pakistan or Iran, but "I told you so" is not what they want to hear in DC. They are so oblivious to realities they still think they rule the world and have not been even close to high and mighty for about 20 years. The lies of American leaders are not sellable, will get worse in 2011.
It has been said that when one resorts to violence they have already lost. If you recall the fiasco when Georgia attacked South Ossetia, Russia responded with force, the Bush Administration was stating over and over again "in the Twenty-First Century nations do not attack other nations". I am still waiting to hear their excuses as to why the US attacked two nations on the basis of outright lies in 2001 and 2003. There will be no such explanation in 2011, nor do I expect that America will look in the mirror and come to grips with how criminally (war criminal) wrong the US leadership was to create two wars on total lies.
The US still will not get its pipeline across Afghanistan, and 9-11-2001 will still remain unsolved until Americans wake up. Maybe 10 to 15 million armed Americans in the streets of DC would get their attention and action. However, I do not think that many Americans will stand up for their nation and their way of life. As an American, an asleep America has been painful to watch. I am not expecting America to wake up in 2011. Evidently it is going to take a lot more pain and humiliation for Americans to do anything.
China, Russia, even Bridas Corporation will get hundreds or thousands of miles of pipelines done. Pen and contracts will still be viewed in DC as 'terrorist weapons' of mass destruction to the American business plan. All of the tanks, bombs, bullets and threats will not change the course of things at all, except to hasten the demise of America. That demise will accelerate in 2011.
Many Americans will wake up to the realization that Afghanistan and Iraq were both made up wars of aggression, illegal wars and no agenda behind those US lies has been successful. However, it will not be enough people waking up to make a difference. Trying to get 30 million Americans off their ass is about as worthwhile as trying to find the Holy Grail or Noah's Ark, or the Truth in Washington, DC.
My grandfather described them well: "They are not hemmed in by the Truth." That will not change in 2011 since Americans failed to vote for real change in November 2010. Change of control from DNC to RNC is just that, otherwise is no change at all and Americans get short-changed again.
In true Brit fashion, they have begun to realize the price of lies, follies, and pipelines too far. They have pulled out of Iraq and are about to pull out of Afghanistan, too. At least the Brits realize when the Bloody Good Show has proved to only be bloody, with no victory in sight and nothing good about it. Lies and good should never been in the same sentence, unless stated as 'good lie'. However, nothing good ever comes from lies and America is proving with ease the painful realities of that.
There might be disclosures via WikiLeaks that helps to solve the 9-11 matter and why Afghanistan and Iraq are made up, illegal wars. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen, but someone might use WikiLeaks to get the truth out on the table. However, it is required that people have to read and think and 'get it' for the leaks to have any effect.
Americans seem to want their salvation delivered to the door like a pizza. It has never worked that way, 2011 will not change that fact.
I think the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a good thing. We might all look forward to Prince Charles being passed over for the crown and give him more time to babble about Global Warming while the UK is starting to resemble Greenland and Arctic adventure clothing is selling well.
I think it is hilarious that Barky and Michelle Obama have not been invited to the Royal Wedding. I doubt they can talk their way into an invitation. I doubt the Bush family or the Clintons merit an invitation either.
George W Bush will still be the most hated US President in history, even though Barky is giving him a run for his money. Bush cannot read; Barky is a big-talking incompetent just when America needed leadership the most.
I had to laugh at the news of the "Bush Scare" at their Dallas mansion. Personally, I think GW has much bigger problems than 'a sports car in his front yard'. One cannot be a liar and war criminal and then claim 'no harm, no foul'. Regardless of the size of the number, no number would surprise me as to the sheer number of people that want Bush dead. Blowback is a bitch, you know.
I have mixed emotions when it comes to Bush, Obama, and the leadership of America. Sort of like loaning them my Suburban Z71 and watch them drive off a cliff in it. I would miss the vehicle but do see other benefits.
The BP Deep Horizon blow out will continue to destroy an entire ecosystem. What was recently reported as 'BP oil covers 1,000's of miles of ocean floor' will change to read "BP oil covers 10's of thousands of miles of ocean floor". Many will continue to get sick, up to and including the point of either dying or their health being ruined for life.
Yeah, Americans like to talk about their freedoms and rights. Go ahead, all Americans have the right to eat as much oil contaminated seafood as they wish.
Be careful swimming in what used to be a beautiful gulf, the sharks are running out of food.
In typical non-leadership fashion, the Harlots of DC will continue to do nothing about the BP disaster except lip service. In the past what was otherwise known as the Gulf of Mexico might as well be renamed Engulfed in US-BP Incompetence, Negligence and Greed.
The American voice will continue to become less relevant in this coming year. It does not take a crystal ball to figure that one out. When a sound asleep nation is lead by liars, con-artists and idiots, there is no possible outcome but a stupid end solution.
The two acronyms SNAFU and FUBAR will probably increase 10-fold in 2011 as to the total number of Americans who truly understand what they mean.
I think Nigel Farage, that eloquent orator for UKIP in the EU Parliament will emerge as a true British leader. His exposes of the corruption and incompetence in the EU governing body might be the best entertainment of 2011, so stay tuned. He is far more interesting than Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, et al.
The target of his scorn, EU President Herman von Rompuy, will be in a neck-and-neck race all year with Barky Obama to see which one can win the Most Pathetic Leader of 2011 award. Just to make sure people remember her name, Hillary Clinton will be on her soapbox to make sure that it is a three-way dead heat.
Global Warming will continue to be revealed as a scam as much of the world braces itself for the worst winter in the past 100 to 200 years.
Americans will still obediently comply with any TSA abuse, thinking wrongly that America is being protected. Maybe when TSA starts shoving their fist up American asses, Americans will realize that the hardest nation on Earth to travel within is the United States for Americans and foreigners alike. There are no problems elsewhere and no TSA sort of shakedown, humiliation and abuse.
Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is supposed to be EU President for 6 months starting on January 1, 2011. That is ok with me; he will prove why Hungary is pretty much a non-nation and still firmly run by communists. Concurrent with his possible elevation to yet another non-essential position, Hungary just passed a law to stifle and silence any media they do not like. Not having Hungary as a non-essential EU figurehead for 6 months is sort of like going deer hunting without your trombone.
The structural dysfunctions within the US economy, when combined with pathetic leadership, will continue to lose American jobs and fail to create any American jobs except for military and government. Rome had that same problem and is why it is no longer around, mere dust in the pages of history.
I would like to be the bearer of good tidings and good news, but there is none on the horizon for 2011 over in the good ole USofA. Things suck and are going to suck much worse.
Global Warming? Make sure you bundle up, 2011 will be brutally, even life threatening cold.
Change in DC? Did not happen in 2010, will not happen in 2011.
The real doers of 9-11 are brought to justice? That will not happen in my lifetime; will definitely not happen in 2011.
Financial collapse of America? That is very likely, so make sure you have food, means to raise or buy food, and make sure the lifejacket is handy. There are very turbulent waters ahead.
If you have not considered moving to a real nation, you might want to consider that. America is toast!!
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